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  1. You can't prioritise something you can't even start doing. When they have a good idea, work will start on implementing it. You're not going to suddenly make a breakthrough on a concept if you force everyone to do it and stagnate the rest of the game as a sacrifice.
  2. DE works on more than one thing at a time. Actually coming up with sustainable endgame content isn't easy.
  3. Nope. These things just take time. DE's design is just fine.
  4. Bows exist, and are strong. This isn't like the vectis. That's what I was thinking to. It would be louder than a bow, but not as loud as a gun, so maybe half the volume, like 50% hush.
  5. It would be more like a bow than a sniper rifle. Sort of like how the zhuge is more like an auto rifle than a bow, but shares some aspects, or how the Opticor is like a bow/sniper hybrid, that sort of thing.
  6. Not another automatic bolt spewer, but an actual single-shot crossbow. Basically a handheld ballista. They focus on launching a single powerful bolt over a large distance, and I believe they could be different and unique enough to be very fun to use, and very satisfying. Pros: +Faster projectile speed +Always ready to fire when loaded +No charge time Cons: -Longer reload time -No 'quick shot' spam -Not silent If we have a dozen different types of bullet hose, we should have a big heavy crossbow that pins armies to walls. I'd do a proper concept but I can't draw.
  7. Consoles will have exactly the same control. It's not an additional keybind.
  8. New maps also don't take it into account much. The Kuva Fortress and Lua come to mind. Not as bad as the older tilesets but their only advantage is that they're slightly more open. The only aspect of parkour they actually cater towards is bullet jump spam.
  9. X can be used as reloading in that mode, but you don't want too many keys for things.
  10. With melee not drawn, when you do a charge attack, it should only do a quick attack if you let go of E too early. So instead of being hold e > quick attack > charge attack windup, it'll be hold e > charge attack windup. Release E early and you do a quick attack. This would be smoother and more convenient than it is now. While your melee weapon is out, it would be way more convenient to have them on the R key instead of on E, because doing a quick attack then charging it is awkward as hell. This would also make some combos easier to pull off. Since using the R key messes with having a gun and melee drawn (as in, the system currently being developed), reloading should instead be on a timer; if you don't fire for a couple of seconds, you reload automatically. Trust me, it would work better than it sounds, and being able to use that key for other things makes up for any slightly awkwardness. Both of these changes should make charge attacks more enjoyable to use.
  11. Not a few little tweaks; a lot of maps need total reworking. Top of the badlist is colliding with things sticking out of walls. Oddly enough, conclave maps don't have this; even if a surface looks bumpy, it's generally smooth. But in every other map, even a ladder in a wall will block you completely.
  12. And the problem with hurting his heal is that it just makes Trinity that much more dominant, and lifesteal builds that much more mandatory. Without a usable heal that doesn't require you to be on top of people, there's just not many options for that restoration. Regaining HP is hugely imbalanced right now, with it being limited to one aura, a couple of mods, deployable stationary gear craftables and health orbs that almost never spawn and only give you 25 HP. There is no competition for ability healing. Why make that worse?
  13. Waiting until the rework hits means it's harder to incorporate feedback as opposed to doing it while it's still in development, and past reworks have shown that large changes, or even some small ones, generally don't happen at all. Saryn was supposed to continue to be tweaked after her rework, but she got almost no changes. Nothing has been done with Bladestorm. Overload still has significant issues. Peacemaker hasn't been touched. Many things that have been reworked have gotten little to no changes since they went live. I don't blame people for trying to get in early, considering the history of reworks.
  14. Numbers won't be enough if his abilities are mechanically flawed, and we have more than enough information on that front to give feedback.
  15. If we spent less time arguing about who needs a rework the most and more time giving suggestions for them, we'd probably get a better result.