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  1. Loot boxes and why I would be ok with them...

    *gasp* BAKANA!
  2. i'm done with Focus 2.5

    How are the offensive powers?
  3. i'm done with Focus 2.5

    Now you can tell us whether running with everything maxed actually makes you powerful! Are you done with the operator arcanes too?
  4. Need Warframe Players for fanfic

    Why not just make up characters?
  5. Loot boxes and why I would be ok with them...

    @Glavenusaur Rivens and Relics are pretty much lootboxes if you think about it. I'd have to say no to more, sorry.
  6. Tennobaum gifting center

    Oh hey! New Tennobaum. In a few days I'll hand out riven slots to random peeps on the forums. (and nanospores for @MagPrime lolololol) Wishlist: Riven slots, Weapon slots, Warframe slots, Mag Pneuma, Mesa, forma. Much appreciated! Happy gifting everyone.
  7. How would you guys feel about hot-romance fanfics?

    Hell yeah. Bring it on I say. @ROSING Still waiting for that KodaxMelody You will bed me, now chapter.
  8. White dome

    Yeah, good point!
  9. White dome

    Hi and welcome to Warframe! What you're describing is probably the Snowglobe ability that the Frost warframe can use. It is his third ability. To get Frost, you have to farm Lt Lech Krill in Ceres for his blueprints, then build his parts. Then you buy his blueprint from the market and build him. Build time is 3 days. Frost also has a prime version, which you can get from the Twitch campaign going on right now. Just link your Twitch account from the profile page in warframe.com and have Amazon Prime. The Prime Version has better stats, a different skin, and more mod polarities. Don't have Amazon Prime or a credit card? No problem. Keep an eye out for his re-release in the announcements! You will then be able to drop his parts from his relics. Enjoy Warframe!
  10. Is Hunter Munitions Bad?

    No? It's excellent on the right weapons. It should be beastly on the Lanka. What's your build?
  11. Unairu Void Spikes build is OP.

    Damage reflection in general needs work. I offered the suggestion that the percentage of health you lose from an attack would result in that percentage being lost from the attacker's health pool as well. For example, you have 100 health and an enemy deals 20 damage to you. That's 20% of your health, so the reflected attacks takes away 20% of his health as well. So if an enemy kills you, he gets OHK-ed as well.
  12. Dev Workshop: The Features of Focus 2.5

    Given that this is a rebalancing of the focus schools, and the means of focus acquisition are potentially being changed, should this also not elicit a refund? I don't think it was possible for anyone to know how the rebalanced trees will end up becoming.
  13. Dev Workshop: The Features of Focus 2.5

    1)What is the reasoning behind not redistributing lenses? 2)Is a lens distiller of sorts being discussed, then?
  14. That sounds promising, can't wait to test it out. Thanks for considering the feedback. It would be great If shock had synergy with each ability, such as refreshing a portion of Electric shield's duration, Discharge's stun, etc. It would also be great if discharge could fuel Volt's passive damage stacks!