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Few Revamps That Should Be Done


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Dear DE please consider revamping:


Basic attack skills - so they could be good alternative for gunplay. Early in game those basic attacks cost way too much and later they are just useless. My sugestion is to make them spamable continuous skills so they could catch up with guns. Also they should be affected by Natural Talent mod for higher fire rate.


Ash - Shuriken

Banshee - Sonic Boom (this one needs most attention its realy upowered)

Ember - Fireball

Frost - Freeze

Hydroid - Tempest Barrage (it should go out from Hydroid hands)

Mag - Pull (and then push so she could punish enemys)

Nekros - Soul Punch (after hit enemy should play animation like it was hit by melee weapon :) it's punch isn't it?)

Nyx - Psychic Bolts

Oberon - Smite

Saryn - Venom (toxic bolts that attach to enemys like current Venom)

Volt - Shock (feel the force... nah just let him use it more often)


Ofcourse all those skills should have reduced energy cost so they can be fired instead guns.

For melee damagers like Excalibur and Rhino Slash Dash and Rhino Charge should multiply melee weapon dmg.



Next thing is energy and health regen. Right now we can use orbs in early game and later on Auras. My sugestion is to give small health and energy regen for every frame:

Casters   - Health = 0.1 / Energy = 0.3

Ash, Banshee, Ember, Frost, Hydroid, Mag, Nekros, Nyx, Oberon, Saryn, Volt

Universal - Health = 0.2 / Energy = 0.2

Loki, Mirage, Nova, Trinity, Vauban, Zephyr

Melees    - Health = 0.3 / Energy = 0.1

Excalibur, Rhino, Valkyr

Then Auras should just multiply those stats. Also good way to increase skill dmg on later levels is to "charge" them like we do now with melee attacks. Maybe another weapon stat that will show effective skill multiplier? Skill "charge" that will burn stamina in same way it works now with melee attacks?



Buff skills seems to work too short.

Ember - Accelerant (yeah this should be Ember buff not enemy debuff)

Mirage - Eclipse (let her choose what kind of buff she will have, because running around and switching from shadow to light confuses)

Saryn - Contagion

Trinity - Well of life and Energy Vampire (I think those should be melee weapon enchants that will mark enemys on hit)

Valkyr - Warcry

Zephyr - Turbulence

For those power duration should be longer realy. Who will look after buffs while there are enemys attacking Cyropod? 3-4 mins with maxed duration mods will do the job ^^.

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