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  1. Think again: crafting parts right away saves you time waiting. Main BP is totally useless without parts.
  2. Blueprint - that you can't craft - in earlier ranks than the parts you need to craft it. This doesn't make sense and will only upset players who are yet to max Entrati standing, better swap them around.
  3. No, its DE they dont care, just like they dont care to fix the weapons that never had self-damage but got rendered unusable by self-stagger explosive changes
  4. your fingers will hurt playing him, unless DE changes the constant need to hold keys
  5. Проблема с невозможностью подключения к другим игрокам, если хостишь - они даже подсоединяются (ники появляются), но не могут полностью загрузиться и отваливаются. ОpenVPN не помогает. Порты нормальны, никаких ошибок не выдает. Клиент, Апдейты, заход на сайт, подключение к игровыи серверам хабам\релеям- все норм. Решается только многократным реконнектом интернета . Раньше за пару раз все начинало работать, а теперь вообще раз 20 надо. (пров Билайн, рутера нет) Кто занает, как решать?
  6. BTW there is Vulp mod that saves you from getting one-shot https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Martyr_Symbiosis
  7. Please change the shop inventory, rivens are dead for most players and its reflected in the real market value - particularly kitgun and zaw rivens are valued less than a single forma, absolutely not worth a price of 75 essence. Rivens are easily obtainable from multiple other sources and shouldn't occupy the exclusive timed slot, because it kills the interest and incentive for most players. (These are Sell orders and in non-busy time, it usually drops even worse, the Buy orders are nonexistent - there is no demand.)
  8. Thanks, I already forgot about Tenshin shop. Finally there is something useful instead of 5p-worth rivens for inadequate prices.
  9. The game was in this state for ~5 years and only got worse and more obvious with time since more players are becoming maxed out veterans. MR is superficial but even that got maxed out. What DE being trying to do is essentially building a new game into WF, like Railjack - but its very hard to make and turns out they are not up to the task (cant even blame them here, its really hard to do and to get players on board).
  10. To be fair Voidrig is not hard to craft - you should get all the materials while you are doing vaults farming for its parts.
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