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  1. Evanescent

    Umbra is bad design.

    By unique twist I mean something like tweaks to powers. Radial Howl is good, because it suits the theme, has diff animations and effects and still remain close enough to radial blind. A few different combos for EB would have been great. Some diff animations and anti-sentient stuff on slash dash would have been nice too.
  2. Evanescent

    Umbra is bad design.

    You have one point I somewhat agree with, which is on his abilities. I'd have liked to see unique twists on Slash Dash and Javelin as well as a different stance for Exalted Umbra Blade. If we nudge them loud and long enough we might be able to do something about it. The rest of your argument can be boiled down to you being upset that he is better than Excal Prime. This has been hashed out endlessly in the multitude of threads that have preceded yours so I'm not sticking my finger in that tart again. Good day.
  3. Evanescent

    Nidus’ Deluxe Sigil

    I panicked and thought Nidus Deluxe had released. Ty OP for making me frantically rush through patchnotes 😐 Edit: I'd like this actually.
  4. Not really. It can be used to keep propagating a banish and continuously pull enemies into the rift. It can negate cataclysm's shrinking radius quite a bit.\ However it is quite clunky to use.
  5. Evanescent

    I want the old Exalted system back

    Now that the topic's been altered the joke's gone isn't it 😞
  6. Evanescent

    Excalibur prime excusive experience. [Loose Theory]

    This thread is assuredly getting locked. I was in the thread that goaded you into making this alright. The whole umbra-prime shebang is a ugly twister of meta-complaints and dead horse abuse eating its own festering tail. Nothing productive ever comes from it. I can only hope it will eventually die down.
  7. Evanescent

    Excalibur prime excusive experience. [Loose Theory]

    Oh my lord are we actually doing this right now Theorising on EXCALIBUR PRIME EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE WHAT WHY Can we please just please stop trying to CPR a dead horse for the love of god?
  8. Evanescent

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    You didn't need a prime, you needed a better excalibur. Umbra is a better excalibur. He does not need to be a prime. That is all.
  9. Evanescent

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    I am aware. What I meant was if there is a large hubbub about this that could possibly be done. Personally I don't believe he needs a 3rd passive. As for your latter comment, with most weapons yes. With certain weapons and mechanics, not so. It really depends on whether you want to build around the passive or not.
  10. Evanescent

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    Personally I would rather give him a passive that increases his benefit from sentient kills or something if he needs to have one. Primes are Primes, Umbra is umbra. He is his own warframe. I am sorry for anyone that thought this was their consolation prize for Excalibur Prime not being back-Umbra is not your replacement for Excalibur prime. There is no replacement for Excalibur prime. Nor should there be. And given that, he does not need to have a passive pertaining to the Prime warframes. End of story.
  11. Evanescent

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    Really? Guys? It was unintended. Umbra is not Prime. End of story. What's salty founders got to do with anything here, for the love of Lotus?
  12. While what you say is true, the trade off in having more limited modding options is substantial. Let us also not ignore the fact that the negatives from Corrupted mods can be minimized to pose little to no problems at all, something proven by their sheer proliferation in current warframe builds. Exalted umbra blade also comes with 2 polarities occupied, one by a weaker pressure point. On the other hand Exalted blade does not have this limitation and again, enjoys the usage of more mod slots and power. So while I can concede Umbra can be tankier Excalibur and Excalibur prime can at the current time utilise greater flexibility and the power afforded by it. However, given you have respected my opinion I must also do yours, and respectfully agree to disagree.
  13. Evanescent

    Does Warframe have any "Exclusive" weapons left?

    Pretty much, yes. They won't be available nor should they. On topic: There aren't any like that, no. It's a good thing! I'd rather we kept exclusive stuff to cosmetics.
  14. I'd call it listening to feedback, and a core pillar of strength concerning the lifespan of the game. Trading established a player driven economy that also sustains DE. People can trade currency for time at their discretion. While I cannot speak for others this has played a factor in retaining my interest in the game because an update with cosmetics is no longer a wasted update for a F2P player. However exclusive swag in the form of Prime Accessories exists for players wanting exclusivity. A correction made with the benefit of hindsight. DE never expected warframe to last as long as it has, and could not foresee the effects of locking actual gameplay items away. How about no? Umbra and Excalibur Prime are both reskins of Excalibur. Umbra=/=Excalibur prime purely on the basis that you do not get the mastery for Excalibur prime and he still remains very much exclusive to Founders. They are even visually distinct. All they share is their similarity to base excalibur and their stats. Let's examine the Umbral mods: 1)Not using all 3 makes all of them weaker 2)Have unique polarities that cannot be polarized back 3)Require high amount of resource investment to max out Essentially this means you have a permanent vitality, steel fiber and intensify on your build, limiting build variety unless you forma the umbral polarities out, but then you even out the 'advantage' that umbra has. The only thing you would gain from the umbral set is Tau resist, which at this time remains insignificant. Even without the tau resist, Excalibur on his own does and always could eat Sentients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if the Umbral mods are stronger, they don't provide a margin you could not match or overcome with existing mod setups. I don't know, perhaps I'm missing things but it seems like reaching for grievances to me. Apologies if that was not your intent.