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Undertow And Crush Don't Knock Down All Enemies


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I've noticed in a few Infested missions that Undertow doesn't completely knock down enemies when you resurface.

It used to suck enemies in, then when you resurfaced, they would be knocked down.


Now some enemies, mostly Ancients, stay standing. Just in the last mission I did, one got sucked into the pool, then when it came out it was already standing and winding up its attack, kinda sliding over to the pod as it did so.


Kinda odd that it used to do it and now does not.


Then there's Mag's crush. It knocks down every enemy it doesn't kill, except for Heavy Gunners.


It's just... odd. Inconsistent.

As soon as they drop out of Crush they're instantly firing at you, as opposed to every other enemy.


I'm pretty sure the Undertow one is a bug as it wasn't the case a while ago.


I'm not sure about Crush. Are Heavy Gunners intentionally immune to it?

You'd think it'd stumble them or something, just for the sake of consistency.

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