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Old Bug With Shield Flux


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I am fairly certain it's been here since the mod was introduced, but basically shield flux drains shields whenever I melee, regardless if i am out of stamina or not. Basically, for those who do not know what shield flux is and how it works, it is a mod that will allow you to continue doing stamina based actions (running, wall running, jumping, etc.) even when you are out of stamina by draining your shields instead. Technically, I should only lose shields if I melee without stamina, but that is not the case. Instead, shield flux drains BOTH my stamina and my shields whenever I melee. This makes melee very unappealing as I am dying after pulling off an impressive combo because my shields have been completely depleted, even if I still have stamina. And this is only present when I am not hosting, meaning that if I am running solo, Shield Flux actually works and will not drain my shields when I melee until I run out of stamina. Please fix this age old bug, it makes such a wonderful mod terrible and inadvisable. 

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