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  1. AdunSaveMe

    tower white pigment drops

    Any news?
  2. AdunSaveMe

    Animation Canceling in Melee 3.0

    At that point they might as well not exist at all.
  3. AdunSaveMe

    Animation Canceling in Melee 3.0

    You know what they should take from them? No sheathe animations. Like, quick melee teleports your weapon into your hand, but you then have to put it away before you can do anything else. It's clunky.
  4. AdunSaveMe

    How about removing the delay from slam attacks?

    Really? I should pay more attention then.
  5. So currently when you do a slam attack, you fall, you land, then you bring the weapon down, and it impacts a moment after you land. Instead, I propose that the weapon impacts when you land, removing that delay and making repeated slam attacks more enjoyable. Thoughts? It's a minor delay to remove, but I think it would feel pretty good.
  6. My grass is always the same, regardless of my accent or energy colour. I feel like I've phased into the Berenstein universe.
  7. Not on my Oberon. Is that only a prime thing?
  8. I'm relatively certain they used to. Am I losing my mind?
  9. I am 99% certain it used to work like this.
  10. Unless mouse wheel doesn't work.
  11. So you don't have to click 'select all' AND 'okay'. It'll just be the one click. I think it used to work like this. Just a minor thing, but it greatly speeds up multiple group selections.
  12. AdunSaveMe

    [22.20.5] Spores Revisited Feedback MEGATHREAD

    This isn't small though. This is a huge impact on the enjoyability of her kit. It's like this change was made just by focusing on numbers, without paying attention to what's actually fun, because this isn't fun at all. I would have preferred a damage nerf or something.
  13. AdunSaveMe

    [22.20.5] Spores Revisited Feedback MEGATHREAD

    Spores NEED to spread on death. I will take any nerf other than this. Without it, she feels extremely clunky to play and it's a lot harder to enjoy.
  14. AdunSaveMe

    Idea: square grass tiles for making neat gardens

    Yes, more emitters would be nice as well. I'd just start with this first though.
  15. AdunSaveMe

    Dojo spawn locations are annoying

    I don't know why it has to spawn me at an unused door, every single time. There's nothing I can put there. I don't want to put anything there. People joining the dojo get spawned in the middle of the hall. Why don't I?