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Transmutation 2.0: Attempting To Curb Mod-Related Rng


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Currently, Transmutation is a complete gamble. I don't like RNG at the best of times, but with every new mod that goes live, Transmutation becomes less and less appealing as a result of the list of potential outcomes getting larger and larger.


I propose changing Transmutation to the following system:


Transmutation 2.0 allows players to sacrifice 1000* duplicate mods and a LOT of Credits. In exchange they receive--guaranteed--one random mod they do not already own. Any mod acquired in this way can not be traded.


* Number not final, obviously.


I believe this to be a superior system to what we have currently, as it helps address the issues I and many others are having with trying to farm kubrow mods. These issues are as follows:


1) The Earth tileset is getting stale quickly. I can't go to Phobos or the Void and still try to get Bite.


2) My system gives players a way of guaranteeing what they're looking for--eventually. Every single duplicate--every Ammo Drum, every Slash Dash--is progress toward their goal.


Naturally, as mods earned through this method can't be traded, it stops players from earning every mod except for Bite, transmuting for it, selling it and then transmuting for it again to sell it again.

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The game's business model is paying to remove the wait and grind.


Digital Extremes isn't going to be moving away from the RNG, they're going to be adding more.


Then my system would be a perfect fit for their business model.

Pay Platinum to activate the Transmutation system without needing the mods to do so.

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