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Derelict Def Fails On Its Own


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I came across this several times already:


We are some guys playing a derelict defence mission just for the fun of it -

BUT THEN: one of us quits at wave 30-40 and the other three of us want to continue -

BUT THEN: Just when the No*b left the group the mission fails...no mobs in the vicinity... no damage taken by the cryopod....completely on its own... everything lost, except some mods that noone even needs...

Has anyone else ever come across that?

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I kinda wish they'd implement host migration for derelict/void missions.


Before, I could understand since a quitting host didn't lose his key, so he could potentially taxi people into void missions over and over again using the same key.


Now though, keys are always lost when the host quits, so let the others keep playing since the host loses his key anyway.

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