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  1. It's pretty obvious that S+A's stamina block cost is getting lowered... if it doesn't then the weapon will continue to be a piece of junk.
  2. Yeah but it's a joke, you should probably get a sense of humour, it helps a little :3
  3. But all of them are the best?... To rephrase your question- "Which weapons in-game are the most known for their damage" Since Forma were introduced every weapon in this game has a purpose and can be modified for the play-style needed. People can forma any weapon enough times and make it enjoyable and deal stupid amounts of damage, I- myself- am a fan of Burston Prime. I've given it 5 formae and it deals 50-60 DPS and is rather tactical. I've recently acquired the Quanta and I'm really enjoying it because it reminds me of the Shock Rifle from the UT series. It's about preference
  4. I'm not using my Kubrow simply because I don't want it to die, it costs so much time and credits if something happens and it's just not worth it. That AND the fact that the customisation of them is all over the place. I used the ranomiser when it was around and I'm stuck with a buggy looking "stripey" doge.
  5. The new Xini map is - as far as I'm concerned - unbearably slow to progress through... Some infested get stuck and it drags out so much. I agree a simple change to the looks of the old Xini would've been better. Even though this one looks badass, it's kinda bad to run :/
  6. The power of the written word. He couldn't tell you were being sarcastic because there are no facial expressions or body language on text.
  7. Valky- damn, ninja'd... And I do help my team out, that's just my 'frame build, I obviously use weaponry along side it xD
  8. Sure, but I don't use it, if it replaces one of my mods in my build it stops becoming my custom build... It's my build to suit how I play :P
  9. Nonono, a poorly (un-tank orientated) modded Frost then yes, he's for defense, I'm talking about mine... If you don't believe me I can inv you and I'll show you... Seriously though, any 'frame is a tank if you add the right mods.
  10. Quickthinking is the exact reason why... that and yes, channeling occasionally if any enemies managed to deplete my health...
  11. Funny how I've killed all of the said 'frames so easily and they struggle to fight back... even with the new PvP HP/Shield buff... Never underestimate a warframe.
  12. Do not want. Imo. That just means newer mods need farming, and then after all that time we have to put so much effort into gaining enough credits and fusion cores just to get it to rank 5... Rares are hard enough, let's leave it at that...
  13. 1) Life Strike. (My build uses no energy so using life strike is pretty handy) 2) I was a Trinity player before I realised my old Frost's potential, then I started forma'ing and well- now I'm not taken down by anything... Sure as hell his powers suck- why do you think I removed them all? lol
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