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When Is De Gonna Rework Oberon?


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Oberon is one of my favorite frames because 1: he looks badass at least to me 2: he looks badass with wepons and when hes using wepons, theres just one thing that doesn't go with him. Skills and Stats. one thing i don understand is out of all these wonderful and awesome updates and the many things of changes to make the game one of the most awesomness games to play, but oberon never gotten a rework


I know atm De is atm working to complete the most awesomness U14 we ever had and I really Love how this game is progressing and the new things that comes along the way to completeness of Awesomeness of U14^. but im just saying that  as a oberon fan, when are you guys gonna Rework him?


i mean, as far as i know, smite sucks because one, the only thing it does is you cast the skill on a enemy and thats it. What would be cool was if after oberon casted smite, the homing projectiles turn into a whatever energy color ball in your hands and the 5 projectiles flying around your hand and when you target to aim wherever the projectiles forms a spiral around the enrgy ball when you throw it to push away the enemys in front of you? same for his second skill and as for his second skill atm as the purpose to DoT when enemy walk over it? the damage could barely kill even a lvl 20. a Carpet that do barely anything and also where a enemy can just walk past it and barely get hurt by it or just avoid it. Probably it could heal for half of the damage thats it doing for its duration.


His 3rd skill isn't really useful because its healing speed and its healing ammount doesn't save ppl most of the time. what it could probably do is when you are about to heal ppl, you charge the sprites with how much healing you are charging for to heal your teamates while draining your energy and the more energy you charge up and the more power strength you have, the more healing you do while sprites gos fast to his teamates as for giving a 15 or 10 sec buff that blocks any status procs on your teamates. As for his 4th skill, its really generic and most people just use it to spam spam spam spam spam 4th over and over and over. what if of how many enemys that it takes gets absorb into a Big Sphere with whatever energy color you have, then it explodes and of how many enemys it kills drops a energy orb and the enenmys that it didn't flew to a wall or far away from where you are at while after the skill is cast, it gives everyone a melee status chance buff and a 30% more range on your wepons. how big the sphere is affects how many enemys it will absorb.


At the moment as of right now Oberon isn't updated with the new things and needs to be reworked when the change comes and anyone who agrees with me with feel the same way 

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