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What Is Wrong With Warframe Today? - Crashes, Disconnections


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I'm not surprised about DDOS attack - It seems i'm not the only one really angry at this buggy release...


And since my thread about Steam corrupted files issue is being locked after 30 minutes without proper respond i think you developers well deserved that kind of retribution;-P

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Crashes are going viral. I have a black screen crash after every mission now. several random crashes in the menu/ship. Random crashes upon joining sessions and host mIgration. Game hanging in "please wait" upon joining sesson etc. I have to Alt F4 the game after every mission, literaly. I sometimes have to restart the game 2-3 times before I can join a session to get rid of the "failed to join".

WTH is going on?

a DDoS, DE is trying to fix it, eastern hemisphere players got pissed at DE for somtin and this happened

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