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  1. Let's see what Umbra has to offer first, yeah? But really, does it matter at the end of the day? I don't feel like it's warranted. They're two unique things, let them stay different.
  2. I'd say you're probably right! :)
  3. Well there's a long and a short answer to your question. The short answer: It's a design conceit that DE likes and wanted to see with Oberon. The long answer: The concept of a (fantasy) Paladin has changed over time from D&D. If you were to do a google image search, you'd find that there are a lot of places where paladins are shown with maces, hammers, hammers and shields besides the usual greatsword. Therefore it's possible DE chose to have a new way of visualising the concept of a Paladin! If you think about it, Paladins didn't originally have shields, just greatswords. They'd be huge armored dudes (or dudettes) with a huge sword. Over time the shield came into play, and then came the hammer, or mace. An interesting example is that if you have played a game called airmech, their paladin class also happens to have a hammer and a shield! So think nothing of it. Concepts and perceptions change over time, and in a fantasy game lore and ideas are especially fluid. Whatever looks cooler goes!
  4. headshots are headshots.
  6. It's better bait
  7. "..so I lit a fire Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?"
  8. It's probably something on your end, because I can see it fine. This madman rolled a riven 203 times.
  9. How's that strait jacket feel comrade?
  10. I agree on some augments, such as Chromatic Blade, Iron Clad Charge, Iron Shrapnel, Despoil, Shield of Shadows, Irradiating Disarm, Hushed Invisibility, Eternal Warcry, Rest and Rage, etc are too powerful to be used in an exilus slot. But slapping that tag onto all augments is kind of disheartening. They should be looked at case by case and where suitable, alotted to augment slots. Because most of the augments are actually kind of bad, DE.
  11. You need to space out that wall of text.
  12. Canonically I think the quest warframes were Primes you salvaged and made copies of. The actual BPs you will later recover through relics.
  13. What even is this lol