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  1. Some thoughts; 1. When this happens to you, go into Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language (or wherever these keyboard settings are). Under 'preferred languages', if there is more than one, try changing it to the one you should have, e.g. "English (United States)", and removing all the others. 2. Does it affect input in anything else, like if you try to write something in notepad with Warframe minimized? Or is it ONLY in Warframe? 3. Alternatively, if that doesn't work (or even try it first, I'm not a cop), do you have any software that alters keyboard inputs? Like gaming software with keyboard layout profiles, for example. If you're absolutely sure that it only happens in Warframe, that might at least rule out a physical problem.
  2. Having revives in Arbitrations doesn't mean veterans are worthless to DE. And for the record, they don't have immediate access to it. Arbitrations aren't unlocked right away. You have to complete every node on the star chart to get them. Even a lot of veterans haven't done that. Seems like you have a different focus for this topic than the one in your title.
  3. Just like... wait for the host to go through the portal. You can't stop leeching, and trying to introduce convoluted systems to try and detect it only hurts normal players. Like the 'anti-AFK' system we have now.
  4. Because networking is incredibly complicated even on just one platform. Doing it across platforms is a hurdle that very few developers have been able to clear, and none of them have done it without a massive amount of work.
  5. It's really not awesome though. We don't need those inbox messages in the first place, because the event is unmissable. If people don't want to do the Ghoul event, they shouldn't be pestered about the Ghoul event. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going to grind out content I don't enjoy and actively not have fun just to turn off an annoying message. Seems backwards to me. The Codex's purpose should not be to disable inbox spam. I appreciate that it was actually addressed in some way, but I do not believe that this is a suitable change.
  6. Huzzah! Finally our feedback is hea- oof So our pleas to have the Ghoul message spam be stopped were heard, but we have to farm the lore to turn them off. DE, please. I don't want to do the event. I'm not going to do the event, no matter how much the Lotus pesters me. The fact that after all this time, you put in the effort to make this change but specifically chose to do it only if we've grinded out the lore feels like a monkey's paw kind of thing. We don't get this inbox spam for any other event. We don't even need them. It shows up on the navigation alert list, AND in its own navigation category, AND in its own bounty category. It is impossible to miss. Just let me turn them off. Please?
  7. Not to quite the same extent. You can pretty much use every Warframe for whatever you want, but there are so many weapons, and a lot of them just don't have the numbers to keep up, especially with other, similar weapons that outclass them by doing the same job but better. Technically you still can use any weapon you want, but it can be a pain, since the difference between high tier and the lowest tier is much greater than with Warframes.
  8. I'm not sure you could have chosen worse examples, honestly. People play Arbitrations all the time, and Sanctuary Onslaught is a great way to level stuff up with a tonne more variety than sitting on Heiracon forever. Even Archwing still sees some play, though usually to level for Plains/Vallis stuff.
  9. I think of Nidus as more of an apex strain of the original infestation. He's not out of control or overrun by it; it's simply weaponized more directly.
  10. NOW you tell me. I thought something was a bit fishy when he dissolved in the salt. Yes, likely the difference between strains. The original controlled strain that we use is probably not the same as the wild, modern plague.
  11. I don't think having an opinion on what's the best counts as "uninformed". It's like saying Warframe is the best videogame. It's personal preference. I certainly don't believe "all of the other big players" are ahead.
  12. There's been multiple articles on the game itself. It's not like this is the only article ever made about the game. It's also not an MMO and it's barely a looter shooter. Quite a few people. It's a high traffic site.
  13. This has been brought up a few times now, and it's a good idea. Even 23 hours would work, as you say. Otherwise the build time creeps ever forwards.
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