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  1. It's certainly a derivative of valkyrie, but that's not exactly her theme. It's just a neat name, I guess.
  2. He needed a lot more than what he got, and what he got was co-dependency instead of synergy, and obscene energy costs. He's better off than he was though.
  3. I can't remember either, but you can find out. Take something out of stasis. If the timer is 30 minutes and can be rushed with credits, you have the upgrade.
  4. If you have the nutrio incubator segment, pets that get too unhealthy will be put into stasis. If not, they will die.
  5. Hosts are still having their relics unequipped when they go into missions, so they don't get anything at all when the mission ends. This has happened to me yet again. I know I equipped it. i had it during the mission countdown. But nope, for some reason the relic just magically vanishes and you don't get anything. Has this been acknowledged at all? I know it can take time but this is bloody frustrating.
  6. You should make a separate thread. This is about the visual effect, not the function.
  7. It looks very underwhelming, in that it's just a very faint carpet. I thought it would change when someone mentioned on a stream that it was a placeholder, but it didn't change. The old effect wasn't the most impressive thing in the world but it looked good enough. But on top of that, it's hard to see, even with bright energy colours. The edge of it is very hard to make out, and the effect fades as you get closer to it, which doesn't help. I have the game nearly maxed out with graphics settings; imagine how hard it is for people with lower settings. At the very least, give it the bright, obvious border that the original effect had, so we can see where it ends, clearly, with no ambiguity.
  8. Why should something as important and basic as a cleanse be limited to one single Warframe?
  9. ...And? Why is this an argument?
  10. I have to mute the game whenever I get it because the constant high volume crackling is just grating. Would be nice if it was toned down, in both volume and frequency so it doesn't make the noise as often.
  11. Blind rage. That duration will be more useful than the efficiency, assuming you also have rage equipped. Just go farm vaults, it's always overpriced.
  12. That's not balance. They're not exactly glass cannons, either, especially not with nullifiers or shield drones. Techs were fine before the supra buff. It is a fact that the supra buff coincided with their insane leap in power. That would be enemy power creep. It's because supras were buffed. It's the same thing with the ignis. The puncture doesn't exactly make them weaker, but it's not the reason.
  13. After some quick testing in the simulacrum to confirm a theory it's pretty obvious how overly strong techs are. Why is it okay that this unit continues to do more damage than any unit in any other faction? Why is it okay that they do more damage per shot than sniper crewmen? Ever since the supra was buffed, techs have been absolutely obscene. They practically snipe you with their fast travelling, high damage shots. They rarely miss. And they're not exactly rare. I like a challenge as much as the next person, but this is ridiculous. There is such a thing as an overpowered enemy, and this is one of them.
  14. I don't see any reason why Harrow can't have it. It fits well in his kit and adds another kind of playstyle.