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We Need More Grineer Clan Tech


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Something more exciting than that. 

"The Grustrag 3 threw a dance party for all their grineer buddies and Corpus proxies. Vor was there being sexy, Kela del thaym was there giving lap dances, Greedy Milk was served, and dance dance revolution was set up for the MOAs with the occasional banana peel being thrown in. It was fantastic. During said party, Leekter got a little too enamored with Kela and she pushed him, he fell on his butt and cracked through the floor. When he got up and looked what he nearly fell through, booze was found from a time long forgotten. The next thing they remember, Leekter woke up next to Nyx for some reason, Shik Tal woke up next to a a roller with a strange dent in it, and Vem Tabook woke up next to this very large, very crazy looking, jet propelled chainsaw polearm."


And thus we have our chainsaw.

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