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Wanting A Fun Clan.


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Put simply I just want to make a clan where we can have fun together. Joke around bust each others balls, just have a good ole time.


It'd be cool to build an awesome dojo with a bunch of like minded guys who want to have a couple laughs while tediously farming for whatever. But really I just want to enjoy myself.


What our focus is and what we do will be decided by the first few who want to join up. Just as long as enjoying ourselves is the top of the priority.


If your interested let me know and we'll get started from there.

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This isn't necessarily a requirement for our clan but what timezone are you based out of? :P


Would you be willing to use Teamspeak?


What do you look for in a clan? :3


What direction would you like the clan to go. This one is ultimately up to the members. I may be the leader but my clanmates should know what's best. <3

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Im in the mountain time zone, cleary the best of all time zones. Just look at the name. It's a mountain for godsakes.


I would get on on teamspeak.... on occasion. It's a complicated issue.... not realy but kinda.


I mean, the thread kinda says it all. Guys who don't take themselves seriously. I mean this is literally a game about farming - in order to farm - for the things you need - to farm for the things you want. If you can't mess around while doing this tedious crap then whats point?



I know I come of as someone who can't give a three craps but I put my time in. I got about 600 hours into this game. I just want to continue enjoying this game and I can't do that with people who are way too serious about it.


To be honest about the only thing I might get serious about, like for real serious, is if your clan is named "A bag of farts" or something stupid like that. Because I think getting the DE staff to announce a dumb arse name like that as the best in its class would be awesome. I mean think about it: DE Steve saying "A bag of farts beat ninja340noscope420 by a mile" would be nothing short of glorious.


Besides that Im just looking for a good time, whether it be while farming for stuff for a dojo, farming for stuff for a build or just farming for stuff in order to farm for other stuff.


So if you or anyone else wants to make a clan with this babbling B.S. as it's foundation then Im all for it and glad to help, join or start it myself. And if not then well screw you I never liked you anyways.

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And if not then well screw you I never liked you anyways.


Well put. :P


I do in fact have a ridiculously named clan. (Buttman Returns) We have some (emphasis on some) people that frequently play the game.

Though Teamspeak is not a requirement, it is much better than typing or using the in-game VOIP. Skype is a viable option too if that is more of what you're into. xP


Feel free to add me on Warframe and/or Steam (PolarCoded), I can definitely get you into the clan and you can check it out and decide from there. ^-^

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