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  1. This is a baseless generalisation. I've explained why the landscape-only resources are an issue, and it has nothing to do with this.
  2. Can we get some normal operator hairstyles?

    I think they mean hair that doesn't go below the base of your skull. Short hair.
  3. Why does "future" mean every hairstyle has to be crazy and wacky super dramatic anime skrillex mad doctor style? Is every day crazy hair day at the tenno schools? There's maybe four that look normal. The rest are just silly. Like that fully shaved one with the noodle forelocks.
  4. So if you're going in and out of the star chart a lot, you won't have to zoom back out and reselect the place you were looking at every time. There are a few times when this can be mildly inconvenient, and it is obviously a small inconvenience, but this change would just make it that bit smoother, and small improvements add up. And if you're repeating missions it won't be a problem either; it'll still be the last place you looked at. So consecutive node selection stays the same.
  5. There doesn't have to be sentients for them to use the same kind of systems. It could end up working just like PoE, but with a big robot instead of a sentient, a bunch of new resources and some new guys to get standing with. That's the issue.
  6. The problem with PoE is that it was almost standalone. It was self-contained. Almost everything you did in PoE was to get more things to use in PoE except for bounty rewards and the operator. While it was an impressive map with a lot of cool ideas, the fact that it distances itself from the rest of the game is not something that needs to be done again. It's great to have another area, but if you just do the same thing as PoE it's not going to work out well. That means; -Having a bunch of resources specific to that area, and usable nowhere else -Making all the systems such as fishing and mining work towards goals that only function in the plains -A focus on operators more than anything else, which is still mainly for fighting eidolons So will the new area have a bunch of its own new resources, specific to that area and usable nowhere else? Will it have its own archwing launcher recipe? Its own mining tools? Will we one day have six or seven different archwing launcher and resource gathering recipes for each area? What will it add to the game AS A WHOLE, rather than as a standalone chunk of content? If you do the same thing as you did for PoE, and you keep doing that every time, landscapes will become little more than a chore and a spectacle. There won't be any real reason to do them except the sake of collection, because they'll be so disconnected from the main game. This is a problem that needs to be sorted out now, not later after everything has already been added. Some ideas that would help tie it in to the star chart: -Create universal resources for recipes, not unique ones. So, an archwing launcher requires oil. This can be fish oil from the Plains, or space whale oil from the moon, or sandskate oil from Mars. The basic type of resource is the same. So you keep the areas unique but less self-contained, and won't need a new recipe if you decide to have archwing on multiple landscapes. -Incorporate normal resources. Rubedo, ferrite, plastids etc. should all be natural occurrences. -Add rep trading for other landscapes. So, say Konzu has a rotating list of things the Ostrons need. You happen to have something from Venus, like a rare mineral or fish. You trade it to him, you get Ostron standing. Someone from Mars has a list of what they need as well, and you happen to have one of them, say, norgs. You get Mars standing. And so on. This makes them more connected overall. I think these would help greatly in keeping them from being too closed off. The trick is not to FORCE players to do these things, but to give them the option if they WANT to. So, for example, making a new landscape require a fully decked out operator amp would be lame, but making that new landscape a way to get that decked out amp is not lame. Repeating PoE's design is not a good long term plan. I'm hoping that won't be the case.
  7. Devstream 104 Overview

    I always forget about the devstream.
  8. Having 70% of the screen go blurry every time you take health damage is absurdly annoying and looks awful. Radial blur should be separate from depth of field.
  9. Because all they do is break up the flow of the game with how absurdly slow they are. They can take seconds, when they should take half a second at most. In a fast-paced game such as this, focused on mobility and speed, an animation that locks you in place with an enemy feels like it takes ages and grinds you to a complete half.
  10. What's The Endgame?

    There isn't one. It's a continuous loop.
  11. Yes, you can slide. But that's also boring as hell and having to do it constantly (because you would have to do it constantly) would suck. Just have innate regen. That's all you need.
  12. Except parkour is too limited for this to work. Not just in available moves, but because most tiles don't allow for it.
  13. Archwing in the Plains seriously needs a momentum overhaul

    It is not even 10% as bad in space.
  14. When will we get to build our own Warframes?

    Probably never.
  15. Archwing in the Plains seriously needs a momentum overhaul

    I have no reason to assume it's a bug. And I have no need to 'chill'. Do you have a source, or are you just guessing? Because space archwing has been like this for a long time, and that exact same issue has made it to the Plains, where it is much worse.