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  1. Necrameches arent bad. But locking Xaku crafting behind having to max Fortuna synd grind is a total $&*^ move.
  2. kitgun riven for 75 is a joke anyway, market price 10-15p, if you want a particular chamber riven - go and buy it you can make 10p in few minutes just selling primes or an augment
  3. Its already been nerfed vs mechs, some people haven't played since update, Stropha is not effective any more. And honestly they should nerf Kuva nukor too cause it just facerolls them with zero skill or effort because it auto-chains between weak points. Works but you have to shoot the arms off first and the weak points are harder to hit now. But they completely neutered enemy shield, it gives DR instead of immunity and it no longer has damage reflection - so you wont kill yourself of it, overall mechs are much easier.
  4. For some reason DE couldn't even make open worlds worth exploring despite environmental design and locations hinting on something - its especially bad with Fortuna, almost everything is a dead decoration never used for anything, not worth a visit. I dont think there are any secrets or 'easter eggs' in Plains/Fortuna Deimos vaults have secrets that you could explore, but there is no collectable. I guess you can hunt animals if you like such 'searching' gameplay and earn bunch of decorations for it but that doesn't give you a sensation of discovery. The open worlds are totally underused
  5. That was a problem with Plains when people didnt even have archwing launchers and some parts are too short, not the case for Deimos. They could adjust for Plains too and have at least some participation checks on longer parts. It all has a fair solution to make sure people who participate get rewards and leachers are discouraged. Like if you do solo you have a clear indicator and warning timer that you are leaving a bounty area, same could be done for everyone.
  6. Everyone hated it, DE even acknowledge it "we hear you"... and made it longer. AND made another similar chore with the jugg escort/wait - and its even worse because hes still prone to getting stuck. It's unbelievable.
  7. To everyone saying just 'solo play' - it removes coop entirely taking away one of the fun part of this game. We need to mend coop, not give up on it.
  8. If you want a choice of personal modifiers you can just play solo with self-imposed restrictions - which many of us been doing out of nothing left to do and no challenge in WF Another question is WHY is DE not creating any mission variety with modifiers? Even special alerts are lacking. Its an easy way to breath some life and variety into old missions. The only one that comes to mind is Baro Safary - which is a fun twist since you can only use Inaros and there are plenty of special units who hit hard and can quickly kill Baro if you dont pay attention
  9. yeha its incentivizing leaching players who are not present on location should not get any rewards from the bounties - that would only be fair thats a glaring issue too
  10. Yeah they are all crap and are only for setting up the Theorem frame arcanes, not any useful on their own. Everyone unanimously concluded they were garbage and told DE... but no, DE still released them without reworking. The cherry on this dump is that some Theorem arcanes dont even function
  11. Since enemy mechs were made easy and you would be able to select any tier right away, please add more mech combat - they are the only interesting part about the vaults that incentivizes player skill and knowledge instead of being a timer designed only to pad the grind. Get rid on the boring bait sitting and Loid wait-walls that everyone dislikes and instead put few more mech guardians in the vaults, we need more active combat gameplay instead sitting there waiting for a timer or for AI to plod around - that's not gameplay, no one enjoys it. Also you need to add map marker to the vault do
  12. TLDR : line-of-sight check on Whipclaw is buggy garbage and 30% of the time you do no damage to the enemies right in front of you in your crosshair.
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