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  1. Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Removed Excalibur’s 3 second cooldown on Radial Blind. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  2. A most Peculiar workshop.

    TBH, rather than peculiar mods, I'd rather have Peculiar weapons. They should have huge advantages and weird mechanics, and do these wonky things like talk back to you or make flowers shoot up on enemies. Have them be achievement rewards for completing difficult onslaught tasks from Simaris. Bonus: they come with installed snarky cephalons!
  3. My thoughts on Peculiar Mods

    IMO: They should unlock on achievements: X onslaughts completed, headshot only onslaughts completed, x waves completed in y seconds, etc. This way they don't clutter loot-tables and are achievements you can literally wear on your sleeves and show off with.
  4. I'd prefer Rhino-chan to ragdoll enemies if he sprinted into them tbh.
  5. Nidus deluxe skin

    If I recall correctly Liger Inazuka or Volkovyl as he is known here, was slated to work on it. If anything comes up they'll let us know.
  6. Unless an ancient or a bombard is in there with them too! >_> In moderate levels I agree, but then it turns to pure pain. Mostly because it shuts down your entire kit rather than some of it.
  7. I'd say a bigger part of it is having to be on the same plane as targets to be banished tbh. With Stasis bringing multiple enemies in isn't a problem.
  8. Heavy Scythes, and the Dark Split Sword.

    Hey! I have the same build going on, with a set of arcane pulse and equilibrium. In my case I like to use the Hate with a similar riven. I would be absolutely devastated to see stalking fan go. Love that stance. Hopefully we can get to choose what stance we want!
  9. Stalking fan is a much beloved stance of mine because of how fluid and visceral it feels to use. While I am happy to receive big bad scythes, I don't want to lose this favourite stance. Please either incorporate it into an existing stance, or make it innate to scythe weapons. Also please PBR the scythes!
  10. The idea is not to remove the risk but to give you a fighting chance. As I said, the time of invulnerability needs to be tight. If you don't plan out what to do when you transition out, you'll get killed. There is also already an element of risk to Limbo: If your upkeep of your stasis is not perfect you'll get hit by a stray shot and die. This is giving him some breathing room. Keep in mind he is also absolutely naked against nullifier type enemies because all his powers work in the rift, and without it he is nothing. I think having a cooldown on the portals should work?
  11. Hello, Evan here. I'll keep it brief and to the point. Problem: Gameplay with Limbo does not feel fluid. Limbo inadvertently griefs other players in his groups due to over-reliance on stasis and cataclysm. Banish is underused. Observations: Limbo is extremely squishy. At upper higher levels, he risks being killed almost immediately when outside the rift. As such, he is forced to stay in the rift at all times, employ stasis at all times, and employ cataclysm at all times. The result is a playstyle that slows down the game, and is restrictive. Note that this does not mean Limbo is not powerful, as he exercises immense control over enemies. He also has not inconsiderable casting times. Banish requires you to be in the same plane as the target, so trying to unrift and banish something usually gets you killed. It is also therefore quite underused. However it is easy to see that this would feel quite fun to use. Suggestions: Give Limbo (and allies) short invulnerability (3 second ish) after entering or exiting the rift. Begin this timer after his animation concludes. The duration of invulnerability can be balanced as needed. It should be short enough to encourage urgency and decisive use, but long enough to accomplish something meaningful, such as one or two casts of banish. Reasoning: Giving Limbo a 3s window of invulnerability gives him a tight window to exit the rift, use banish and bring enemies into the rift with him, and for killing enemies that do enter the rift. This encourages a gameplay that is not reliant on using stasis and cataclysm to lockdown areas. I believe it will not only bring Limbo more in line with warframe's dynamic and fast gameplay structure, but also reduce the frustration seen with Limbos in public matches. Thanks to not being forced to use stasis and cataclysm as the only way to stay alive and do damage, Limbo players will no longer restrict the gunplay for others. This will also reduce the problems of nullifiers coming into contact and dispelling cataclysm, thereby leaving limbo defenseless; he will now have time to retreat or react. Finally, this will increase the viability of banish as a power and make it worth using. It will also encourage more use out of rift surge due to being able to enter and expel enemies from the rift at a much faster pace. Constructive feedback is welcomed below.
  12. Why do they do it

    Well from my 5 years here, nerfs happen because: 1) Something is so powerful it breaks the game 2)Something is so powerful it reduces the usage of other gear 3)Something is used in a way that the Devs didn't anticipate/intend 4)Something creates exploits, or exploit level tactics Contrary to popular belief, they do not happen because a small subset of people on the forums complain. I don't know if you know this, but DE is monitoring every second of your gameplay and pulling stats based on that. If their graphs and statistics show something off, they act on it. Only when the outcry is big and persistent enough do they act on feedback of this kind. Example: Synoid Gammacor was garbage when it was released. Soon after though, it got a buff so big that it became objectively the best secondary in the game. Best damage, ammo economy, sustained dps, gave energy, etc. It got to the point where if you didn't use the gammacor you were gimping yourself, so everyone used it and the usage for other weapons took a massive downward spike. As a result, DE hit it with the nerf hammer until recently, where it was buffed to a good place again. There was a massive forum S#&$storm, but more as a result and announcement of the nerf than anything else. Although the anti-nerf and nerf threads from that time look huge, it's actually the same group of people (including me) going around in circles.
  13. This community deserves better forum moderators

    Hey there, care to share this documentation? PMs would be fine. In the time I have been here, I have not found to be the case. These posts always devolve into dev-bashing or contain disrespectful language.
  14. Here is why we dont need kuva endless to scale

    I'd like it to sit between normal siphon missions and Floods honestly.