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Kubrow Pack System, Improvement And Garden Interaction.


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I love my Kubrow they are my little deadly partner, hehe.


I though a lot how it can be improve or simple make a better bound with it.

One Improvement would be If the Kubrow is down It should be a spacial Icon Display to see where it is for all team and specially for the owner (Also get rid of the Instance bleed out sometimes happen it's desperate even if I use Loyal Companion). Also introduce  the Pack System, which I also will explain now.



If more the one Kubrow is in the Game active they can support each other (Pack attack for more damage) if they close also If one is down and in Bleed-Out Stage they can reach out to the Kubrow and cause the bleed out be stretch but not prevented. As more then better.

As each typ has unique ability it also benefit each other like the Sunika if active would take as a leader if close and there attack would increase and also defense.


There are so many good Idea, Why not share with us and write it down?


I love my Garden in The Dojo. It would be even more interesting if the Kubrow can interact with decoration like the Lion Staute it would try to imitate it if in Idle. Other big garden you can play fetch or interact with in a race, then in Water it would swim around and have fun.


That would be so cute.


What you think? Share it with us so we can improve it even further :)

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