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Enemy Jumping Is Very Glitched And Breaks Consistency/immersion/something


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When enemies jump from one platform to another, they do those jumps with inhuman speed, it looks very awkward.


Other thing is that they can't be hit during the jumping animation, at least where their model is. When they start the jump, their hitbox warps to the place where they are going to jump. This is easily seen when using aoe weapons on the location where they are going to jump while the jump is happening. Not sure if you can even hit that invisible hitbox with other than aoe weapons during that time.


In my opinion, this whole thing needs a lot of optimizing. The enemies need to have a better jumping mechanic, something similar to what players themselves have. Not some scripted animations to technically warp from one place to another.


EDIT: There are also places where they jump on very high platforms with huge speed. Making maxed Super Jump excal jealous.

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