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  1. To make you realize that you never need even half of that and stop bothering with focus once you got your energy regen.
  2. so I might get away with finding some old 1GB video system
  3. Thats from playing WF before Plains - everything runs fine on 512 mb video, but only the Plains in particular simply refuse to run even on the absolute lowest setting and the game just crashes
  4. What are the real minimum requirements for playing Plains? has anyone managed to run Plains on 512mb video? Im pondering if I should bother trying or just give up till I can afford new computer Note: everything in the game runs fine except the Plains themselves - they just crash
  5. With only 4 revives per mission this Focus tree is pointless. It was never OP and no one bothered to use it outside of long high-level runs. why kill it? Make the revives refreshable like they used to be or its RIP.
  6. Yeah thanks for explaining, I thought it was obvious. I have millions of focus refunded that I cant invest back because I need Quills, so I cant access Zen energy regen for example. Could I just buy that from market or other players maybe? DE please.
  7. Syndicate Medallions Counting Toward Daily Limit

    Same. Happens just today. Ive returned medallions yesterday (before both daily and syndicate reset) just fine. But today I cant return a single medallion :(
  8. So people with technical issues are barred off from the focus progress entirely now (well besides 2 nodes) EDIT: it requires Quills that are accessible only from the Plains. This is serious downer. Could we have some other options since Plains ramped up system requirements too much and are unplayable for some poor people. EDIT: I'd be fine if I could just buy Quills things from the market or players like I could buy lenses (which also only drop from the Plains now)
  9. Gara Impressions

    with blood rush and combo melee has better damage that scales and then there is whip with maiming and most of all melee doesn't make you stop or spend energy but anyway it's a fine ability, just needs more innate range because wasting 2 slots on overextended + strength mod is unacceptable (cause you better of modding for lankiness and just go melee)
  10. Gara Impressions

    funny but Passive (blind) is her best ability 1 is ok for some quick damage/knockdown, but badly needs more range and to be cast on the run/in the air (it scales with melee damage mods btw but not from combo so its weak compared to melee) 2 is good, 90% dr with just Intesify, could have more range to be cast on allies and for the damage aura (which has joke damage but breaks containers) 3 is fail, high cost, no range, of course aggro works poorly and enemies can ignore it, only 1 instance is allowed, reflected damage is nothing (only t4 mobs do high enough damage relative to their hp anyway). - this needs redesign or massive improvements, at this state its not worth using 4 is interesting skill. alright utility if only too slow to cast, and 'glass'-freezing seems to have the same never-fixed bug as Fosts' Freeze/Avalanche - enemies become immune to procs, again only one instance :( shattering 4 should be a better nuke than it is now and glass wall should stop enemies more reliably
  11. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3

    Please reduce ALL flares in the game. Fissure flares are physically blinding besides obscuring entire view.
  12. Make Eidolons Immune to Shield Disruption aura

    If the new mechanic isnt fun then it should be improved, cheesing to bypass it entirely is not fun either (aside from insta gratification for lazy "just let me win" players) and defies a point of having any mechanic and gameplay at all. Reminds me of those journalists who want games to have option to skip combat entirely. And I actually fully support this - DE should make a separate easy mode for people who just want rewards right here and now, make it accessible via UI in liset too, cause going into a mission and fighting is just boring grind with literally no skill involved and no fun. Make it an idle game where you login, click some menus and get your daily rewards. If thats what so many people want then just give it to them. Just keep this mode separate from the real mode for people that actually want to play.
  13. Make Eidolons Immune to Shield Disruption aura

    as you can see the audience is full of casuals who want "I win" button despite being already overpowered
  14. No Plains of Eidolon for me

    You have 6 gb ram, so that seems like the minimum requirement for Plains. 4gb or 32bit systems just crash or not even load it.
  15. I'd really like to know the REAL minimal requirements for Plains, because despite Steves claims that it runs on 10-year old XP 32bit with 4 GB ram the game cant even load Plains and just crashes on most 32bit systems even with ugliest lowest setting possible and 512mb video memory thats enough for the rest of the game is apparently not enough for Plains either