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Distress Calls


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Say your squad mates leave early in a void defense, or you're running a node that players don't normally go to, you're on your own aren't you?


But what about a distress call function? Call for help while in-mission by putting an S.O.S. in recruiting that other players can join to help another struggling Tenno in the field.


Let's hear some opinions of this as a game feature.

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I dont think it should happen in defense because of how the rewards cycle.
Because whats to stop people from claiming a reward, then accepting the "Distress Call" you make and getting right back into the mission so that they can get the next reward as well?
Or what's to stop you from getting to say near the end of wave 14, sending out a "Distress Call" and getting whoever dropped in the wave 15 reward even though they weren't there except for the very last enemies on wave 14?

I dont see too much of a problem on it happening on non-endless nodes, but it wouldn't work out to have that ability on the endless nodes.  Far too easy to abuse.

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