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Hello to everyone!


I have a question to developers: do you provide any API or (may be) kinda web-server (WSDL and stuff)?


I want to make an app that will helps new and already experienced player to know, what weapons/warframes/sentinels they can build for ranking up, what consumables they will need, etc.


Probably, I'm going to use Java PL and definitely I won't try to collect users data at any possible way, except written above.


Here's what I'd like to get in API from user profile:

- User Codex stuff (I hope there are have some variables that shows how much experience have weapon/etc.)


I will be really happy, if you can also provide Rank XP table and grat an access to the user current rank XP, it would improve the quality of my app great! :)


If decision about providing API will request more info about my project - I'm fully open for questions.

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Closest thing we've gotten is the alerts feed (invasions too I think with DS in there) and recently live updating event scores


So far DE won't do anything related to our accounts (I am guessing security reason?) and as for the XP rank:

2500*(rank)^2  so for mastery rank 10 I need 250,000 XP: 2500*10^2 

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noveltyhero - thank you for rank formule, I appreciate this :)


First time I thought to make kind of in-app autorizing procedure: user would manually choose which stuff he's already leveled up, and other stuff will be open for calculating, but I think that it will be too long and too boring.


So, I just want to ask developers about another ways of getting user info. There are may be some security problems, I'm afraid about any possibilities to steal user data while syncronizing data between app and server and from app files. I will definitely provide encryption for users, if DE have API and user will choose to save his data for further using.

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