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Paris Elemental Build For Mag



Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a point in putting magnetic damage on any weapons with Mag with a Shield Polarize build?

My reasoning is that with maxed Streamline and Fleeting Expertise, plus Intensify and some ranks in Blind Range you can get your Shield Polarize to destroy 100% of enemy shields in a large AoE. Basically - it strips all enemies of their shield.
If I have a fairly cheap power that strips all dangerous enemies of their shields and kills the weak ones in the process, all that is left is killing really tough ones with nothing but armor or flesh left on them.

By that reasoning, magnetic weapons will rarely have bonus elemental damage (no shields to hit), and will often have penalties.

So what I am asking, is it best to just take a slashing (infested) / piercing (everything else) weapon combined with corrosive + heat or similar combo and completely avoid impact and magnetic when choosing Mag's weapons and mods?
Or is there something that I am missing?

I don't have access to end game content yet, but I'd like to prepare for it and know how to proceed with my build and what mods to get for it.

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Well, the "Magnetic" element and "Shield Polarize" is only useful against the Corpus and some Corrupted if there are osprey's but I would think so, yes.


I only say this because maybe there will be a time in which you want to shoot instead of mashing the #2 every now and again. But with how powerful "Shield Polarize" is and is usefulness against the Corpus, you probably won't need to worry about a "Magnetic" proc on your weapons.

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Ignore the base IPS values. They make up such a small % of the weapons effective damage that it's not all that relevant - use the weapon you want/like to use.


You are correct - with a proper shield polarize build you want to build for damaging health/robotic health. A Viral+Elec elemental setup is perfect.


In Void, you still build Corrosive, and add Fire or Cold to preference; Fire will add like 2% damage to gunners while cold will add around 5% to lancers. However if you end up in a team with 4x CP auras installed, you want to switch to Viral and Elec or Viral and Fire according to preference.

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Thanks for the answers!

You point out quite an important thing regarding synergies with other players which I haven't even thought about. I take it by the time you reach endgame you should have a regular crew to play with and you set up things ahead. Have to say I'm really looking forward to that.

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