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  1. AdunSaveMe

    Paracesis riven choice

    The one on the right is good. I'd say choose that. You can try rolling it more, but that'll still do a lot of work.
  2. AdunSaveMe

    Frost & Ember Prime Unvaulting... Again

    It goes in a rotation. Obviously the oldest ones get unvaulted more than the ones that have only just been put into the vault.
  3. AdunSaveMe

    Tombfinger AOE

    Then it should be restricted in damage or radius, not by making it into a cone.
  4. AdunSaveMe

    Tombfinger AOE

    Can it just not be a cone at all? The visual effect looks like it's supposed to be AOE, so make it AOE. When the effect is a huge exploding projectile but the result is a small projectile with cone AOE the weapon just feels damn weird to use imo.
  5. You can see what an item will look like when it's fully completed while you're moving it, and that's great. Unfortunately, it's only for that item. When you have a pile of big lumpy yellow shapes it's a lot more difficult to get an idea of what you're building without waiting 24 hours for each piece. What would be amazing is to be able to temporarily preview decorations while in decorate mode, similar to how you can preview lighting and room changes from the Polychrome without actually committing any resources. It's essentially the same idea.
  6. Do you think the people who make cosmetics are the same people who make levels and enemies and stuff? Cosmetics and "actual content" are not mutually exclusive.
  7. I have an entire floor of my dojo that I actually can't do anything with because the prerequisite halls cannot be removed. They can't be built twice either, so I can't build them somewhere else and then remove them. The elevator connecting the floors is attached to a garden room that I also can't remove, and I can't build another elevator to connect the floor because the game only recognises the original elevator as a connector. So I essentially have an entire floor and a quarter of my main floor permanently stuck in my dojo, unless I undo a couple hundred hours of decorating. The upgrades to decorating have been amazing but the continued rigidity of room management is frustrating. Prerequisite rooms need to be removable, or, failing that, able to be built more than once. Floor connecting via elevators should work with ALL elevators, not just the first one you build. Moving rooms would be nice as well. It'd certainly be a highlight on top of all the stuff in 2019 and all the dojo updates to get this system revitalised and improved.
  8. Two things having similarities does not make them the same, nor does it make it unoriginal. Seriously, you're calling them creatively bankrupt just because they're both muscular females? Yikes.
  9. I'm thinking I might have to do this as well. Very annoying.
  10. I know you're required to have all dojo rooms connecting to each other, so you can't leave rooms with no connections to them. With this in mind, in an attempt to un-screw the structure of my dojo, I built a second elevator down to the lower floor, in order to remove the old elevator and the garden it's attached to. Here is the lower floor: The elevator in the bottom right is the old one I'm trying to get rid of. It doesn't let me, because it needs me to get rid of all the other rooms first. The elevator to the left is the new one, it goes up a floor and is connected via a hallway to a grand hall. There are no missing corridors; everything is connected. Yet it still requires me to remove EVERYTHING connected to the old elevator. Essentially, the entire floor. Can anyone figure this out? It's extremely frustrating.
  11. AdunSaveMe

    What is end-game?

    Some games have a sort of continuous sandbox loop instead of ramping up to a high point and then plateauing. Warframe is one of them.
  12. AdunSaveMe

    Why do dojo rooms take two hours to delete?

    I don't think that's it, or at least I hope not. If someone wanted to delete an entire dojo, they could easily do so. Which also applies to people who are trying to edit their dojo. Severely restricting everybody because of the small possibility that someone might start messing things up is ridiculous, especially since it's not even a particularly effective failsafe and is easy to get around. The solution to that is to not give permissions to people you can't trust, not to slam every player with a brutal sledgehammer 'solution' that doesn't even work. With that logic you could say there should be a two hour timer to remove every decoration or to move things around or basically do anything else.
  13. I don't feel like we really need a two hour delay on room destruction. It just seems kind of pointless to me. Build times I can completely understand, but deletion times? Why? It makes no sense. Now, I'm not saying there should be zero delay, because it's good to have a grace period to let you undo it. But two hours? Imagine if you had to wait two hours to delete something from your inventory. Dojos are already so hard to experiment with. We don't really need this as well.
  14. I have my mouse sensitivity rather low, and it's great when I'm actually running around shooting stuff, but as far as I can tell decoration mode reverts back to default sensitivity. This is mightily bloody high for me, especially with my mouse profile, so it's a nightmare to control the camera properly. It would be great to have it use my set camera sensitivity, or at least have its own slider.
  15. AdunSaveMe

    There should be episodic story quests at monthly intervals

    That would be an unbelievable amount of work to do without it being awful.