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How To Fix The Kubrow -Simple


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Color your Kubrow the same as your sentinel. For realism, must use color templates? Select colors on your Kubrow, then hit place on template then imprint.

Breeding only affect patterns, body type, and temperament(Kubrow type).

Can buy gene templates form black market for platinum.

Loyalty will only affect your kubrows damage.

Negative 100% loyalty only nerfs kubrows damage.

Gene  kubrows can not die.

Negative 100% gene only nerfs kubrows health.

Gives Kubrow a poor sickly appearance.


nuff said..

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That aint simple at all, simple is this:


Make kubrows as simple as a sentinel, easy to acquire, make, maintain, and selling.

That's what I truly want, but I guess the De is trying to make it realistic. Sell it to the black market.

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