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  1. One creates a perimeter that enemies can't cross. The other draws enemies in to a single location. Those are pretty different goals.
  2. Vauban isn't fundamentally flawed, it's just that the game has moved on without him. Everything's about killing now more than ever. Back In The Day, he was fine.
  3. AdunSaveMe

    How to use mini-gear menu when fishing?

    I believe you have to select it, instead of just letting the button go.
  4. I hope we don't have to farm toroids to rank up with Little Duck. Will the heists reward them?
  5. AdunSaveMe

    5 years of developing Warframe

    I think people fail to understand just how hard it is to make a good endgame, let alone one in a game like Warframe, where the only way to create a reasonable endgame challenge is through cheese and sponges and ability nullification and a bunch of things that not only aren't fun, but can still be easily ignored. It's not the sort of game that can have an endgame.
  6. They made it clear from the start that they would be rolling it out over time. They're definitely doing that. That's not enough. Some of the devs were using it in production and thought it felt good. That's why player feedback is so important. It's not enough for them to TRY to get it perfect in-house, because it takes the feedback of thousands of people to get it to its full potential.
  7. AdunSaveMe

    Minor quality of life suggestions

    No party kick options pls
  8. AdunSaveMe

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    Time gating.
  9. This is somewhat irrelevant. Destiny always had a cursor-controlled interface. As OP says, the pointer was planned from the start. On top of that, when it was ported to PC for the second game, the way the cursor works was completely changed for mouse users, instead of having the same cursor movement for both PC and console. It is a unified interface for both platforms, similar to what DE has attempted to do. The comparison is accurate.
  10. Kind of like how it has that banner at the top of the screen for rooms like research labs or the oracle or whatever, what if we could do that ourselves, to other rooms? Like maybe I want to rename the great hall and have it display the name when people enter it, or maybe I want to call a garden room the arboretum, that sort of thing. I think it'd be neat.
  11. AdunSaveMe

    Please bring back the old UI

    From a technical standpoint, I think that's a pretty big ask.
  12. If you boil them down to literally the most basic aspects of either game then they have a couple of things that could be similar. But they are not similar games. No, there aren't. There are a couple of similar genre aspects. Borderlands is sci fi and has loot, is that like Warframe? Comparing games as if they're similar to each other based on the broadest and most vague traits is silly. Yeah, they both have loot, they're both sci fi. But everything within those categories is entirely different. They work entirely differently. They are not competitors any more than Quake is a competitor to Gears of War, or Star Trek is a competitor to Star Wars, despite the broad similarities they share.
  13. Anthem and Warframe are nothing alike. They're not competitors. Anthem is more like The Division with a touch of Destiny, and neither of those games are like Warframe, either. It's time for these silly comparisons to go.
  14. AdunSaveMe


    That'd be the Commander using their poorly designed ability on you. Have fun.