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I've been a Warframe beta tester since closed beta. 

Recently Warframe launched on steam. I've procrastinated about putting warframe on my steam account but i don't want to re-download the game is there a way for me to do this?


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Download the game from Steam, for example 1% download play, pause, close Steam, copy the contents of your other game in the new folder to create, when you download the game from Steam.

Option A: Run Steam, continuous discharge, with what you did before, you may already have Steam detect downloaded content and not have to re-download it.

Option B: Run Steam, go to your game library, Warframe properties, find an option that says something like this: check integrity. Steam? Detects that you have all the files and you do not need to continue the download? Maybe if you keep downloading the game is completed at 100% at once?.

Have you used what I mean?, Sorry no express myself better, but English is not my native language. (-_-)

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Don't sweat it at all man. I deleted WF and downloaded in on steam when that version dropped. It took all of 15min to download and all my settings load outs and everything was preserved  Truthfully I noticed no difference except the steam overlay and steam functions like the community and screenshot capture.


It's worth the time, which is nominal. 

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will it start the hours played over at zero or keep the data from my first download


You'll use your same Warframe account through steam - the only difference is where the game installs from, and whether or not Steam can track your stats.

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