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  1. It's locked behind a max intrinsic, only lasts for a pathetic amount of time and functions too harshly. It is worthless. Did you read my entire post or did you just write yours as soon as you read the title? I already explained this part. Just because you can use abilities to wipe out squadrons doesn't mean turrets shouldn't be improved. This isn't about how "easy" the game is. It's about how it feels.
  2. Why does this problem still exist? Hard to be interested in Railjack updates if this is going to continue.
  3. It's agonizing to have shots miss because the cursor is near the edge of the targeting circle or it skims off it for a millisecond. It's especially horrible with beam weapons. This is a game mode where you and the fast enemy ships are constantly flying around in random patterns, so this happens all the time. If the reticle is inside or around the edge of the targeting circle for enemy ships, it should have a kind of soft lock-on. Not as an intrinsic, not as an activated ability, but as a core part of the functionality of Railjack, for the sake of making it smoother to play and having it f
  4. We don't even need to be able to choose individual ones. We just need a separate input: double tap. Hold charge abilities like Garuda's 4 should ALWAYS be tap to start, tap to finish, like Gara's 4. Every other held ability can function off a double tap because this game does NOT work with held inputs, and it baffles me that it's still like this. Until then yeah, just use invert hold/tap, it's the best you'll get. I don't even use those abilities anymore.
  5. Bold of you to take this at face value with no evidence.
  6. Until they decide to change it, if they ever do, swapping away from the mining tool and back will cancel all the popups. Saves time.
  7. Only one of the 'spurs' in the Radia syandana actually moves when it's on my Atomica skin. It vibrates like the whole thing is apparently supposed to, but the rest of it is completely still. Weirdly enough, if I switch to other skins or frames, it actually works differently every time. Some examples (external gfycat links) Atomica skin, one spur moving Nova Prime skin, three spurs moving Rhino Prime, full movement I can't seem to find any kind of relation between the skins that barely work, ones that partially work, and ones that work completely. Nyx Pasithea barely
  8. Why do I need to have a fraction of the screen covered up every time I pick up a Ganglion or a Pustulite? You can get several hundred of them per mission, I can't walk ten meters without tripping over the things. But every single time one of these extremely common resources is picked up, a flashy, loud icon - the size of the minimap and the transmission window and almost as big as the player list - appears in the corner to tell me that I picked up an extremely common resource. I am baffled by this decision. It was bad enough in Railjack because it's constant, but despite the feedback abou
  9. It's an endless curse upon my decorating plans that there are massive areas in front of and around doors that prohibit placement of decorations; not just ones that are near it, but ones that even partially come close to it, like the large Venus rocks, trees, and grass patches. I could do so much more with my dojo if this limitation didn't exist. A few preemptive words in support of this: -This limitation doesn't prevent griefing, because you can still grief even with the limitation, AND you can move and remove decorations at any time. If someone with decorating permissions wants to g
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