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Something That Would Be Neat: Nekros Suggestions


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^title^ just a small list of things i think would be fancy to have in Nekros kit, ala minor/major tweaks here and there to make the kit synergize with his theme better.

NOTE:these suggestions are there to make him more versatile regardless of what build we put on him. max range/efficiency? now all your abilities can scale efficiently. max power strength? now your other powers won't feel the crushing blow of the nerf hammer when you use max power strength builds.

**denotes suggested change**

1.Soul Punch-**remove the damage from it but make it mark enemies in a line, the death mark could be used as a slow down/CC power** (keep the ragdolling for the sake of CC scaling)

Reasoning: he's a support frame right? so why doesn't his kit have a cheap costing debuffing/cc ability?

1.5:**SOULS THAT PUNCH OTHER SOULS**-a chain reaction CC ability,....... it would also give+range a general use with it because the range boost could increase the effective chaining range of the souls. with max range builds turning it into an entire tile knockdown.(potentially, depending on the congo line)

2:Terrify:oh Terrify, if you were given prepatch Bastille treatment then max range/efficiency nekros would be the biggest troll of all because an entire tile would be hauling &#! from one use., what i'd like to see is something that works along the lines of a debuffing ability that doesn't make enemies harder to kill in modes where enemy clumping is necessary..... **maybe have it reduce their accuracy and DR with a small chance to stun each enemy. and for Lotus sake remove or heavilly increase the max target cap so it can be used regardless of builds.**

Reasoning:as it is now, even without -power strength/max range build terrify only affects 10 or so enemies at max rank., sure power strength increases it but why should it have a limit? why can't it just affect all enemies within the radius?


3:Desecrate:the main reason nekros is even used, he's pretty much a glorified janitor and without desecrate aside from cosmetics i think a lot of players wouldn't even use him at all. **remove the 50% chance for desecrate to fail or reduce the cost to 25**

Reasoning: people are going to get carpel tunnel if they have to use desecrate 20 times to clean a room. let alone the long survival matches that go across entire tile sets and involve several hundred to a thousand or so desecrate uses. for the sake of the players general health and such, can't we just press 3 once and clean the entire room?....... i had to make a macro JUST so i could desecrate without mashing my 3 key constantly.

3.5:**DESECRATION TOTEM WITH A SPAWN CAP**-each use post cap would despawn the oldest totem. The aura around the totem would desecrate all the corpses that enter it as it persists; could be affected by range/duration mods.

4. SOTD: i love the concept of this ability, reaped souls coming to your aid like thralls personally though, i'd rather have **the shadows last until they GET KILLED with the power not being affected by power strength/duration at all**

Reasoning:his ult scales almost perfectly because it gets stronger as the enemies do doesn't it? you kill some heavy gunners and a corrupted healer, then suddenly you have a nigh unstoppable murder squad helping you, wouldn't that be a glorious thing?

4.5:**THRALLS ON THE GO**- low cost toggle that reanimates as you kill with it's current cap/affect from power strength/duration.

these are just things that would make nekros awesome to use(imo) what are yours ideas?

Edit: changed title to make it more accurate to the length of the OP and added more ideas.

Tldr:just read the post and comment on what you read you lazy tenno -_-.

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