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Bosses On Earth(Reintroduced) And Eris


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Im sure most of you could recall the original Vay Hek (decoys and all) and how he used to reside on earth, waiting for us tenno to knock on his door and steal some neurodes. Some older players might even remember J-3 Golem (though when I started warframe The Hunt for Alad V came up before I could get to Jupiter) who was a reliable source of neural sensors (not that Alad V is not a good way to farm, any boss has at least a 50% chance at a rare resource). Getting to the point, I think that DE should give J-3 Golem a new home on Eris, although maybe upgrade him into a twin headed toxic ancient or something. As to what he will drop, DEs got their little eximus oberon drops and also they have recently only released warframes through events, so unless they plan to have something up their sleeve, a new warframe wont just drop its parts from J-3. (not that its impossible, look at Valkyr) Instead of a warframe, maybe they should add a weapon to the droplist. Maybe release some new infested weapon that IS NOT clantech, and instead have its parts drop from J-3. #vor#phobos

For earth, im kind of neutral about it. With the whole vay hek triangulator questy thingymajig I think they should make a generic boss. Since new players now start on earth instead of mercury, maybe they should add a Grinner General for assassination. Give him simple abilities, and have his BP reward like an over glorified grineer braton. Maybe the whole earth boss concept is kinda rash, but I am all for J-3 on Eris optional model update or not. Also, it would be really nice to be able to farm neurodes with ease again. (right now using max energy efficiency + range desecrate nekros and im barely getting the neurodes I need. Also doing 30 Lephantis runs) 

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I guess you haven't been following much development news, whether it's in the Devstreams or the Developers' Workshop, when it comes to what they want to do with J3. Not saying your ideas are bad or anything, but such feedback requires you to be informed first about J3.

Go to the Developers' Workshop subsection (in the forum news tab) and try to search the entries on infestation and the J3.

A little advice: make paragraphs in your post so it's more legible please.

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