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Thoughts On Warframe And Dark Sector Lore Compatibility.


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The Sentients had won. They had turned our weapons, our technology, against us. The more advanced we became, the greater our losses. The war was over unless we found a new way. In our desperation we turned to the Void. The blinding night, the hellspace where our science and reason failed. We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction. Gave them the weapons of the old ways. Gun and blade. A new warrior, a new code was born. These rejects, these Tenno, became our saviors. Warrior-Gods cast in steel and fury striking our enemies in a way they could never comprehend.

Excalibur was the first.

- Orokin 'Warframe' Archives


Excalibur Codex. 


I was thinking, does this makes both games in any way incompatible lore-wise? 


After some mental workout, my answer is NO. There is no Incompatibility between the two games, and they can coexist perfectly in the same Universe. I haven't read 100% of the lore out there, so something may have escaped me. But until then, I say both games can share the same continuity. 


Suppose the Orokin and Sentient already existed during Dark Sector timeline. They would be in a cosmic war, and we humans are just a bunch o hobbitses in our little Shire, oblivious of the impending doom. But humanity isn't just like hobbits. We are still at stage 0 of cosmic evolution. We are just technologized barbarians, not a civilization. Just look at the current world politics. 


From a society, human or otherwise, of cosmic-dwellers to look at the earthlings as we are, Earth can surely be described as hellspace


And faced with a primitive society, reason plays no part in politics and petty power struggles. The codex says science, not technology. They could be talking about their social order, their mental state and their knowledge. Even if they are humans, they may have learned to train and develop their psychic skill by special training at specific ages, as their bodies mature, just like we know that our bodies have specific maturing times for certain funcions.Even if Science in the Codex entry refers to technology, Earth's strong magnetic fields & some other spooky effects can render the Orokin technology useless or just plainly innefective. 


Since the humanity mindset is too primitive, Earth in Hayden Tenno's time is hellspace where all their science and reason fails. But they knew with their science and technology that being such a powerhouse of life and survival instinct, Earth would be the place to create the ultimate sentient war machine. 


By letting clues lead the way to the most apt minds to develop the technocyte on Earth, only the strongest minds would resist the virus and would keep their identity, leading to Hayden Tenno as the first Excalibur.


Then, there is the 'Void' word in the codex. But is Void an actual place? Void could be a surrogate word for wormhole. A method to go to other regions of the universe without having to physically move meter-by-meter until you get there. In this sence, the 'Void Towers' are just Orokin technology on the other side of the wormholes, or 'Voids'. To the Orokin though, the SOL system is at the 'other side'. 


They went to the Sol System where these humans exist - humans may be very well just a bunch of Orokin which were stranded as their mothership failed, and crash-landed in a savage planet with no resources or surviving technology. Eventually they lost everything and even their lore, the stories of their predecessors becoming myths, legends, religion and bedside stories. 


It would be interesting to see DE re-launch Dark Sector remastered with Warframe's game engine, perhaps adding bits to retcon both continuities.




I think that the theory that the Orokin were already around during Hayden Tenno time and helped his creation (and the Technocyte virus as well) fits current lore.

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I think the void is pretty clearly defined as an alternate dimension, not Earth from the view of aliens.

However you're right, the two games aren't incompatible. They can be set in the same universe quite easily, just a long way apart from each other timescale-wise.

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