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  1. Allow it to pay off the lich to leave you alone with 10000 Kuva - so still have to grind a fair bit but aren't forced to deal with Lich if you hate them. Fair enough? But I wouldn't bet on DE doing anything interesting like that and giving player choices. So, just do it in your spare time, 30 min here, 30 min there... you'll be done with your lich in a week and it doesn't feel like a grind if you play it sparingly.
  2. Seems like theyv changed the global brightness yet again - Ive only played couple missions before another patch but maps also look much brighter. The old problem of inconsistance still remains - some maps are just too bright while others are so dark you cant see mobs and can only play by minimap and sound.
  3. Just get Pillage - its great, strips enemies of armor/shield and restores yours and with shieldgating you cant die. There is also innate Helmint ability that instantly restores your shields.
  4. What should be nerfed/reworked: things that kill action gameplay or automate it diminishing an importance of player actions - ie wukong bot. But DE never balances anything so its not even worth discussing.
  5. Yeah cause with only 30 mods capacity you can only equip Serration + 2 elements and some weapons are too weak to work like that
  6. There are what, 48 frames now? Imagine being a new player and wondering what to pick, what to invest your limited time and plat in ... and we all know that some frames are simply much worse than the others. Thats why people resort to guides and 'tierlists'. And a lot of 'recommended' frames are the easiest and simplest ones, since most players dont want to do anything beyond pressing a single button and dont invest into complex modding.
  7. Just abort and get a better weapon build then, you'll learn quickly. More important to get all the mods and understand to stack them and what elements to use vs what enemies (meaning just slap viral+fire cause the damage system is unbalanced). You are probably using unpotatoed (meaning no Catalyst) weapons with bare minimum mods if you find weapons struggling on lvl30. To compensate for it use frame abilities and buffs like Rhino Roar or Banshee Sonar. You really need Catalyst and full build to make most weapons work on higher levels if you are not using buffs or OP weapons.
  8. You need max Void Strike and proper Amp, not frames. Volt helps but that's about it, the rest are optional. And you cant even check players Amp and focus from loadout screen. And yeah DE should have better tutorial and make it mandatory step to get rank with Quills, so people dont just leech without ever bothering to learn what to do. Tridolon bounty should be locked behind Quills rank.
  9. any element except impact/rad 41%+ 100p 50%+ 200p 55%+ 250p PM here, on market or in game
  10. They didn't put enough work in RJ to make it smooth and replayble so one play Rj so they wont put more work into it!
  11. https://warframe.market and yeah they have Switch (change platform in the upper left)
  12. oh Ive competely forgot this was in the game, wonder how many people dont even know it exists despite playing WF for hundreds hrs, DE is hiding the content so well it might as well not exist
  13. Its always been like this even ~6 years back, WF is a pseudo-coop game anyway and every normal mission is easy to solo. If beginner players get matched with vets they just feel useless and fall behind and its no fun. Maybe DE could change something to make creating a party for new players and everyone easier, like an actual UI instead of just a chat?
  14. Its interesting to see how people finally need to learn the game and adjust the tactics to beat the hard mode...
  15. Beating this dead horse again? For all the newcomers: even DE admitted that AI is irrelevant unless you make it immune to powers - otherwise you can stun and nuke entire rooms not even looking at the screen. A simple script could 'play' this game for you. And even ability-immune AI doesn't mean a thing when the players are essentially immortal. You dont need to dodge when you cant die. And just spam AOE so your aim and AI evasion doesn't matter either. This throws the fundamentals of any combat - avoiding enemies attacks and landing yours on the enemy - out of the window. There is plenty of AI already, but you'll never notice it because the players are too overpowered. And as a rule people will optimize their ways even if it means removing the fun for themselves. Warframe would need a fundamental change in abilities design and player power to become any engaging. But this will never happen because DE lacks competent designers and will. And because large part of the audience are easy-mode players who don't want any gameplay challenge. They dont want harder AI.
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