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  1. Nah, that's not the point at all. Because the problem is Cy, and Cy is a problem. Just because you can hear this one specific thing doesn't mean everything about Cy's voice lines is a problem. You know there's a lot more to the game and to his voicelines than ramsleds? I think you're just inventing a reason to contradict this issue being raised.
  2. It's nice that we're getting these UI improvements, and I don't want to be all "inches and miles"-y, but I feel there's still a lot of old feedback about 'minor' things that should be addressed too. Regarding the controller-friendly UI pass, what are the chances of being able to remove WASD control of the UI? I compulsively tap keys and it's a pain in the rear to have my cursor slide around the place because of it. Also having the mouse appear in the direct center of the screen for every popup gets disorienting. It's one of those side effects of the 'unified interface' thing but I find it makes the UI a lot more awkward to use. It'd also be nice if the overall amount of popups was reduced, like "thank you for contributing". Why do I need to click a confirmation for that? I wish there was. I've been hoping for it since U14, and I've not heard any response about it besides this. Hopefully it'll be considered.
  3. This is a good change, but I think just to really make it thematically fitting, the Lich should actually die, THEN laugh at you and disappear. The whole concept along with a lot of their dialogue implies they've got a resurrection thing going on, and making them actually die but still be immortal through resurrection would work a lot better. Even as a small change. Either way I'm glad the cheesy non-challenge of a failure death is gone.
  4. Also, I see we're continuing the incredibly annoying strain-inducing trend of making icons washed out when you're not hovering over them, which is incredibly annoying; not just for style, but for visibility, since it makes things MUCH harder to pick out. It started in the inventory, then it went everywhere else. It makes things so much more difficult to pick out at a glance, so I end up having to hover over them anyway. Please stop doing this. It is so frustrating. Consider it an accessibility issue, because it is one.
  5. 90% is an extreme stretch. On top of that, there are just too many icons in the game for all of them to be recognisable. Look at the parts for weapons and Warframes, prime and non-prime. I can't tell which of my fifty identical barrel icons is for a specific weapon without item labels or hovering. I can't tell which of a mass of identical chassis icons belongs to a specific frame without item labels or hovering. And why? Because other games do it? Not a great reason. The end of mission screen that you've shown, after all the feedback on the new UI and our own experiences with it, just feels like that feedback is less important than your vision, and that our experience doesn't matter. Half a screen taken up by posing Warframes, and instead of using all that space, info is condensed with tiny scroll bars and label-less icons. Wasted space, form over function. Like most of the new UI screens, in my experience. That's not even touching on the issues with colourblindness and general visual clarity that have never been addressed. Transparent icon backgrounds on an animated backdrop, for example. Or the use of limited colour palettes, making things harder to distinguish. Or the colour-coding of item rarities with no clear shapes or icons with the exception of very small symbols that are also the same colour. On the end-of-mission UI mockup I can already see issues with the text; gold on darker gold surrounded by shades of gold. Even when people bring it up to you directly, Pablo, in response to your tweets, which you also respond to, it's not taken seriously. That's why I have to squint every time I choose a relic reward even though many people stated reasons why the new rarity 'bars' aren't enough. With every new UI screen that comes out, I feel like our feedback on all the others is less and less important.
  6. That's not really the point here though.
  7. This would be a lot better if the method of cycling through these multi-option abilities was improved. Holding and tapping buttons to cycle a list really sucks; it doesn't fit Warframe's gameplay pace at all. Perhaps it would be much improved with a double select system, like you press 1 to open the ability's list, and then press 1-4 to select one of them. Double tapping 1-1 or 1-4 or 1-3 will always be much smoother and easier and faster than trying to cycle a wheel one ability at a time. As it is I can't really get overly hyped about this. It's a great improvement, but the system of cycling these abilities just kneecaps it.
  8. I dunno, maybe it's more difficult for those two. Ordis and Lotus have dialogue stretching back years, and there's a lot of it. Perhaps the Operator was a special case in that it was brand new, with less stuff to say, and I suppose more people wanted it disabled. So I would assume that it's a lot of work to do it for Ordis or the Lotus.
  9. Probably not the best example, because those actually can be turned off. They have their own dedicated toggle. Only because of his last crew. It's not a good reason for keeping these issues.
  10. Which only affects volume; it doesn't stop them from popping up and cluttering the screen and hiding parts of the HUD. I have always had that setting off, but I still feel like there's a lot of unnecessary transmissions that still play, like all the ones where the Lotus explains obvious mission objectives, i.e. guiding me, a veteran of five years, through every step of a mobile defense or excavation as if I've never done it before. I know you guys have to do it manually, and everyone's definition of "important" is different, but that's why a lot of people would rather disable all of these transmissions entirely, meaning no popups at all. The messages where Cy's actually telling you useful things are also cluttered. Like, does he need to take five seconds to say that ram sleds are inbound? Cutting down on the fluff transmissions is great, but the informative ones have their own unnecessary fluff as well that just delays information. "Your lives are about to become crap dipped in misery" is funny the first time but after hearing it multiple times I just wish he'd stop at the bit where he says a boarding party is inbound. But anyway, it's neat that there's improvements on the way. I'm sure it'll help, like if they can be interrupted or something. Thanks for the response.
  11. My god Archwing is so bad in Railjack. You can die instantly from shots you can't see, enemies are too fast to chase with short-range weapons and projectiles, and when you exit a ship your screen goes black for a second, which means you can get instantly killed as soon as you're in space. This is why Amesha is mandatory.
  12. Aren't there enough exalted weapons? I don't think Khora would be fun with one.
  13. It's really not THAT small. That's just the perspective of the Archwing. I went right up close to one and it was still huge. It looks small until you're touching it.
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