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​🌌 ​Sentinel Nova ​🌌​ A Family Between The Stars. (100% research, Casual clan.)


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"Always at your side, in death and glory."

Every Tenno needs a weapon and a friend. We've got both.


Sentinel Nova, what are we?

A family, a group of gamers that play together and help one another.
No goals, no pressure all just good fun.

After all, if you are not having fun ...

Do I need to say more?



Demography:               🌐International.

Clan type:                     🍕Casual.

What we expect from you:
- "Respect is earned, not demanded.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Treat others as you want them to treat you. After all: You reap what you sow.

- "Only that what can be observed, exists.👀
Log in once a month at least, to show you still have an interest in the game and your fellow Tenno.


What we ask of you:
- "Live not for yourself, but for those around you.❤️
Helping others gives them more reason to help you and those around them and so on. In the end you benefit from this just as much as they do.

- "Stay calm, like the river.🌊
There is never a good reason to curse, swear or otherwise lose your temper. There is nothing that can't be solved though normal discussion.

- "If it bleeds ...🔪
Nothing can not be overcome, if you need help, ask. If you have a question ... ask.
Feel free to ask questions or simply ask for help! The forums, Discord and in game chat.
Though keep in mind, mostly people are busy running missions etc. Give them a few minutes to respond.

- "Answers are free, resources are not.🗨️💎
In short: No begging! Period.
If you need help acquiring an item, ask people to help you. But do not ask them to do it for you.

- But I want to solo ...
And you can, no one will hold it against you. But don't be afraid to talk in chat, we don't bite .... much.

- What type of clan are we?
Currently a Storm clan. We can count up to 100 members presently. (We downsized. Started out as a Mountain clan.)

- These events .... how active are we in them?
That is up to each individual Tenno. Some of use go above and beyond, other don't really care. use the chat during these event to find out!

- If I have a problem with another member ...
You shouldn't, but if it happens talk to a officer. (Or a General / Warlord if that person is an officer.)
You can use the in game whisper function. Best to keep these kind of thing out the general chat.

- Do I have to ask permission to invite people / start projects / buy stuff in the Dojo / etc.
No, the only things that would ever need a consensus to be reached are Commander and up type promotions and drastic changes to the clan / Dojo / ranking.

- If I have a question about the clan...?
Feel free to ask me ingame or here in this topic.

- I was kicked! Why! I don't want to go!
Relax. This was most likely because you hadn't logged in for a month.
Just post here or ask in game and we get you right back in.

- Can I contact you or other members besides in-game?

There is also our Discord channel for members and old members.

You can also find some of our members at the Sentinel Nova Steam group; http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sentinelnova
Though this is not a primary communication platform, you can find clan members through it.

Never go alone...

Map of the Clan Dojo can be found here.


If you are ready to join, leave your in-game name in the comments below, and we will be sure to answer.

Invites will be processed at least once every 24 hours.

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 Sorry about the confusion, rejoined a clan I was in previously :)  Thanks anyway!


Don't worry about it, aslong as you have fun. That is all that mathers.


Looking for a clan to join. IGN- Issachunt455


Invite send.


IGN - Overdive25.

Ex member of the clan, along with my friend (IGN - Knoxitor). We both took a break from the game for a few months, but we'd both like to rejoin.


Welcome back! Send you both an invite.



Obligatory line:


Welcome (back) to Sentinel Nova!




Everyone above this line got an inv.



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Ms. Mischievious and Cruel-Soul, send both of you an invite.



Everyone above this line got an inv.


clan seems decent, i may message you in-game. have some questions about clan

@ Thaon, best to message me on the forums. We seems to have a timezone issue between us. (Your pst was at midnight for me.)




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I'm a relatively new player looking for people to chat and play with, and this clan sounds nice. I'd appreciate an invite if you want me.

You found the right place.  :)


Welcome to the family!


Everyone above this line got an invite.



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