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  1. You forgot that 2 gimps you in every way - weapons, movement, and most things simply dont work - even defensive mods and arcanes (there is a list in another thread). It needs a rework to be simply **usable** let alone useful. Complete rework to the movement\collision to make it usable in normal levels. Its a waste of energy and time for a bad effect - neither CC nor damage are any good, just throwing enemies around making it harder to shoot them. Maybe it kills on low level - but everything dies there anyway and its still a pathetic skill for an ultimate - compare to other ults that CC/murder everything in a huge area. Complete rework needed. Reminder that we have weapons that deal hundreds thousands of damage in AOE and can be spammed for free and first-skills that can do millions of damage and spammed for little energy cost. This ult is a compete joke.
  2. You have to helmint real CC abilty on her, like Breach surge (and no you still cant use helminted skills from kdrive) and take your OP AOE weapon of choice if you want to play her at high level and rank up quickly - I did Sedna Steel path with no issues. Her own kit is a blunder and needs overall rework and fixes to even work. I only find 1 to be of use as a quick CC.
  3. You mean what lazy people use? Casual meta would be buying everything for plat because the grind can be insane timesink so you cant call it 'casual' even if its trivial mechanically it's still hardcore for how much time it eats up. ie I can run monkey-bot to kill everything for me while I dont have to play, just afk and watch youtube and post here alt-tabbing back just to get rewards but it still takes hours to get what I want.
  4. Hound still do self-damage or kill the owner and teammates.
  5. Still can't use Helminth infused abilities on Yarelli kdrive. Galvanized status mods still dont work on many projectile weapons.
  6. Sad to say that it's a lost case and DE caters only to players who want to play on easy mode with cheats on and brain off no matter how boring it is. Not to say that balancing game to get the difficulty right is easy - its not, but DE completely gave up on even having gameplay, instead they've added bots that play the game for you - player is barely needed. And coop been dead for years. You can absolutely design a game that has very strong weapons and abilities yet still has engaging gameplay, require player decision and skill. But instead we got a trivial grindan that incentivizes the laziest and cheesiest strats where AOE spam and even botting is so efficient that using anything else is severely gimping yourself. And as a result DE cant come up with any interesting missions and just adds waitwalls and timers to everything or resorts to disabling everything and having more isolated systems (yea like the New war where you will play as some other gimped charachter) Helmint doesnt even matter and most people dont care about it - because we are so OP with nothing to challenge us that getting more buffs is irrelevant. All you can do is play solo with deliberately underpowered gear to get any gameplay out of WF and not fall asleep. But then solo is even more boring and of course inefficient for farming.
  7. You still got nothing to say on the topic just showing how CCd enenemies dont harm useless pets and you even had to drop a Healer and vaz dash to mitigate all the damage. Really lazy trolling.
  8. Welcome to waitwall frame, they need to make sure you return tomorrow, its designed like a mobile "game" skinnerbox
  9. This been requested countless times for at least 5 years but DE doesn't read feedback... even more baffling that spectres have functionality to just give them order to stay put, but the pets still lack any control and rather run away to suicide instead of using their abilities. Ive recently ran ~20 min with a dog who did nothing but suicidally rush into enemies with it's useless attack and not even once activated its skills - utterly useless imbecile AI. Cats somehow still use their abilities, but kubrows dont.
  10. She's turbo boring with no variety - just spam turrets that murder everything.
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