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  1. Check the guides, you can use several tricks to make it easier, like putting on more enemy radar mods to see where all the enemies are and using gunblade to kill them form a distance or using one specific weapon from Umbra quest (if you've reached it) video of how quick and easy it is to snipe them with gunblade: https://streamable.com/7dp7z
  2. " I made four accounts because every time I'd start again I was so lost I was certain I'd need to run the tutorial again. Every time I'd just be confused about what to do, where to go, and ultimately get bored after a few hours and quit. " quote from a reddit post
  3. QT is garbage but Adaptation makes a world of difference, its like playing with cheats really (totally broken on high EHP frames). Rolling guard is good and you can stack Adaptation while being invul too so you could run both if you are on a squish frame.
  4. Because using different frames is the only way to get any variety in a very repeatative game like WF and some frames are indeed relatively bad/useless and certainly need an improvement or rework
  5. I love how Hydroid is supposed to be a CC frame, but all his skills are rendered useless by the demolysts in the new latest mode
  6. It had been asked for years but DE wouldn't do it - even arbys and sorties start slow with lvl ~60s. And that's because high levels expose the balance problems even more, you would only play certain frames and weapons that make any content easy and people would complain that some Ember (or whatever) is too weak and DE doesn't want to balance anything. You could get high scaling quickly in Fortuna open world if you don't destroy the alert poles and the enemies are more tough there, had lvl~140-150 in ~15 min time in the Temple of profit
  7. You can easily get mr1 right away on your first day of playing, it's only 2500 (you get 100 per weapon level, 200 per frame level and like ~50 per map node) and "replaying the game as a MR 0" you wont get far since there are many MR locks on the junctions and other things
  8. So it was only marked during past event but anyone who missed the event wouldn't get any hint where to find Deck12?
  9. Am I missing something or its bugged? there is absolutely no hint let alone a map marker on Deck 12 when you start Exploiter mission. How are players expected to find it? I know where it is, but not from the game. Another case of WF being unplayable without wiki or guides?
  10. Speaking of UI and loadouts - we need operator loadout (amp and arcanes) tied to the main loadout configs please.
  11. They use 'internal rankings' see it in the previous riven changes workshop posts like I said.
  12. Right. Except in reality they nerf weapons (almost)no one ever uses too, so the usage barely factors. Yet haven't touched highly popular Acceltra . Which is absolutely scammy tactics towards all the players who pay thousands of plat for its rivens now, only to have them inevitably nerfed and devalued next month. So what is DE achieving besides pissing off the most dedicated players who invest lots of time and money in the game? 0.5 is just the lowest disposition at which point rivens are worthless (almost always not worth slotting over a regular mod)
  13. no they are not, bother to read past riven workshops and dont spread this myth
  14. Thanks for killing rivens. Only fool would invest time or plat in them anymore.
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