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Overpopulated Defence Mission


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So today I was hosting a defence mission on Varro, Ceres, and right from the beginning something was weird; upon taking the elevator up towards the pod I and the lone other player discovered a significant number of Grineer troops spawned in before we even triggered the first wave. We held off triggering it for a while, but they continued to spawn. After we did trigger it, the wave lasted for a very long time, with the amount of enemies we had to kill to end it being the equivalent of three or four normal waves.


It rapidly became apparent this wasn't isolated. Every wave was incredibly long, and the spawn rates were apparently unaffected, so we had to kill a LOT of enemies before it would progress. I'm unsure what the final killcount was, because I didn't know Warframe's screencap button was mapped to F6, and one of the more kill-prolific players left at wave 5, but given that I personally had over 900 kills (if I remember right) I'd be willing to bet it was somewhere in the 2000 region - and the remaining three of us extracted at wave 10. Has anyone else seen examples of this happening, or was it just an isolated incident?

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that's like free orokin cells for you

why didn't you stay???

I actually only got one Orokin cell in the whole mission. As for why we left, it was a LOT of work for little reward, a couple of us had already gone down once or twice, and we got a decent battle pay (Streamline). I'm not sure exactly how long the mission took, since I had already run one assassination mission, but I got the 'you have been playing for an hour' message somewhere around wave seven or eight, so it was at least half an hour, probably closer to an hour to complete a mere ten waves of defence. Personally I'd rather do a couple short runs.

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