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  1. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Preferably different abilities and interactions.
  2. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Will Proto Excalibur ever get PBR? Oldest deluxe skin needs some love DE!
  3. Thrown secondaries and thrown melee

    Have patience, they're working on bringing more weapons into dual wielding!
  4. Suspension of account until 2035

    Oh please. Stop trying to act the victim here. As a completely F2Player, I doubt very much that the devs banned you out of 'envy' or some other silliness. You broke the rules, somehow. I doubt you will fess up. Regardless this is no discussion for the forums. It's between you and DE. Good day.
  5. PM me with the price and picture of riven or post it here! Will get to you as soon as possible.
  6. Nidus Lore

    Maybe your ship is actually made of living tissue? And the 'biological functions' the infested room is in charge of is the ship's and not yours? Nidus can control the infested, because the Triuna enables the Myconians to harvest infested tissue without them being hostile. That's how they have survived. Given from what we know, I agree with the speculation that Nidus may have been a result of trying to find ways to control the infested.
  7. DE Please add wukong prime

    When his time comes, he'll get primed.
  8. Passive: Replaced with: Privateer Picking up loot drops give Hydroid and allies random buffs, such as ammo giving fire-rate, health orbs giving armor, energy orbs giving shields, resources giving elemental damage, credits giving health regen, etc. Powers: Passive effect: When Hydroid's powers are used in an area, it begins to gain a wet effect, ranging from 1 to 10. With increase in score, in that area, enemies suffer skidding and knockdown while his powers gain more range, duration and power efficiency. Hydroid also gains faster mobility in this area. Tempest Barrage: Number of shots per volley increased Rate of fire increased AoE increases Gains environmental punchthrough Charging increases the AoE, rate of fire, and shots per volley. Casting on an enemy causes shots to be concentrated around it and follow it's movement. Four instances can be active at the same time. There also seems to be a strange cooldown between casts, please remove. Tidal Surge: Bake into Undertow as suggested below and replace with new ability. Undertow: Allied projectiles and powers can now damage enemies in undertow. Yes, this means you could eat Penta grenades and then pull enemies in to blow them up! Tempest Barrage volleys increase Undertow's range if they land on it. Allies can fire into Undertow to imbue it with elemental status effects, similar to Zephyr's tornadoes. All enemies brought inside are dealt that status effect X number of times per second, based on power strength. Rolling out of Undertow initiates Tidal Surge in the faced direction. Bullet Jumping out of Undertow causes Hydroid to explode surrounding moisture into a cloud of steam, temporarily blinding enemies inside or entering the cloud. Shooting at this cloud imbues it with an elemental proc that it inflicts on the enemies inside. Tentacle swarm: Tap 4 to become the Kraken! Hydroid sinks into water, re-surfacing in your own puddle as the creature affectionately dubbed by the community as Gary. You have greatly increased health and offensive power. Left click to grab enemies with your tentacles, right click to crush them, removing a percentage shield/armor/health depending on enemy type. Upto 10 enemies can be grabbed at any time. Alt Fire spits viscous goo at your cursor, trapping enemies if hit. Pressing E slams grabbed enemies into nearby terrain and thrashes your tentacles, staggering enemies and dealing damage with your tentacles in wide arcs. You benefit from melee mods. Rolling submerges you, allowing you to move quickly using the directional keys along the terrain and protecting you from harm. However to use your offensive powers you must resurface, by rolling once more. Jumping slams all your tentacles to the ground and emits a deafening roar, knocking down enemies within 15 meters and temporarily stunning enemies within 30m. Crouching raises your tentacles around you in a defensive sphere which allies can shelter in. You receive x% reduced damage. Tempest Barrage can be used in this form, and volleys can heal you if they land near you. If killed in this form , you revert back to your original form with 50% less health. You can however also gain health by killing enemies. Hold 4 to initiate Tentacles as they are currently. Thanks for reading!
  9. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Revised suggestions: Undertow: Instead of doing damage over time, let it randomly select procs from each equipped weapon's elementals to apply each second. For example, if you had corrosive and blast on your primary, radiation and viral on your secondary, magnetic and gas on your melee, it would select 3 random procs from all these elemental combinations and apply them to the enemies in undertow. Hence, you can indirectly control the debuffs being applied by undertow. This will make Undertow a powerful scaling debuff skill. You would benefit from pulling enemies in and could soften them up for your allies, and gathered in a neat pile for all of you to mop up. Let allied fire and projectiles to also damage enemies in Undertow! Imagine eating penta grenades and pulling enemies in to blow them up! Tentacle Swarm: Instead of flailing around, have them hold enemies up to provide a reliable CC allies could take advantage of. To synergise with Undertow, pressing E could have them drop caught enemies into your puddle. Tempest Barrage: Speed up shots, increase concentration, give environment punchthrough. Clicking on an enemy while it is active should concentrate fire around it! Passive: Lucky Loot- Drops picked up by hydroid give him and his allies small random buffs: eg. ammo gives firerate, resources give status chance, etc. More Pirate!
  10. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Before playing Hydroid and forming my final impressions, I have some concerns. His rework seems to be designed around his 3 and his CC. Which is great, CC is king in warframe. Unfortunately, his CC consists of: 1)Throwing things around 2)Flinging them away 3)Putting them in a puddle impervious to external damage ...all of which prevent them from being shot or melee'd at. So essentially, you made him provide CC that protects enemies from the bulk of your gameplay loop. .... Why? I can now pull enemies into my puddle, but why would I want them in my puddle where I can't do anything to them? The damage scaling inside is too poor to stay meaningful for long. ?? His 1 still has the problem of being useless in most environment because a small barrel or box blocked the shots. It's not consistent enough to be used as quick CC. His 2 is mobility, and throws enemies around and lets you move in undertow. Undertow is still undertow. It's smoother, but still kind of counter to gameplay. As mentioned before, why would you want enemies in your undertow? :( His 4 flails enemies around preventing you from shooting at them. They also still have 'bald-patches' where they don't cover ground, and I guess their range was nerfed to balance the scaling. That was unnecessary. I don't know, all these changes just enforce his place as a frame with finicky CC and troll potential. Because now your hydroid can roll around the map dragging enemies around. And he still doesn't scale. I think the following things could help make his CC more effective in gameplay: 1)Instead of or in addition to damaging them, let undertow debuff enemies inside: Strip %armor/shield permanently per second, and reduce max health by x% for flesh type enemies. 2)Let Barrage have bigger Aoe on hit, more hits per second, and punch through environment. 3)Let Tidal Surge and undertow stun enemies for Xs after being released. This lets them be used as quick CC and gun/melee them down while dazed. 4)If Tentacle Swarm is cast in undertow, let the tentacles grab and throw enemies into the puddle. Inside the puddle, let all enemies be melee'd by Hydroid to emulate the kraken feeding on them. This will give him a powerful tool to both lock down and chew enemies up in Undertow. Per enemy killed, a new tentacle should spawn with a shorter independent duration. 5)If Tentacle swarm is cast on its own or left on its own without undertow, let the Kraken's tentacles grab enemies, smash them against the environment, then hold them up, stunned, for Hydroid and his allies to shoot at. Killing the enemy should free the tentacle to grab another. Grabbed enemies can take bonus damage from certain damage types as suitable. Thanks for your work, and more feedback will follow gameplay. Please consider the suggestions as Hydroid is on the verge of being awesome. Don't give up now! The Kraken head looks awesome, wish it would persist or swim around in the puddle!
  11. How about an endgame boss that can destroy Warframes?

