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How Elementals Work



so correct me if im wrong




so if i have a weapon slash 2 impact 25 and puncture 23

the final base dmg is 50 adding all together

 so if i add a serration of 100 percent

the base damage becomes 100 right

so if i add a maxed cryo rounds 

90 percent cold damage

then 90 percent of 100 would be 90

so i would have 90 cold damage

so the more base damage i have the better the elementals mods adds damage


yeah i need approval

is this right

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You are correct.  For this reason it is best to use Serration and an elemental damage mod over Serration and Heavy Calibur or two elements.  Note: mods that boost Slash, Puncture or Impact are affected by Serration etc. but do not affect elemental damage mods.  Also, Blaze is amazing on shotguns since it boosts base damage and adds heat damage, multiplying with itself and ends up adding more heat than Incendiary Coat would!

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