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Need Help With Clan Emblem



im trying to get a clan emblem that fits. Now sadly i suck horribly with photoshop, gimp. Any type of editing software pretty much. So to anyone who is willing to help make me a clan emblem i have the base emblem. My clans name is Shadow Shogunate and the emblem I have i would love to really reflect the name back in the emblem. (no actual clan name in the emblem)


If someone is willing to help I'm gonna leave a url with a picture of the image. I have seen fantastic emblems made by people for others and I would really love someone to give me a hand with this





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Your image is pretty low-detail and fairly messy.

To get a perfect image out of it, you'd need someone to render it out for you. (takes like 5-10m given how it looks)

The other method, you can just use photoshop's select tools and colour-control until it comes out close.

This won't work perfectly if the detail is just too weak.


I have no interest in offering my personal help, but, I'd advise you to learn how to do these simple things for your own sake.


Example of the 'other method' I mentioned.


This could be a bit clearer with some simple fine-tuning but honestly it's some of the most boring things to do. Good luck.

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