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Decent Mirage Build?



I just finished getting Mirage and all that good stuff.  Went on to warframe builder and didn't necessarily like the first couple of builds, so I decided to try my hand at my own.  Hope to get some good feedback seeing as how I'm new to Mirage



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Power Strenght and Duration are the important things for Mirage, you don't need much efficiency so taking out fleeting (you will never run out of enrgy as long as you don't spam prism) will allow you to change narrow minded for blind rage (a must), you don't need more duration than that.

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I would have posted pic but right now im on an iPad, so here I will just tell you what mods are needed.

Eclipse, hall of mirrors, prism, redirection, blind rage, narrowminded, constitution/continuity, intensify, streamline, vitality and maybe QuickThinking if you want, but instead of QT I have flow equipped cause I love more energy.

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I build her as a glass cannon. High DPS but unmodded health and shields. Played right and you won't need any vitality or redirection mods.

My build needs 3 forma and a potato. Everything is maxed unless stated otherwise.

Corrosive Projection

Hall of Mirrors



Narrow Minded

Blind Rage


Quick Thinking



Equilibrium allows you to double dip into orbs to replenish your health and energy (which doubles up as your health pool).

Quick Thinking is a safety net that gives better EHP than a Vitality mod IMHO since she has a rather decent energy pool but meh health. With flow, she gets an even bigger pool to tap from.

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