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  1. Just do HIve caches and infested spy missions!
  2. And you still cant read the OP post yet keep on trying to argue, whats wrong with you? it explicitly says tested with different weapons. Actually I ran it about 20 times Call it broken or bug - same thing. Thats just your guess? very poor quality but as you can see pellets that hit inside do 2000-3000 on a client, not 100 like while solo
  3. FYI they dont have different resistance mechanics. Once again evidence is posted right before your eyes. Read again - tested several times, see pictures, see Voidforged video doing similar very low damage.
  4. exploit how? this is a problem with Lephantis and people have the right to be informed
  5. I posted pictures for people who cant read
  6. Yeah you could see yourself that your damage numbers are unusually low, now go in as a client with same weapons and see that you do magnitude more damage and kill heads in 1 Hek mag.
  7. Lephantis has no armor, red healthbar. And we had no CPs in pub at all
  8. Sortie Lephantis becomes almost unkillable if you try to solo. It's consistent, tested several times with different weapons. Im a bit late to this sortie, but it affects regular Lephantis too This is solo absolutely point blank and this is as client, same weapon build, no extra buffs,
  9. Very interesting find!
  10. The more enemies the better - it scales from enemies damage. Solo sorties defenses, survivals even lvl100 bosses - Mallet kills everyhting with zero player action. DE keeps on making Warframe AFK farming simulator. Throw and proceed to do something more important, like going for a bathroom break or browsing web yeah, BTW the game is farming by iteslf in the backfground right now while Im typing this.
  11. Host choosing to leave at selection still breaks defense missions, everything stops working and others can only abort the mission.
  12. OP is harsh, but he's right. It's another 'game plays by itself' genius design.
  13. Why would they care? DE is making millions selling cosmetics to casuals who dont want challenge.
  14. "Sorties with “dense fog” will now always take place during the night." "Dark Sector nodes Coba and Tikal will now always take place during the night. " Bad idea. Dark maps have terrible visibility. Not just night conditions, all the poorly lit maps, many sections of infested maps, some grineer maps. Dense fog is already crippling the visibility. What does it add to the game? Can't clearly see surroundings, cant see enemies - sometimes at all, since the engine doesn't highlight them in any way. Why have nice environment art and models with animation when players cant see a thing? I doubt your idea of Warframe is an abstract 2d game where you play purely by minimap and radar and spam AoE when seeing red dots. Maybe try playtesting with minimap off and see how playable it is (spoiler: it's not).
  15. It was a really good idea to make arena vs tough bots, but it got ruined by leveldesign and unfair uncounterable cheap shots AI. First of all: bad visibility. maps with poor lightsources and lots of black textures + dark enemies. Its black on black background. You cant see bots at all in some areas and visibility is crucial for deathmatch. (note how Index maps and enemies have fine visibility making it much more playable than Rathum) Solution is easy: highlight enemies just like in conclave, its already there in the game, just apply it to bots too. Map redesign would be too much to ask. Vodyanoi map is particularly terrible for bots - they get stuck under the bridges all the time (and its super dark there too). Hope you could tweak bot nav space to solve this. No time is given to players to pick any drops when the score is reached, Please give like 10 seconds to collect drops, since there is no vacuum, its frustrating to see endo right before you and not being able to pick it. Please rotate all maps! It wouldve been much more interesting to play more than 1 map at all levels (and there is no point playing easy levels that give no challenge and have crappy rewards) AI: I'll only list worst offenders that absolutely need to be changed for this gamemode to be any enjoyable (I could go into detail about more stuff if DE needs feedback.) Executioner Gorth goes invincible unless you burst him in 2-3 sec and remains unkillable for long time. Not sure if bug (cause his healthbar doesn't go grey) or just bad design, I hope I dont need to explain why unkillable enemies are bad, his invincibility should be removed. Dhurnam & Dok Thul - they have completely uncounterable and undodgeable switch-teleport that stuns player for ~3 second. You lose any control of the game and get killed - nothing feels more cheap and frustrating than this bs. And of course the long-standing WF issue with AI using abilities even when they got CC'd or knocked down. Just remove stun from it since it's totally undodgeable (you can even be caught midair bulletjumping) There are alright designs like Garesh, who is super deadly but dodgeable so its about player skill to not get killed and he is fun to fight. The above listed offenders are anti-skill cheap enemies that make Rathum bad experience and lost opportunity to create high-level challenging but fun game mode in a dull sea of press4towin casual farmfest. If DE improved upon these enemies and game mode and gave it better rewards (besides endo drops) it could've been something. Also some of these bots could be used as bosses in other places.