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Unable To Change Dragon Nikana Colors (On Sheath)


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I havent used my Dragon Nikana in a while, the last time being a little after it was first released, but now i have started using it again and have noticed an odd color-glitch.Unfortunately i dont know if this was because of U14 or an earlier update, and im not sure how to put a screenshot in this, so i'll try to explain the best i can:


Short story is that for some reason I can only change the color of the sword and not the sheath. The more detailed explanation would be that the sheath only stays the colors i had set them before the recent update. An example being if I had my sword and sheath set to all blue colors before this glitch, now it shows the sheath as all those blue colors and even if i change them in the color selection screen, the sword will change color but not the sheath.


I hope I explained everything I need to, but if any more details are needed please ask. (I'm better at using drawings or pictures to explain things, so I hope I didnt leave out any info you may need to fix the bug, also sorry that i couldnt figure out how to put a screenshot in this. Knowing my luck it was prolly simple and i totally failed to figure it out lol).


Anyways, it's not a major bug, but the thing slightly bothers me because i cant change the color of the sheath; which is the part of the weapon you see the most. No need to rush on fixing it, but when you can please do.


Thank you DE for making Warframe the game it is today! I love it and i hope you keep up the good work! (But don't work too hard lol)


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Glad to be of service. This makes coloring it so much more convenient honestly.


I was actually messing with it just now, and i see what you mean. Its rather useful xD


If DE comes across this topic, im gonna say this: no need to fix anything, its all good! lol

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