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  1. Title. Came back in the latest update and while grinding out survival I noticed that the spawnrate for solo has completely fallen through the floor. There are barely any enemies. Is this a known issue? Has it been addressed?
  2. I usually just bomb them with my own necramech xD
  3. There is a mixture of challenge-->investment-->reward problem going on here. Challenge We are too broken to be faced with any meaningful threats right now. You never feel in danger, and thus you never feel like you are overcoming a hurdle or conquering something. Hence, the experience is hollow. On the enemy side, there is no complexity and everything is randomized. You have health bars, health bars that turn off your abilities, and health bars that one shot. These health bars also approach you in randomized and haphazard ways instead of crafted, learnable engagements, so there is no need to ever learn an encounter or optimize it, where a lot of game knowledge and finesse come in. Despite this, you can pressure players with sheer numbers of enemies, which is when horde shooters are most fun. Unfortunately enemy density in normal missions is just not there. Investment Challenge tends to drive investment. Umbral forma, arcanes etc are less desirable when you don't need them in any content. What is the point of maximising and perfecting builds if you never need to use them? If we did have avenues that posed significant challenges we would need to invest in to stand a chance these resources would become much more valuable. Reward What can you even reward right now that would appeal to players and incentivize endgame? If we had genuine challenge high tier upgrade mats would be a suitable reward that would be evergreen. You would need to add strong nuanced gear that can be seen as tangible upgrades to existing gear used to enter endgame. You would need to add cosmetics. Furthermore, you would need to add a sense of prestige. Above all, you need to create the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. These are pretty deeply interlinked. I don't see us being able to have endgame that is meaningful without core restructures in the game design tbh. For starters, you would need to massively curb player power by limiting unlimited acccess to stuff like energy for example, and we all know how that will be received.
  4. The energy economy is a joke, yes. At this point energy management is just not an issue in the game anymore. I'd be in favor of bringing it more in line, but I expect many will fight to keep infinite energy as a fantasy, even if works to the detriment of the game. You would need to go over the frames case by case with a fine tooth comb, checking sustain and so on. Promoting teamplay by giving frames roles can never be a bad thing.
  5. It's a change of pace to do rj with friends to crack relics, but then again we are also going for sevagoth and his boomstick. Long term having the ability to open multiple relics at once and making the storms more engaging will help, as well as the addition of queenpins if done right. If all you wanted was to crack relics you should be doing ground missions. But if you wanted credits, traces and relic cracking rj is definitely the way top go. Spice! Add more spice.
  6. Hi guys, I installed the game when I was just starting out, and installed it on the C: Drive.. Now I look at the state of the space and I have 50 GB open in Drive E but 9 GB in drive C. Anyway I can move the files to E without screwing the game up or reinstalling? Help would be appreciated!
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