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Suppose Ill Finally Say Hello


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Well, been playing Warframe for some time now suppose I could say Hi right?


Echoa is the name (said like Echo) 


Im 25yrs ancient this year, and am the Shogun/Warlord of my Clan Final Impasse.


I have a passion for art and tech, Originally I was going to school to be a Sys Admin because as a kid I thought that S#&$ looked so cool.


I had also done computer repair but after working in computer repair freelance and more professionally I decided it wasnt for me. Im not exactly a fan of someone blaming me for their virus infection 8 months down the road and yelling that I have to fix it for free -.-


After that I went to school for Software Design and Development with a focus on Games for 2years of my 3 year program. Im a bit rusty but my main languages are C, C++, and C#. That went on till stupidity with funds and the school I had been going to forced me to put it on hold for now till a later date when I can more afford it. 


I really enjoy the hardware aspect of tech and tinkering with things, most of my experience being in x86 and ARM systems as theyre most common. I try to keep up to date on all the ins/outs of the latest Tech as best as possible.


My latest Rig is a Workstation/Gaming rig


Xeon1240v3 set to max Turbo

8gb DDR3 1600 (looking to get 24gb as photoshop eats that 8gb right up)

XFire 6970s

Gigabyte Z87X-UD4h


Lately I have been focusing more on my other love which is art, working mostly Digital, I am proficient in Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, and Sketchbook Pro. Im happy to help if anyone needs it with clan emblems. 


Heres something I have yet to paint





Something I painted but didnt draw





Im very into MMO gaming and have been at it since MUD days (dont ask which MUDs i use to play i dont remember the names) and have played many many F2P games. I didnt get much into WoW but I do have a lvl 60 Prot Pally before it might be asked. I dont play many these days and keep pretty much to Warframe, though I had been playing BnS china, Tera, and FF14. Otherwise in regards to games I've been slowly working my way through my steam library currently at 103 games and climbing when theres good sales.


I dont own any consoles and havent in about 10years since my PS2 was sold to get Fallout3 lol


Anyway, thats about it for now, See ya guys(and gals) around

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