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  1. Please just let us choose to enter solo relay/Cetus instances

    It's never worked for me. I always play on solo, all the time, and all my instances are painfully populated. If people are getting empty instances, it's not because they're setting it to solo.
  2. Please mark the Eidolon drops

    It's odd that they haven't done it. But the eidolon lure charge orbs still have a pillar of light. I think someone mentioned they're looking into it? But I may be thinking of something else.
  3. So many people are having problems with this. People with good PCs who have no other issues running the game. You load into a relay or into Cetus, and the game becomes unplayable because of all the players, all their gear, loading everything at once, tracking everything they're doing. It's the sole reason I haven't done this event; I'm sick of trying to get back into Cetus. And I have zero issues with every other part of the game. In response to a popular reply; it will not make relays less social, for two reasons: -It's not a problem that likely affects enough people to make relays empty. There will always be busy instances. -They're barely social to begin with. Some people talk, but most don't. There is nothing social about 40 or 50 people bullet jumping to a vendor and then leaving. I don't know if it's doable. But if it is, it should be done. It doesn't even have to be an empty instance, as long as you don't have to load other people. Actually letting people play the game properly should always be prioritised over having a few more people in a relay.
  4. Why are we being sent out to kill Eidolons every night?

    Alright Roland, back on your horse
  5. Because people will still choose vacuum. And when you have that hanging over all the companions, it's going to be harder to give them a niche that appeals. You can make kubrows OP as hell, but people are still going to choose vacuum for the utility convenience.
  6. I don't know what makes them think these rewards are fit for new players. Have they asked any?
  7. Because a buff always means there needs to be a nerf. It happens all the time. But in this case, it's nerfing something that was already bad.
  8. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    I don't understand why they don't seem to realise that if you have to choose based on vacuum, vacuum will always win. If you don't have to choose based on vacuum, you can actually work on making the other precepts GOOD. It's not just a matter of having utility, it's a matter of having more options. You can't do stuff like make dethcube good or improve kavats and kubrows if players still have to choose whether or not to take vacuum. And yeah, the innate vacuum is really small. 3m, I think. It's simply not good enough. Compromises do not work.
  9. Newbies do not need such minuscule amounts of credits. In fact, they probably need bigger credit rewards more than veterans, because they don't have access to the farming builds or the credit spots like Pluto. What new player needs two thousand credits?
  10. Any game that does this that I know of does not offer a piece of tissue paper as a consolation "prize". So? That doesn't mean they have to give you minsucule amounts. Doesn't have to solve the problem. Just has to stop contributing to it. Nobody is running bounties to get credits, sure. But that doesn't mean the credit reward needs to be worthless.
  11. They've improved. But credit rewards make it feel like they haven't.
  12. Horrendous performance when returning to Cetus

    This was okay for a while, but as of Plague Star, this problem has come back with a vengeance. Can't even abort to the liset after returning to cetus, because it just stops on the loading screen.
  13. Credit rewards in this game always seem to be shockers. Generally they're around five or ten thousand. Now that bounty rewards have been improved (which is great, by the way), the credit rewards from bounties have been halved. Halved. These are credits in caches of between two thousand and ten thousand. There's a reason Sechura is a credit farming spot. There's a reason the cash whip was meta. It's because almost all the credit rewards in the game are terrible. These are not rewards suited to new players, nor are they suited for anyone else. Ten thousand is NOTHING. It doesn't even add up over time, because after a couple of days you'll have as much as you could have gotten in a couple of hours from a meta farm spot. And now it's even less. Enough with the petty change. At this point, it's just dilution, and feels like you've essentially gotten nothing at all. It doesn't need to be like this. DE, you're not going to destroy the economy if you make worthwhile credit rewards: you're going to give people more than two or three options of gaining a reasonable amount of credits. If you're going to have credit caches, have them actually be worthwhile. Fifteen thousand minimum.
  14. Developer Workshop: Coming Bounty Changes

    Glad we're getting such major changes from our feedback. Now about those credit bundles...