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  1. What does Optimizing and verifying my game cache do?

    Do it every couple of months. It can also be done to try and fix performance issues that suddenly arise. It basically just cleans out the files and makes sure all of them work properly. Just don't do it through Steam.
  2. You're saying "Warframe has come a long way and DE was underestimated". OP is saying "Warframe has come a long way, and is better than two other games, which I also have no interest in". You're saying some of the same things but not making the same point.
  3. They blew completely different games out of the water? How do you manage that? Or is this the thing where we pretend they're the same because of a handful of broad similarities?
  4. Helmet Designs

    They're good, but a bit too robotic to fit the frames you've made them for.
  5. heavy caliber and opticor (fix needed)

    But being a charge weapon isn't what makes it different. The Opticor does not fire a projectile.
  6. Since Scourge was Nerfed/'fixed' can we get a Reload buff?

    It doesn't NEED the damage boost.
  7. Do we need a Parkour 2.5 for PoE

    No, we don't need mods to fix this problem. We need the system itself to be improved, WITHOUT bandaids.
  8. Warframe filesize up to

    Useless files that accumulate over time, I'd assume.
  9. Warframe filesize up to

    My folder is 25gb. But if you're downloading the game for the first time, there's a good chance it'll be smaller.
  10. Are you agreeing with me or trying to prove me wrong?
  11. I have never seen this alleged claim people keep referring to. It was a misunderstanding that the community took as fact.
  12. Really? Because people said it about Kela's wall, which has been copied for Ambulas.
  13. Then why don't we use buckets as weapons too? Let's not forget the fact that using a censer as a weapon instead of just making a flail would be unimaginative. No I'm not. I was responding to TacticalOwl who originally brought up the logic arguments, while I was just saying that it would look silly.
  14. No, the censer breaks open and you get incense all over the place.
  15. Yes, but it's a thurible. What do you think is going to happen to everything inside it when you start whacking people?