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14.5.1 - Update Of Directx Failed! - Error On Launcher


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Patch 14.5.1

Keep getting Update of DirectX failed! message on the launcher.  However if I go into Setting and click on Verify/Defrag then the launcher works fine.  By the way Defrag is faster.

Anyone else having same problem?


Forgot to mention.  I have this error everytime and I have to verify/defrag everytime just to get the launcher to update to able to play.

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What version of Windows?

What are the launcher settings on?

Window 7

Before verify/defrag all boxes checked besides directx 10 and 11 (unable to check mark boxes even if i wanted to)

After verify/defrag only boxes not checked is directx10

Tried it with directx 10 and uncheck directx 11 still same problem.

*I don't play on steam*


Well as for computer spec lets just say I can handle almost everygame out there at maximum settings.

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