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  1. please see images I have posted
  2. Halftone glygh pack shows nice color background in preview, but you actually get transparent background (which means background is black in most cases) so they dont look as nice as in the market preview. Very disappointing. Consider changing preview to not mislead people. advertisement: reality:
  3. works in both solo and squad if you dont die for real tested it myself and with squadmate, me sitting next to him while his sentinel revived him if you die and your sentinel gets resurrected the mod might not work
  4. Yeah this game is full of legal cheats that let you to never die and cheese anything. Balance never.
  5. Please fix slow UI image loading or let us switch this 'optimization' off. It made UI unusable
  6. The small corpus door, only the lower part would open, the upper never opens for clients making it unpassable. It's not lag, it's shut for every client while host passes fine. And It wont open after host migration either. Consistently encountering it in KUVA missions (not sure if its the same in normal missions - didn't play much). Jupiter gas city, Eris infested. Needless to say it makes the mission unplayable (Can be bypassed only using teleport abilities like Nova Wormhole)
  7. Bumping. Still unacceptably slow image load, Arsenal UI is unusable, have to use text search to find anything (thats what I get for buying hundreds slots and keeping all weapons and frames) Still no way to opt out of this terrible 'optimization'. No caching, no mipmaps... come on DE, you can do better if you try, dont leave us struggling with this.
  8. still happens, unplayable
  9. Ambulas event is going on! everyone in the clan make sure to contribute to the clan score and get your reward! All 100+ points scores are getting rewards
  10. Just do HIve caches and infested spy missions!
  11. And you still cant read the OP post yet keep on trying to argue, whats wrong with you? it explicitly says tested with different weapons. Actually I ran it about 20 times Call it broken or bug - same thing. Thats just your guess? very poor quality but as you can see pellets that hit inside do 2000-3000 on a client, not 100 like while solo
  12. FYI they dont have different resistance mechanics. Once again evidence is posted right before your eyes. Read again - tested several times, see pictures, see Voidforged video doing similar very low damage.
  13. exploit how? this is a problem with Lephantis and people have the right to be informed
  14. I posted pictures for people who cant read
  15. Yeah you could see yourself that your damage numbers are unusually low, now go in as a client with same weapons and see that you do magnitude more damage and kill heads in 1 Hek mag.