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Ash Multiple Bugs.


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Was doing a survival in mimas saturn, with a clan matte, I was the host.


When I used Blade storm ability, the game quickly started breaking and bugging all over.

The ability never ended, but I was able to move and shoot

there was 2 clones that weren't moving

the enemies were still marked red

my character was stuck with the ability blades

couldn't jump, at all

after going to a tile set with higher ground, i couldn't get down, so my ash started air walking

with all this mess, we forgot about oxygen supply, then i noticed the exit wasn't marked in the mini-map

after dropping to only 5 points of life i noticed the enemies shooting me couldn't kill me.


Some pics:










The next 2 are about Carrier sentinel, that sucks the items, but does not "eat" them, so they get stuck on the sentinel blocking and bugging the view, and this bug as been around for a long time.



























PS: Also (non related issue), when will the enemy spawn rate of jupiter survival and defense maps be fixed?

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