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  1. OP Wrong on all accounts. Majority of people support obviously needed rebalance - and that includes nerf to OP weapons as well as buffs to the weak ones. Penta used to be quite popular weapon till Tonkor cheese that does more damage while requiring zero care or skill took over. Yes it requires no skill to spam it into general direction of enemies, even if you miss the AoE still gets them. And launchers are still very strong weapons dealing as much damage as good rifles except in large AoE. You play the game and read forums, right? you should understand that Simulor getting changed to combat the all-hated Mirage spam. Simulor got re-balance to do more damage from exploding orbs, less from spamming them to combine. It's not gutting the weapon by any means (and it will still be good with Mirage for players who are not braindead) BTW Im losing over 1k plat due to these nerfs, but I'd rather DE rebalance the game than be e-rich in a boring game with no balance.
  2. All the "press4&AFK" frames have to be reworked. That includes Ember, Equinox and Banshee. This is not gameplay, this is farming automation (which Ironically DE are forbidding and punishing with AFK-timer, yet they themselves add such automation to the game). Banshee wont even let you move - its not fun for anyone, the player or teammates. Need rework.
  3. Those days never existed, you were just new and didn't know how or didn't have the equipment to cheese it. The game was never hard or balanced, it used to be even easier than todays with global god-mode and much easier enemies. And DE never learns, so they keep on making designs like auto-turrret Mesa or Equinox. Literally press 4 and go AFK then come back few min later to collect the loot.
  4. Opticor badly needs its charge time to be much shorter. Its unbearably slow even with 3!!! firerate mods, and the mechanics itself is clunky since you cant hold the charge. The damage is not that huge and got powercreeped already to justify such slow charge.
  5. There are plenty of things that require literally zero effort - like Ember, Equinox or Banshee afk 'gameplay'. And stealth melee doing magnitude more damage just aimlessly slide-attacking. But they don't get nearly as much hate since they dont have such annoying sounds and visuals. Simulor is annoying even without Mirage, it's a presentation problem most of all rather than power problem, it need improvement to the effects and sounds rather than a nerf. It will make everyone happier - those who use it and those who don't.
  6. You know how Simulor (and especially with MIrage) is the most annoying and the most hated thing in the game And its not even game-breaking or the strongest or the easiest way to clean the map, its just highly annoying. The number 1 reason for it are Simulor effects: the jarring persistent orbs, and of course the constant PEWPEWPEWPEPWPEW that makes you want to run away or mute the game. There are many threads asking to nerf Simulor but what it needs is toning down the effects and changing the sound to be less annoying and loud instead of nerfing it just to make sure no one ever uses it again.
  7. This has been a long standing game-breaking bug - once you get caught in endless falling off the map you cant do anything. And it can happen for many reasons - map holes, bad teleport volume, animation bugs placing you out of the geometry etc. "/unstuck" doesn't help in this situation - it does nothing. And If you happen to die you are most likely to respawn in the same position and keep on falling out. You can't even use UI to abort the mission since this diegetic gimmick makes UI jump away when you fall. You have to kill the game or wait for the mission to end. And it can completely ruin important mission like an event run that takes 2hrs Please do something, like have /unstuck move you to the solid ground position on the map or some other command that moves you to the team mate or anything nearby that is guaranteed to be inside the collision hull.
  8. How can you even justify enormous grindwall that requires specific frames AND paying for boosters on top of all the grind? AND punishing active players for inactives! just like DE you dont get it - 500 samples per person is not that huge right, but it becomes huge when you realize that most clans dont have 100% active players and 50 people have to farm day and night for the other 250. If it was a crafting cost making everyone pay 500 samples for themselves that would be high but reasonable. Making active players suffer for inactives/empty spots in a clan is only killing the clans and burning out players, it's unacceptable. DE made a mistake but they have become too stuck up to listen to our feedback and fix it. Unacceptable
  9. I'd love to have DE play corpus sorties (and without Shadowstep cheese). Maybe then they'd understand why nulicancer is bad.
  10. At least remove the damage cap affecting stun duration too, so it would allow 4 to be good CC against all the enemies and not only highly armored ones.
  11. It will continue to hurt all the barely-active clans and all the new clans and players who would create new clans. And then DE will continue to ignore feedback and refuse to correct their mistakes too.
  12. Most players are casuals and dont want any endgame or steady progress, they want everything here and now, they want OP weapons right away, they don't want any challenge, they want to faceroll lvl100 sorties in 5 minutes. They want to play on easy with god-mode cheat and just farm quickly.
  13. I have all frames maxed and can use others to AFK farm and press 4 as much as I like even in highlevevels - where Saryn was never good to begin with. When you stop being noobs you will realize how easy and terribly balanced the game is and how such nerfs only add one more frame to the useless list and make the game worse. But go on, celebrate your noobness.
  14. That was on stream 'wip beta buggy etc' devbuild. But we need to remind DE to keep the stun effect like it has now or they might release that crap version we've seen.
  15. Exactly. Also what they showed on stream - Miasma no longer stuns enemies, so it's not only doing less damage but also loses little CC it had.