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  1. Oberon Prime vs Kuva survival 90 min solo

    Hello. Im pretty sure its very possible to go vs lvl200 with no Focus, but the problem is wasting 2 hrs to reach those level. Could you please make a permanent node with lvl200 enemies and have Focus disabled there. The power-creep made the game a completely casual cheesfest so even sorties like yesterday eximus survivals are barely challenging and no one wants to waste 2 hrs in endless to reach highlevels..Just one node for people to test themselves right away, veteran players would appreciate. Also players been asking for an endless mode where you dont have an objective other than killing. Imagine 'Endless exterminate' where say every 50 kills levels go up drastically and every 150 kills is reward rotation. Very straightforward, very easy to implement and lots of players been asking for it since 2013 - it will be popular, Just make levels scale quick.
  2. Sybaris Prime's Crit Chance

    Did a bunch of tests with equal builds - Prime is slightly (and very slightly) better than Dex and significantly better if you are going vs bullet-sponges and have suboptimal build. whether you mod for corrosive or viral - those procs happening right away make a big difference. Larger mag is better than slightly quicker reload too. So on average Prime wins. If you play vs trash levels the difference is irrelevant as you 1-shot everything with half-moded weapon.
  3. Here you go, just happened again after the host choose to leave when given the option. We've lost all progress and some valuable primes and bunch of rad relics wasted. I've recorded a vid from the poinit of migration if you want it, but there is nothing happening, since you could only access chat and the main menu. submitted EE log to support desk ID #850626 under category "Files/Logs requested in Forums "
  4. The defense mission freezing only ever happened in a fissure mission when host choosing to leave normally after the rotation (not just a host migration). Everything freezes - cant move or do any action, all the game logic stops too, the only thing you can do is access main menu to abort. If I ever encounter it again Ill try to rec a video. And in normal defense I only experienced mobs becoming inactive and staying at spawn-points and spawns becoming very slow - it particularly happens on the galeon map (ie Sedna Hydron).
  5. What to do?

    get million endo to max all primed mods
  6. Halftone glygh false advertisment

    please see images I have posted
  7. Halftone glygh pack shows nice color background in preview, but you actually get transparent background (which means background is black in most cases) so they dont look as nice as in the market preview. Very disappointing. Consider changing preview to not mislead people. advertisement: reality:
  8. Sacrifice doesnt really work...

    works in both solo and squad if you dont die for real tested it myself and with squadmate, me sitting next to him while his sentinel revived him if you die and your sentinel gets resurrected the mod might not work
  9. The survivability gap between frames is too high

    Yeah this game is full of legal cheats that let you to never die and cheese anything. Balance never.
  10. Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    Please fix slow UI image loading or let us switch this 'optimization' off. It made UI unusable
  11. The small corpus door, only the lower part would open, the upper never opens for clients making it unpassable. It's not lag, it's shut for every client while host passes fine. And It wont open after host migration either. Consistently encountering it in KUVA missions (not sure if its the same in normal missions - didn't play much). Jupiter gas city, Eris infested. Needless to say it makes the mission unplayable (Can be bypassed only using teleport abilities like Nova Wormhole)
  12. UI: Fading Items [DE Reply]

    Bumping. Still unacceptably slow image load, Arsenal UI is unusable, have to use text search to find anything (thats what I get for buying hundreds slots and keeping all weapons and frames) Still no way to opt out of this terrible 'optimization'. No caching, no mipmaps... come on DE, you can do better if you try, dont leave us struggling with this.
  13. still happens, unplayable
  14. Ambulas event is going on! everyone in the clan make sure to contribute to the clan score and get your reward! All 100+ points scores are getting rewards
  15. Just do HIve caches and infested spy missions!