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  1. Evanescent

    Some thoughts on Prime alt helmets going forward

    I certainly hope we all have enough brainspace to accommodate multiple concerns over multiple things and express them.
  2. Evanescent

    Some thoughts on Prime alt helmets going forward

    In essence, yes, this is more or less how I feel!
  3. Evanescent

    Some thoughts on Prime alt helmets going forward

    I believe that tweet is out-dated. In a more recent tweet steve apologises for the confusion and clarifies that the accessories won't be farmable.
  4. Evanescent

    Some thoughts on Prime alt helmets going forward

    He is talking about the accessories in Mesa's PA specifically. As I already clarified in my post, this is not about Mesa's helmet, but about future ones! ^_^
  5. Evanescent

    Some thoughts on Prime alt helmets going forward

    They were examples only.
  6. Hello, as soon as I saw the new addition to the Mesa PA my heart sank. I had been dreading something like this happening for some time and now it has finally come to pass: an alternate helmet locked behind exclusive cash purchase, permanently. Let me be clear on Mesa PA: I do not expect the helmet to be farmable. I well understand the exclusivity that drives PA purchases and also the desire to protect purchases. Given the history of PA cosmetics, it would not make much sense. However going forward, I believe there is something to be brought to the table for discussion. Prime alternate helmets and skins have been a hotly requested feature for a long time. Especially in the case of older primes, it gives them a chance to receive a face-lift some of their ageing designs could much appreciate.While armor and syandanas are cool add-ons, these helmets are a core part of the warframes themselves, and having them be cut off from the game proper leaves me with a somewhat unpleasant feeling. It would be nice for them to be earnable. Once upon a time, completing a prime set was a mark of distinction. If you managed to drop that final frost prime helmet you were a prince among peasants in every lobby you graced with your presence (of course I do exaggerate, but it is only to impart the feeling of accomplishment and prestige). Over the years that feeling has faded and altogether diminished with acquisition becoming easier and easier. I do not like gameplay items being locked behind excruciating RNG, but I did appreciate the prestige the old system brought. Therefore, following the Mesa Prime Access, I request that alternate prime helmets and skins be added as in-game rewards for high difficulty content, such as Arbitrations and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. These lovely cosmetics would make for nice aspirational content to chase once you have maxed out your gear and give you a reason to grind them out. They would also become symbols of prestige and accomplishment. Thank you for reading! Edit 1: @chinohanz227 Suggests that they be made available as component-wise drops from a variety of hard activities to discourage burnout, and it's a very attractive idea.
  7. I see your butt window and raise you my UMU!
  8. Evanescent

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I would like to make a case for razorwing using companion vacuum mods rather than making it innate for people who prefer to micromanage when they pick up ammo, health and energy orbs.
  9. Evanescent

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Can we expect to see some particle effects/extra 'oomph' added to the cosmetics? Would be quite welcome since they're so far in!
  10. Evanescent


    What are the rewards?
  11. Evanescent

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Revised Feedback: Enthrall: Needs raised cap, or uncapping. Maybe limit the number of enemies you can enthrall manually be capped to 20 and uncap the number spread by turned enemies. Mesmer Skin: Needs more charges, needs a mechanic like health conversion where each charge protects for a short duration before disappearing when consumed. Reave: Needs to be faster, and move in any direction. Life and shield-steal percentage needs to be bumped up to 40% for all enemies, and enthralled enemies need to grant mesmer charges when passed through with Reave. Danse Macabre: Reave should cost less when cast in Danse Macabre.
  12. Evanescent

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Preliminary feedback: Appearance: The material and colour channels on Revenant take colour really well! The uncanny blend of Eidolon and Warframe definitely comes through in spades. The only criticism I'd have is how the Energy effects on his model are handled. I expected it to appear more like a multitude of energy fibres making up a mane of energy hair. Ability visuals and sound: With the exception of his 4 and 3 his abilities sound and feel satisfying to use. The issue with his 2 is that it looks underwhelming. Where's my spectral sentient root armor DE? 😞 The issue with his 3 is that it looks very ugly. Kindly rework it. The issue with his 4 is that it looks very awkward and echoes Inaros' sandstorm too much. Please give him something less floaty and more visceral feeling. There should be some special effect to enemies killed by his 4. The sound effects are very satisfying however. Giving him control and allowing him to walk around with an arm laser sounds good too but I'll take a revamped animation. Passive: I like the touch that he is immune to magnetic procs from the water during night in the Plains. His knockdown on losing shields feels...situational. It feels more there for flavour than anything. I would prefer if it blinded or pushed enemies away. Enthrall: 1)Very restrictive. In missions you will reach the manual enthrall limit very quickly, and enemies will not spread it fast enough before they themselves are slaughtered by your allies. Like Harrow, Nidus and Khora to some extent, your ability is suppressed by the killing potential of your teammates. 2)Enemies don't do enough damage for this ability to be useful for damage. As CC as shown by the above point, it is therefore unreliable. 3)Damaging pillars left by enemies rarely come into contact with enemies because of how narrow and small they are. Suggestions: Uncap the number of enemies you can turn, and have the number of enemies affected inversely affect duration of affliction. As the number of your thralls increases, the time they spend under your control decreases from a maximum value of 60 seconds. Let your manual enthralling limit be increased upto 24. This actually lets you manage your army by culling it if it gets too large and makes it fit better with the overall goal of killing enemies.You are free to kill them at your desired pace when they have satisfied their need for CC, while careless use undermines its potential. Mesmer Skin: Amesha's guardian swarm made into a warframe power! The reason it works so well with Amesha is that because of how archwing plays you do not get hit as much as you do in regular play. Unfortunately Warframe's horde modes are capable of stripping his mesmer skin in a flash, particularly using gunplay. It also suffers from a very long casting animation. Suggestions: 1)Raise the number of charges. At current, the number you can gain is too few to be really useful, particularly in higher levels! 2)Add a buffer between consumption of charges, allowing each charge to protect you for a minimum duration. For example, when consumed, each charge gives you x% damage reduction for 4 seconds before next charge is consumed. This allows for you to get more use out of your cast and makes it less frustrating and flimsy. 3)Add his passive as an effect when all mesmer skin charges are depleted to give you some breathing room to reposition/recharge your Mesmer skin, and replace his passive with a new one. 4)Shorten casting times. Alternately, let killing enemies stunned by mesmer skin return a charge if killed within a certain time limit. Reave: 1)Very awkward to use, often causing you to overshoot/fly into corners/get stuck in geometry, etc. 2)Movement is also linear, feeling very restrictive. 3)Energy cost is too high for a movement ability even if it provides sustain. Suggestions: 1)Activate to go into spectral form, becoming invincible but unable to do damage or interact with environment and having limited movement speed. 2)Give an omnidirectional dash that lets you steal health and reposition. 3)If Danse macabre is active, only the dash is available to use, just like now. Danse Macabre: Fantastic damage, adaptation to enemy weakness was a stroke of genius. Very few things to say here. Suggestions: 1)Please change damage type for flesh to viral. Gas suffers against infested! 2)Please allow us to Aim it slightly up and down. Right now it only interacts with enemies on the exact horizontal plane as you which can be frustrating sometimes. 3)Please add something more to killing entralled enemies, like releasing small shockwaves, etc. As I continue to play with Revenant I will revise and add to the feedback as necessary.
  13. Evanescent

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    1000 days is like 3 years of logins. Why is 300 endo considered a suitable reward? ?????
  14. Evanescent

    Devstream #115 Overview!

    I hope there's new stuff with the relay rebuilding event and not just old event weapons!
  15. Evanescent

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Can we see a proper touch up of Vauban?