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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.3

    Is this going to be altered at all? It might need to be toned down a bit. It's great to have the effect as it makes gunplay much more satisfying and informative but the trick is to not make it overbearing or too loud.
  2. One does exist, but it's really not useful at all, hence why I suggest the screen flash should do the job.
  3. Games usually either have a ring around the crosshair pointing to the source of incoming damage, or use the edges of the screen to show where it's coming from. It's pretty important information because you can't just rely on sound or visuals, especially in Warframe, where the visuals are drowned out and the sound is not reliable. So the flashing around the edge of the screen should be used to show the direction damage is coming from, instead of just lighting up the entire border, which is kinda unhelpful. There's one near the reticle but it's really hard to see, and even then, if there's going to be a fullscreen flash on the border whenever you get hit, it should at least give you more information.
  4. Add kuva to the kuva fortress cache reward pool

    Not if the reward is balanced. Both should be valid choices.
  5. The kuva fortress should be an alternate kuva source, instead of it ONLY being siphons. This also adds a reason to go to the kuva fortress, which we've been wanting for a while. So, kuva fortress caches should have a DECENT chance to drop a bunch of kuva. Two problems with one solution.
  6. Mainly in two ways: -Loss of control that's still effective, but less frustrating. There's still CC, but it isn't as annoying. Ghouls hook and drag you without knocking you down. AOE slams knock you back without knocking you down. So there's actually a curve to CC instead of "pile on as many knockdowns as possible". -Fairer heavy units. Heavy gunners and bombards still do a bunch of damage but heavy gunners fire projectiles and bombards have a proper lock on with an audible and clearly visible projectile, putting more of an emphasis on movement, not mitigation, as opposed to hitscan weaponry where you usually get hit anyway. On the Plains (and to a lesser extent, the Fortress), enemy factions actually feel like they belong in an action shooter like this. They have fair, avoidable attacks that reward mobility, not blocking damage with abilities. They can still be challenging, but without relying on cheesy CC spam or hitscan one-shots. Then you look at older enemies on old tilesets and you've got endless grapple hook ping pong ancients, constant AOE knockdown slams, huge bursts of incoming damage from hitscan shots, god damn commanders stunning you for three seconds as soon as they get a pixel of line of sight on you, and an emphasis on mitigating damage with abilities or your own spam instead of encouraging mobility. The Plains challenges you by encouraging movement and skill, and sets a baseline for a difficulty curve focused on those skills. Everywhere else encourages ability spam and damage mitigation to avoid the most annoying kinds of CC imaginable in a videogame, and sets a difficulty curve based on your numbers and how many lockdown/mitigation abilities you have. One of these things suits Warframe better than the other. (Hint: it's the first one.)
  7. Thank you for fixing toggle sprint

    The game is so much smoother without having to hold shift again after every other action or shot. It's great.
  8. Turn up your brightness. Only option you have. DE doesn't quite balance light levels very well.
  9. DE's face when I really need some catalysts

    All part of their master plan, muahahahaha
  10. What are we expecting from Trials Remaster ?

    I'm hoping for their temporary removal to not be as 'temporary' as solar rail conflicts.
  11. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Removing raids "temporarily" and comparing that to dark sectors really is not encouraging, considering the fact that solar rail conflicts were "temporarily removed" nearly three years ago. It would be nice to find out for certain that this is actually going to be temporary, because it's hard to believe fully when things occasionally feel forgotten. I'm not trying to insinuate anything, but it would just be nice to have some assurance, y'know? Great, stick it in a megathread. Now nobody will see it.
  12. Can we finally talk about the awful credit rewards?

    I'm not saying you should do a regular mission to get credits. I'm saying you should be able to accrue a decent amount of credits just by playing the game normally, not meta farming on one of two nodes every time you need them. The Index isn't a solution to this problem, it just contributes to it. If DE thinks that's how the game should be then they might as well remove credit rewards from everywhere else because they're all terrible.
  13. Yes. Make things available in multiple places, like unvaulted relics, or arcanes in harder content. This gives you multiple options, and then the only obstacle is whether or not the options are all fun. Putting starchart resources in the plains would make it more connected as well.
  14. Making all the new stuff (and some old stuff) require visits to the plains isn't going to make it feel connected to the rest of the game. It's turning it from a standalone sandbox to a mandatory detour. You're obviously trying to get people to play PoE but you're doing it in completely the opposite way that you should be, by making the Plains a mandatory visit instead of an optional path to an end goal like the rest of the star chart is. Is the next landscape going to be the same? Is the next landscape going to introduce a bunch of new resources unique only to that place, new requirements and items unique only to that place? Maybe a new archwing blueprint and new mining tools? Bounties are boring and lack variety. The rewards are mostly underwhelming. Going back to Cetus is tedious and has performance issues. Archwing should not be a consumable. Mining and fishing are boring and insanely grindy. There are a lot of ways to improve PoE that many people have given feedback on, mainly regarding these aspects of it. But these haven't really been improved (except the bounty rotation change, which is spoiled by 2k credit caches and 50 endo). You're not making people WANT to go to the Plains. You're trying to make them NEED to go to the Plains. There's a big difference. You're not fixing the core problems, you're just boosting player numbers on the node by putting unvaulted relics and arcanes and riven transmuation there. This is the exact same problem you have with social spaces; there's no reason to go there and be social, because that aspect of it is shallow, so instead you NEED to go there for Simaris and Baro. So it ends up like PoE; a lot of people go there when they need to, but few people actually WANT to. I hope one day we can improve on this. There's a lot of feedback out there.