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  1. Oberon Phoenix Renewal aug consistently fails to save you or your teammates, apparently when the lethal damage comes from procs - like toxin or slash. For example we got killed by Nox toxic attack in arbitration, while the Renewal was on (noticeably healing, so no mistake - it was on) and it happened several times to different teammates too.
  2. So many empty words and insulting tone, yet so little knowledge, absolute shame, Shattering impact doesn't work on liches, dont spread misinformation You should edit your post and apologize to topicstarter For a showcase: Sarpa with Shattering impact and little damage - doesn't strip armor, damage values dont increase, https://streamable.com/u1v9c
  3. The real problem is complete lack of choice, so if you dont like particular game mode or faction (defection anyone?) - you have nothing to play and it could last for whole day (when you want to play something non-trivial and farm esense - there is just no other mission for it). But DE is not paying attention. They fundamentally dont understand that choice is crucial in games. Fissure mission generator is also broken btw, with 4 of the same game mode at a time yet no survivals for many hrs
  4. Meme mod value destroyed as soon as it became available to everyone. Great life-lesson for everyone: dont invest too much into something as ephemeral and fleeting. Don't overvalue something only because of its rarity and exclusivity (its not even great or gamechanging like Miming Strike used to be). People who made a cult out of Prime Chamber only have themselves to blame (DE had said many time that PChamber would return and you should all know DE's history with exclusives too). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Somehow DE is afraid of doing simple things like this (maybe because casuals start to cry every time something like 'special alerts' happens - they got cancelled after only few weeks since few people found them too hard)
  6. It's not fun because its just mindless grinding of the same missions for hundredth time, slightly higher levels make no difference (we've been playing lvl~100 sorties, ESO and floods for many years already, its nothing for the current player power levels). Yeah you can play different frames, doesn't help when its just rushing another exterminate. Zero new gameplay. (guessing mod combination and putting on more DPS\correct element to kill your lich quick is not 'gameplay')
  7. Maiming strike got killed, most of the other mods are useless. BloodRush is farmable all-year round from Lua. Maybe fix\improve the useless mods? Otherwise this tedious grind is not worth it.
  8. For several days in a row (thats just on my watch,) there have been issue with void fissure mission selection - constantly like 4 defenses at a time yet only 2 survivals in a whole day! (Ive been monitoring for ~12 hrs one day via web notification so Im not exagerating). There is no proper choice of modes to play and clearly something is broken and needs to be fixed. https://i.imgur.com/KOhi9Vb.jpg
  9. absolutely necessary feature: Remove attack precept to prevent them from attacking period (just like sentinels)
  10. just dont make them colorless, they would be instantly recognizable with no need to read the names if only they still had colored pictures - its a super easy change that doesn't require any layout re-design and a huge improvement
  11. still not addressing the main problem - lack of any new or interesting gameplay, grinding thralls in the same old missions is a snoozfest
  12. OMG SO much this!!!! Ive complained about it right away when they showed the concept, the change was so bad cause it removed almost all the visual information from the mods and it's become like text-based UI. We absolutely need at least the colors back. RJ UI suffers from the same problems - its all faceless and you have to read text to recognize the items.
  13. They nerf dispos even for weapons that are bad even with good rivens and not worth using ever, so what do you want.
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