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Stuck In Blank Foundry


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I uninstalled the game then reinstalled it. Everything is fine now!!

But now the game keeps telling me an update is available to exit and run launcher. I've re launched the three times but keep getting the same message. I can usually play a mission before it comes back up.

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This issue should be fixed with the Live Hotfix that went out today.


Please let us know if this issue persists after updating the game!

It is not fixed. When I try to merge mods it doesn't do anything. It asks me to approve the credits to spend, I do and then it doesn't do anything. when upgrading my player it won't let me out of the item screen to select to upgrade. When I finish a game it doesn't go back to the main menu it respawns me and anyone else in the game back on the maps. Our players are unable to move or be killed if there is any enemies left on the map. Trying to use the navigation sometimes it just sits there loading and won't even let me select a planet to go to. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it still does the same thing.

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