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Credit Alternative To Void And Rails.


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Rails are now taxed too much on the places that once were worth it and not everyone feels like farming Void keys for hours just go on a couple runs.

Not to mention you might not be the fastest typer...then getting into a key party is relatively hard for you as well.

But what alternative is there?


[No credit booster]

Master Thief those exterminate runs. This isn't even my highest yield(My highest was close to 35K, but screenshots were still set to "UI OFF" so I couldnt SS it). And NO credit booster was used here. It is taxfree, you don't have to get keys, and you can do it at your own pace.

Furthermore you have a decent chance at getting 1-4 Neural Sensors per run.

I don't think I know any other planet that pays off so much for opening those lockers (Salad V must be paying his subordinates quite the paycheck)
Sometimes I enter lockerrooms that have 2000-4000 credits in them + resources!
Jupiter is also low enough for anyone to go there.

If you have any other planet that gives this much, feel free to post your pictures.

P.s. I have been to the other "basic" Corpus tilesets..and they don't seem to pay nearly as much. Haven't tried much of the Grineer stuff yet.

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