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  1. Please stop with the endless resource popups. I thought this would be addressed in this update but it's still being ignored. We do not need a giant flashing noisy popup covering half the side of the screen every single time we pick up cubic diodes, or titanium, or carbides, or any number of resources that we get thousands of per mission. It should only ever be used for rare items, mission rewards or parts, not for literally every single thing we pick up in the entire game mode. These popups are ENDLESS. I feel like I'm going insane. When can we expect them to be disabled?
  2. Yes it's bizarre, considering the fact that it's a paid bundle and it doesn't work with the bundle's own Warframe skin.
  3. Is there any reason this can't be a double tap instead? Is there any reason we can't have the option to make all held inputs and charges a double tap? Holding down keys for abilities in this game REALLY sucks. It's so awkward and sometimes outright painful. And those are abilities that you aren't trying to time an activation at the right height.
  4. Only one of the 'spurs' in the Radia syandana actually moves when it's on my Atomica skin. It vibrates like the whole thing is apparently supposed to, but the rest of it is completely still. Weirdly enough, if I switch to other skins or frames, it actually works differently every time. Some examples (external gfycat links) Atomica skin, one spur moving Nova Prime skin, three spurs moving Rhino Prime, full movement I can't seem to find any kind of relation between the skins that barely work, ones that partially work, and ones that work completely. Nyx Pasithea barely
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