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Sniper Scope Misalignment Bug


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Both Vectis and Vulkar have scope misalignment bug.


Here's some screenshot proving the bug.(Using Vulkar)

I can upload screenshot with Vectis scope if needed.


As you can see, the four red dots are true center of the scope which doesn't match with the scope.









Some test shot





I'm not sure if this bug happens to Lanka.

Hope this bug can be fixed ASAP.

Thanks :)


By the way, this is my display setting:




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This is most often caused by incorrect aspect ratio correction. Set aspect ratio to "Auto" then get back to us here. If it still doesn't fix then we have a problem. Also check if this bug persists in fullscreen mode.


Thanks, I'll give it a try.

But even if the bug can be corrected by display setting, it shouldn't happen when player change the setting.

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So I changed the setting into 1024 X 768, auto aspect, full screen

The scope still has  a little misalignment problem. The scope center is below the true center now.




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Hm, this is definitely problematic. I never faced any problems but I guess I will experiment. It seems the scope overlay is not adjusting itself when settings are changed. We need to bring this to the attention of the devs. The problem is that so few people use these guns and then only a few among them face these problems... it remains a minority issue. I hope they will fix this when they revisit sniper rifles.

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