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  1. Demolysts destroy conduits way too fast. When you consider that they're hard to see (because of other enemies, and general visual clutter making the waypoint difficult to notice), resistant to damage and CC, and don't stand out in terms of volume, *and* seem to come out of nowhere sometimes, it feels really bad to have them delete a conduit as soon as they get to it even if you kill them before they actually explode.
  2. It always defaults to recruitment for me. Having it remember your last selected tab would be nice either way though.
  3. It's kind of annoying having to open chat and switch to clan chat every single time I start the game, since I hate having chat pop up when I don't want to read it, and I rarely use recruiting chat. I know it's a minor annoyance, but it's still an annoyance. Maybe the better thing here would be if it remembered which tab you had selected on logout.
  4. Hardly. Epic has more than enough money that even if this venture crashes and burns, they can continue on or even try again. The backlash of some angry gamers actually means very little, when you consider the fact that games on the store are performing well and developers are choosing to use it. It's like people just forget that there's a LOT of other folks who don't care about this sort of thing, i.e. everybody who already uses EGS, and the fact that Epic has other significant sources of income. Just because a vocal community is angry on the internet doesn't mean they're going to fail, whether you want to believe it or not.
  5. That's my main issue with arbitrations at the moment. It just feels like a chore, not a challenge. Is doubling the rotation length really the best way to make it harder? Does it even make it harder at all? I'm sure there are better ways to accomplish this. I didn't think revives were more of a problem than that.
  6. Any changes to arbitration drones? They're all but invisible for people with colourblindness and hard to see for those without.
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't ADS every time they fire, and while it's nice that the horns move out of the way while aiming so they don't block vision, it'd be nice if they could move out of the way while firing, for exactly the same reason. It's a bit much at the moment. It's not covering the reticle, but it is definitely blocking vision. Having it move back out of the way while firing will fix this problem.
  8. Unfortunately it's also really strong, so it's super common.
  9. Do they? I haven't been paying attention, admittedly. I thought that was just a support thing. That makes a lot of sense.
  10. Every time someone fires this thing near me, I can't see anything through the giant near-opaque explosion bubble. Could it maybe be toned down a bit? At least for teammates? It's really disorienting and annoying.
  11. She has an energy cap of 0, but the game seems to treat this as if it's infinite instead of just being nothing, so all energy orbs will be picked up on contact or with vacuum. It's not that annoying, but it is kind of weird. Also, her energy bar on your teammate's HUD will show as empty, which can be confusing at a glance for people who can restore energy, thinking somebody has run out when in fact it's just a Hildryn. Maybe her energy cap should be 1 instead of 0? I don't know. Either way, super minor, but they're still weird little problems she has as an energy-less frame.
  12. I know this isn't relevant, but I would love to know how you accomplished this. I've tried something similar, but the 'trunk' just looks awful.
  13. Secondary colours still seem like the brightest emissive for me.
  14. What does this mean? Does this mean she doesn't block the screen, or is this referring to how the camera moves when she does?
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