    People would just abort lol
  12. There NEEDS to be an auction house, nuff said.

    Your suspicions betray a very narrow frame of mind I am afraid. Yes, people benefit from the current economy. How? Prices decay at a manageable rate so everyone can jump in and make plat. Very few people are in the practice of 'exploiting' others, because the honest truth is for the bulk of the playerbase limited time items and raid stuff where this scalping occurs is not in stock. The people that do make a fuss about this are the loud vocal minority, leading to the impression that the market is made of cutthroats. The reality is that the bulk of the exchanges happen with small trades between players, which an auction house will directly hurt. Let's address this notion of 'exploiting'. How is it exploiting? Is there a set price set by an official source? No? Well are you forced to buy things as the only means of acquisition? No? Then how can you call this exploiting? Every item is digital and therefore its value is arbitrary. Anyone can ask whatever price they want. You don't have to buy from them. No-one does. Similarly, no-one has to sell to you at your price. If your price and their price does not agree, keep searching. Fluid prices are how a free economy operates. This kind of terminology is really used by people salty about not getting things at their desired price. Understandable, but not reasonable, no. You are only ever in the danger of paying more than you could have gotten away with if you're uninformed and impatient and unwilling to farm. The thing about an auction house is that it's bad for sellers, in the way that anything that's not hyper rare gets shunted down to a very low value. This is in action in the warframe.market site-which is an auction house, yes-where except for limited time items and very rare stuff nearly everything else is in the realm of 10 plat. The price decay is so rapid that prime parts even when new suffer massive drops in price just hours from launch. This already happens in the current trade environment, but at a slower rate which gives people the chance to sell and make profits. You can already see the influence of an auction house on the economy, with the warframe.market listings driving prices in large extent. Auction houses also open the doors to exploitation. People with large capital and stocks and seize control of the listings and dictate the pricings. Attempts to manipulate pricings are already present in the site. How would you combat this? There is really no way except to bottleneck and tax each user in ways that even affects vets, which will curbstomp newer players wading into the economy and stifle trade. Right now we tread a middle ground where both sellers and buyers manage to part happy(most of the time, heh). Except for Rivens and limited time items prices are in an affordable place. Check out the current AH at warfraame.market, and to see what an auction house can do to an economy, see WoW's AH.
  13. Daily Tribute: Sun Warframe

    Well people would flip out. Personally I'm fine with it. I would rather see some excellent energy effect based armor sets, cosmetics and perhaps auxiliaries. Imagine being able to alter visual power effects and weapon effects!
  14. Can someone confirm this is still available?

    I didn't say they never did. When I said they will never drop I meant the crates OP is likely to encounter since they've been pulled from the game.
  15. Can someone confirm this is still available?

    They will never drop prime items, I'm afraid. But the rest are true.