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  1. You guys keep missing OP's point. But that doesn't matter, because you will share it eventually. ANY Music gets repetitive after staying on loop. A mute button for people who want it is perfectly justified.
  2. For some reason it's red critting. Bug?
  3. Have you tried fiddling with the contrast and brightness?
  4. It's just a nod to older days. He's actually the guy you used to see in the cryopods around Update 1-6.
  5. After tinkering more: 1)Can't his cast times be sped up? They are still a bit too long. 2)It would be more fluid if rifting did not interrupt actions such as shooting. I would like to phase in and out while applying damage. 3)Please allow us to remain in rift if we dash out of cataclysm. 4)There needs to be an indication of whether an enemy will die when stasis is depleted, and a UI indicator of when max no of projectiles are about to be reached. 5)Rift dashing would feel better if it was a bit faster. Rift surge should be aoe radial, like stasis. Having to target an enemy makes it feel really off. Please make it so. Weird bugs: SHOOTING ZARR'S ALT FIRE DISABLES STASIS.
  6. Give it some time. It's still new for everyone, and his quirks are still being discovered and worked into new strats. I myself am struggling to adjust but that's to be expected for something I've been used to for so long. Still tinkering, still working out how to play him now.
  7. You do realise that there is a genuine problem when a weapon can compete and beat out a Warframe's ultimate and scale better, in terms of AoE killing potential? Because that's what these weapons were doing. You take anything lategame into starter missions and it will wipe the floor. It's a fact in any game with progression. That's not what gets these nerfed. What gets these nerfed is when they promote abusive playtyles, like you could see with the TB macros and the tonkor/simulor spammers. A Tigris Prime is a massive boomstick, but it has a limit and a cap based on player response in terms of how much it can kill in a given duration. It has quirks like its small mag to help check it's power. You see what it would be like to remove these when you get the corrupted buffs-ever tried out a full auto tigris with no mag and no reload? It's not a problem in a game like wf if weapons get powerful and outstrip others. It becomes a problem when they start doing that in such exponential ways that it starts disrupting the coop environment.
  8. ffs, they do not nerf based on whining. DE nerfs after monitoring stats from our gametime. They noticed how much of the game these weapons were playing for other people in matches and they decided it was not promoting the coop gameplay they wanted. That is why they nerfed them.
  9. If people talk about status, just shoot your zarr barrage mode. The gun shoots so many projectiles you override stasis in 2 shots.
  10. I'd also like to add that giving him an ivara/vauban style toggle makes everyone happy since they can keybind whichever they like to activate on tap and hold.
  11. moshi moshi, kawai desu
  12. Please: 1)allow banishing from rift-plane 2)a way like ivara and vauban to switch between multi and single banish 3)Rift surge to be an aoe ability that affects enemies in range instead of having to target
  13. ur home go drunk
  14. I will take losing some gimmick cheese over being mostly a huge pain to use in most other content.
  15. I'm sure we all came to a coop horde shooter game to have other people shoot all the things for us, right guys? Right? .....guys? You could have made a case for the tonkor but with the self-damage issue somewhat addressed there is nothing there now. If you're farming resources, you'll go with plenty of other dps frames and slash weapons with nekros. If you're speedrunning missions, there are other things like amprex-mirage and ember, etc. Your argument really doesn't hold much water. Is it really so hard to press the alt fire once in a while than holding down LMB?