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Directional Wall Running And Directional Wall Attacks And More


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I am not sure if anyone else has brought up this idea but I was having a conversation with my friends and the idea of wall running and how it is working currently. With the new idea of being able to fly in space and the other methods of travel for instance slide jumping with attack sliding in mid air is a pretty fast way to travel.


Directional Wall Running


  I rarely see wall running ever used in common practice considering you are very slow and sometimes to get the right position you require to aim your sight in the right direction. What my proposal is adding a wall running system that is directional and can be moved in any direction while still on the wall without having to jump down and start over. Similar to lets say [Prototype] while you scale up walls while running. This can make traveling areas that are vast enjoyable and also make wall running extremely relevant and easy to use in the middle of combat rather than the silly zoren copter that also requires you to have a weapon similar and or provides extreme slide attack distance. The difference being you don't change speed of your Warframe while wall scaling. You are either sprinting which consumes stamina at a faster pace than running or regular walking which consumes stamina regularly or being stationary on the wall and adjusting your direction by what view you are looking at or sliding down slowly regularly. With this being available this can also make stamina mods relevant as well to be able to perform much better on wall running without the worry of stamina drain.


Directional Wall Attacks


 Now the other point I wanted to cover was wall attacks. I've used wall attacks with melee weapons in situations where all I used was melee weapons equipped such as Grinner door security in which I wall run up to the side and perform a lunge against the wall. This is however hard to perform perfectly on the first try unless you been doing it for quite awhile. There are 2 ways to attack with directional wall attacks that involve in my proposal. First being the most simplest is a regular simple attack than can be performed during wall runs that is capable of connecting against small targets such as corpus turrets and cameras and or Grineer security doors. With this implemented melee focused players will have the opportunity to achieve incredible feats without the use of guns and allow the utility of disabling security without the use of guns. The second form of directional wall attacks is stronger but at the cost of being stationary. This is to replace the default lunge you get that has a short range and small opportunity to land a hit. During the stationary position of wall running there can be a time when you are able to charge your regular attack by holding the melee button. This will hold you on the wall and become able to aim and when you release like a shot from a bow weapon your warframe launches it self at that direction with your melee attack colliding into a target such as air born enemies like ospreys or even Raptor.


Now for the More


 If you have gotten this far thank you for reading my wall of text. The purpose for this is to make wall running relevant again and make people choose this method rather than melee coptering. If this gets implemented it will allow melee focused players to do damage to Bosses that have focused damaged areas such as Sargus Ruk and Lephantis. If this also gets implemented, the possibility of more platforming puzzles can add in even more fun to warframe, such as launching your self wall to wall back and forth up a tower. Another subject is this being available to enemies as well and allow wall combat such as infested units crawling on surfaces and melee them to cause them to fall to the ground and or even a introduction to advance mobile enemies that you are able to fight during wall running and change the list a bit rather than just adding another ranged enemy.


Any criticism is welcomed, this idea can help warframes become enjoyably mobile.

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