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Just a few points which i would like DE to change in WF.


How the enemies and the frames move often enough like they have no weight and movement is somewhat angular and erratic.

Maps aren't entertaining enough (don't get me wrong the new ones of them look nice). But secrets are not worth going after, to few surprising or challenging elements that matters (explosions, teleports and streams, dynamic (side) quests, and so on). Let me explain it a bit what i meant: for example, explosions have to do more ruckus. more damage, more different elemental damage, more visible damage, more noticable blast wave,...

Since WF, clan and especially alliance stuff seems to running light these days, i am waiting for more pep.
Personally i think WF needs more side quests, NPCs and more clan/alliance interaction, too. Via a Babylon5, DS9, Mos Eisley Cantina -> doesn't matter.


Personally, i want a hangar for the ships :).

Since your grinding concept is a bit different than the others (diablo, wow, borderlands,...) i really wouldn't mind more entertaining maps.

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