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2 Broncos?


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Hey guys another quickie lol. I was looking through the market and decided to buy the dual broncos. So what i did was to purchase one bronco bp and as soon as i got it i pressed x again and bought another bronco bp. So i never pressed circle or anything. I just stayed in the same bronco data screen and got two BLUEPRINTS.

However i went to the foundry to build the dual broncos just to find that i only have 1 bp. Idk if the game only allows you to build one of the same gun AT A TIME. For example if i get 2 of the same blueprints, i can only build one at a time. I have never heard of this but i truly hope that this is the case because i really did buy 2 broncos (i lost 30,000 creds) but i only have one. I started building it already but im still doubtful that the other one is just sitting there waiting for the other bronco to finish.

Also if it sort of helps, there is a number on the top left corner of the PICTURE OF THE BLUEPRINT.

IDK what it means but currently it reads 0.

Hope someone can help pls lol

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You can only build 1 item of the same type at a time. Once your first bronco finishes the second bronco should be buildable.


The number in the top left corner of the picture is whether you own the weapon or item that bp makes already.


Also, before you turn them into AKbronco. I highly suggest maxing out one of them to level 30 first, don't potato them as potatos do not transfer to ak blueprints. And make sure you have at least 1 other secondary in your inventory otherwise you wont be able to build Akbronco (as the game will not let you not have at least 1 of each weapon type in your inventory).

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