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  1. I rarely use it, that's all. Her 3 gives me all the ammo energy and healing I need, her 1 let's me protect myself from 1 shots, her 2 have very potent ad clear. The only reason I would use her 4 is to have a backup in case of death i suppose? Given that I can use mausolon as my primary with her, bunching enemies up or blinding them gives me more survivability and makes it easier for me to wipe mobs out with her 2.
  2. I'm very confused by this message. Is this an endgame system for experienced players or not? You cannot unfortunately have it both ways. Either more information is there in how it's paced that casts it in a more favorable light, or this is falling into the familiar traps of pushing new players into progression paths too early.
  3. Then don't dangle a system players at that level can't frustratingly participate in. Then don't confuse them.
  4. Please reconsider lowering MR requirement to MR 8. MR 8 players are not ready for the resource sink and requirements for helminth.
  5. *Claps until hands bleed* I myself use water-color only when inking, and that's a lot since all I do is in B&W :) Nice work there, Tenno.
  6. Onichaaaan! :3 Will gladly invite you, pop me a PM when you're ready! Sorry for the late reply, IRL is a real......*@##$. Tbh, we're all Anikis here *scary face*
  7. Thanks! Reactions are mixed, so we are still debating over joining an alliance, since we don't want to pressure our members. But We will reach a decision very, very soon. Our Warlord will contact you.
  8. Guys, this is supposed to be end game content. something you slowly work towards, not whiz through in a day.
  9. True, dat. Ability synergy is looking wonderful.
  10. you know, a melee excalibur shines with the javelin mod. get swarmed, javelin, multiplier adds insane damage.
  11. I think the current ones ARE placeholders, but I could be wrong.
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