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We Need More Grineer Clan Tech


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Corpus weapons: Amprex, Dera, Dual Cestra, Flux Rifle, Lanka, Prova, Quanta, Spectra, Supra, Serro.

Infested weapons: Acrid, Dual Ichor, Embolist, Phage, Synapse, Torid, Mutalist Quanta.

Tenno weapon: AkStilleto, Attica, Castanas, Nami Skyla, Nikana, Pyrana, Sybaris, Silva & Aegis.

Grineer weapons: Grinlok, Ignis, Jat Kittag, Marelok, Ogris.


Seriously, Grinner need some love, come on!


Pyrotechnic Ogris (Napalm) and the AT Ogris (Bombard).


PD: The AT Ogris is a more advanced version of the Ogris that features a slower rocket speed, with the addition of being able to track targets and home onto their location.

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Grineer Lab has been neglected for ages. Somewhat countered by the fact that whats in there is all good versus the crapfest that is Corpus, but yes they do need some more tech. Im thinking sidearms then melee then primaries, to not make the OPness so obvious

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How about no clantech weapons for a while. Almost every new weapon in the past I cant even count updates has been clantech.

Clantech is a gating mechanism now. It's not going away. I suggest forgetting about market bp weapons. Just consider Saturdays to be the new Tenno Reinforcements day

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