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Mirage Mission Bug


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Hello everyone. I'm gonna get straight to the point here I had recently started the mirage quest line and I got the the point where i was able to craft the mirage helmet for the next puzzle piece and so I did i waited the 12 hours and spent what was needed and I was ready to hunt down the second BP for mirage however I decided to leave the hunt for the next day since I was tired and needed some sleep. so I come back the next day and log into warframe to find out that lotus telling me to craft the mirage helmet again even though I already had done so. So I check my foundry and find out the helmet I had crafted was gone/deleted. Now I am aware of the bug if you rush your helmet in the foundry it wont recognize the part being made however I DID NOT RUSH MY HELMET OR ANY PART and I already tried logging in and out several times for several days and still to no avail. so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this it would be appreciated.


P.S. anyone that tells me to suck it up an just make helmet or any part again ..... well here is my response to you┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

against my better judgement I had crafted the helmet again and only to have all my progress deleted again.




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