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  1. I am going to type in bold because that is the only way I can control myself and not esplode. Please forgive me for the occasional upper case.. SMITE: WHAT. What happened here? WHY. You know as well as we do that having it just be a percentage of enemy health DOES NOT MAKE IT SCALE. THAT's NOT HOW IT WORKS. WE DO NOT GET lvl 10 enemies with lvl 100 enemies. Please for the LOVE OF GOD, make it so that EACH orb takes scaling and adds it to its damage. HALLOWED GROUND: WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE THE ARMOR BUFF? WHY THE FORCED SYNERGIES? What happened to the visuals? It's invisible! Why lose the armor buff? Because of Renewal? Why not let renewal add flat armor and Hallowed Ground multiply that value? ????? Please bring back the armor buff from hallowed ground, and if possible, make it radial or move with Oberon. Please. RENEWAL: OH GOD OH GOD. WHERE DO I START? WHY DID YOU KEEP THE INVERSE SCALING? WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE? DOES IT NOT WORK AGAINST THE ABILITY'S CURRENT DESIGN? WHY IS ITS RANGE SO PITIFUL? LESS HEALING AND LESS RANGE THAN TRINITY? WHY? Why does the armor buff not apply from activation? ????? Please remove the inverse scaling nonsense and make it either toggle or duration based. Increase range and speed of wave too, if you'd be so kind. RECKONING: IF YOU HAD TO STRIP ARMOR, WHY IS IT DONE IN PERCENTAGE OF CURRENT ARMOR? ASH CAN STRIP ALL ARMOR WITH HIS FIRST ABILITY WITH AN AUGMENT WITH LESS POWER-STRENGTH OBERON NEEDS TO DO A FRACTION. ????? IF YOU HAD TO GIVE ARMOR STRIPPING, WHY ONLY ON HALLOWED GROUND? DID IT NEVER OCCUR HOW UNWIELDY IT IS WITH THE SHAPE OF HG? ????? WHY COULD YOU NOT GIVE THE DAMAGE BETTER SCALING THAN JUST 'DEALS BONUS WITH RAD PROC'? ????? Please improve its damage scaling and make it so it strips a flat amount of armor without HG. PASSIVE: WHAT IS WITH THE PET THEME? WHAT PART OF 'PALADIN DRUID' SCREAMS POKEMON TRAINER TO YOU?? ???????????? WHY WERE HIS BASE STATS NOT TOUCHED? WHY WAS HIS EHP NOT IMPROVED? WHY WAS HE MADE ENERGY INTENSIVE YET NOT GIVEN A WAY TO REGEN ENERGY? HAVE YOU GUYS USED HIM? HAVE YOU NOTICED ANY....I DON'T KNOW, ENERGY TROUBLES? NO? Just me then? Ughhhhhh. I'm sorry, I don't get this mad. Why can't you guys do Oberon justice? I knew you were everntually going to have a dud after so many hits but this just hurts. Please go back to the drawing board and rethink this. Please? Or someone tell me this is a test before they roll the actual changes with his PA, I don't know. I need something at this point.
  2. If you get scaling with enemies hit, you end with another caataclysm nuke unfortunately. Unless there's something I am not seeing.
  3. Quick, run away before you're lynched for using stasis! On topic, I've yet to get my hands on it but it looks good. Might turn out to be meh though.
  4. Can you please address how the rework fixed none of his issues and nerfed his damage?
  5. Correction: Press 2, 1 and 4 while mashing 3 to pay respects.
  6. Can you share your build? Might have something to so with it besides them having ferrite armor.
  7. I've insisted that Enemy Sense let you see through walls and highlight enemies in the dark but no.....
  8. He got better at what he did. Instead of jack of all trades, he's now the King of jacks. Will need more testing to fully finalize thoughts, but first impressions are positive. I take that back. What the hell happened?
  9. Do you have his smite augment on? Maybe it's applying to yourself.
  10. @[DE]Rebecca Is it BOBOBO?!?!
  11. Nice job reading it literally, eh. Passive does not mean afk in the rift. Passive means don't pull everything in the rift with you. Nothing is stopping you shooting or using banish. Of course, unless that's also a problem. If one does anything else, you get called a troll! Wonderful. Yeah, just play with freinds or solo. In PUGs, it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. Stasis is a problem because there is no communication between Limbo and the team. You don't see people setting up safe kiills. You see Limbos leaving stasis on as if they were solo or people feeling gimped and overloading its projectile limit. Having had the pleasure of playing with a few good groups in Axi defense fissures, it's one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever had to seeing a whole wave evaporate simultaneously with everyone setting up kills.
  12. Like I keep saying, Limbo is made for premade groups and solo. People in PUGs will whine and *@##$. Don't bother trying to get them to co-operate. It never really occurs to people (both Limbos and other players) that either side could, you know, adjust their strategies and work together? No? Too much to ask I guess. There is such a fixation on 'let me play my way' that I find bewildering. Why join a co-op situation if you want to do your own thing? Isn't that what solo is for? If you aren't going to try and work out synergies or work together then really, you have no call throwing a tantrum about trolling. It is so ironic that people would rather become trolls to harass the Limbo rather than try to work with him. 'Limbo's don't read chat'. Well, I can tell you most of the time no-one bloody reads chat. No one. How many 'gg's do you see after a mission? People thanking after being revived has become a rarity. When was the last time I found people talking in group chat? (To be fair, with how the chat is designed it's hard to keep looking back when the action is hectic and it fades so quickly, it's not fully on the players.) I've never really seen any of this supposed army of Limbo trolls making PUGs a hell. Not a lot of people have Limbo or play him, even after rework, especially after the Cataclysm bandwagon got axed to oblivion. This of course is one the main reasons he is seen as such a griefer. How can you know how he can help you if you've never played him? So, you're a Limbo, play in a group of friends or play solo. If you have to PUG, just be passive. Sometimes you will find nice people who know how to make use of you. Most of the time people will rather their pod gets destroyed than you try to protect it. Don't use powers in situations where it's redundant, like your cataclysm when there is already a frost using snowglobe in low end missions. And rez people if you can, thankless or not. If you absolutely must play him in PUGs I recommend going for high duration, low range cataclysms. Place in chokepoints, quickly freeze and wipe enemies (atterax is recommended, or any melee with good reach really. Or you could quickly set up bullets for each and close stasis).
  13. Hi, so I have a problem with this concept.
  14. Ded
  15. I mean hey what's another shipload of dead grineer for a friend amirite...