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Improvement For Nyx Ability Mind Control


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Dear developers pls improve Mind Control spell, today i get Nyx Warframe and get problem with this spell.I thought it's smth like Summoner in other MMORPG or RPG games.When i  use this spell on enemy  my ally alwlays kill my (new pet)  in 5 sec ,cuz they can attack him.Add pls functions like a :
1.Icon on minimap
2.Make not possible to attack this  mob under Mind Control for my allies

3.Make Working Hp regen and others auras on mob under Mind Control.

I believe that, this is a very good improvement for this warframe.
I want to see in the future classes specializing on summoning.

P.S sorry for my English!

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Usually I would agree with this, but sadly there are people out there who would exploit this to troll, for example in exterminate missions.

yeah, but trolling not have reason, cuz it's PVE game or devs can set autodie for Mind Control mob if he last on mission.

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