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  1. We don't even need to be able to choose individual ones. We just need a separate input: double tap. Hold charge abilities like Garuda's 4 should ALWAYS be tap to start, tap to finish, like Gara's 4. Every other held ability can function off a double tap because this game does NOT work with held inputs, and it baffles me that it's still like this. Until then yeah, just use invert hold/tap, it's the best you'll get. I don't even use those abilities anymore.
  2. Bold of you to take this at face value with no evidence.
  3. Until they decide to change it, if they ever do, swapping away from the mining tool and back will cancel all the popups. Saves time.
  4. If they're not going to give us universal vacuum, you can bet your bottom Baruuk they're not going to give you automated vacuum on a mobile companion.
  5. I can get behind removing its drain, but "help Mirage build variety" it would not. It would just let you spam 4 more often.
  6. Wasn't that a major point of melee 3.0? From the patch notes: This straight up is not how it works in practice and it is a major detriment to melee gameplay. Some stances, e.g. Stinging Thorn for daggers, have constant forward movement even when no key other than melee is being pressed. It means I'm often sliding past targets, whiffing hits because I'm moving around when I don't want to. It makes a lot of weapons incredibly frustrating to use, especially at high attack speeds, so I end up just not using them at all despite the other melee improvements As great as melee 3.0 is, thi
  7. I have also done this many times and many times have I witnessed Carnis units staying outside the zone. It happens, and you are wrong. Feel free to contribute something to the discussion other than pointless gaslighting. I don't think they learned a lot from it, because the accuracy and detection range of Grineer on the Plains is still insane. At least they make some kind of noise though, you can hear their gunfire from the distance they're firing at. The only sound you hear from a Carnis sniper is the projectile impact.
  8. Not if they're sitting outside the zone spamming projectiles, as I have seen the Carnis do on several occasions.
  9. I shouldn't have to recolour my Orbiter just to see what I'm doing, but even if I do, the transparency of the Mandachord's background still makes it difficult to see clearly. Apparently it actually used to be darker. I don't know when it changed, but I've seen a couple of reports from update 22. Either way, the way it is now is hard on the eyes. Here's how it used to look; Here's how it looks now; Doesn't look so bad in a screenshot but when I'm trying to edit it in-game it's a hell of a lot worse in practice.
  10. There's a lot of things that will knock you out of Archwing, even if you have Amesha's Watchful Swarm going.
  11. In order to get blueprints from the clan Dojo you have to go through a weird amount of movement for such a basic action. Click the Replicate button > move mouse to the other side of the screen to click another Replicate button > click a third Replicate button > click to close the confirmation. It could just be two clicks with minimal cursor movement; click the replicate button, confirm the purchase. The "added research to your inventory" is unnecessary. A minor problem, but so's a pebble in a shoe. It does not feel like a streamlined UI.
  12. It's bad enough having to put Steady Hands on every other weapon with pointlessly headache-inducing screen shake, but archguns don't have that. I will not be able to use the Mausolon, which is disappointing. If you're not going to remove this nauseating camera wobbling, please at least add the bandaid mod so people can avoid headaches. And before someone says it, because they always do, the screen shake toggle does NOT affect weapon recoil.
  13. I love the voice lines of the characters in hubs, especially Deimos, but I absolutely do not love the constant grating in-mission messages and keep those muted. Unfortunately, I can't listen to one or the other unless I change my volume every time I go in and out of a hub. Considering their dialogue isn't really a transmission at all, shouldn't it be on the speech slider? I would consider a transmission to be the popup messages in missions, things actually *transmitted* to you; not the actual words coming out of a character's mouth as they fester in front of you. Their ambient dialogue is
  14. And the Jugulus, which is almost exclusively a ranged artillery unit.
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