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  1. Please for the love of god move one time rewards to the shop. Put in challenges like in bounties for each rotation to unlock additional rewards, and have completing challenges unlock gear in the shop.
  2. Leaked stats are not accurate in most cases.
  3. I hope so too. I'm no game designer after all, but I should hope this can provide an idea as to loot that might interest players that have caught up to most of the content in-game! ^_^
  4. Yes, and this is a response to that as I was not as satisfied as I would have liked to have been with them.
  5. Hello! The idea of this reward structure suggestion is: to make the arbitration shop deal out aspirational items and gear missions themselves reward materials such as endo and kuva. This seeks to accomplish the following: to reduce the feeling of player time being wasted reduce the problem of bloat, often the cause of frustration provide aspirational rewards make the arbitration shop more lucrative make the rewards somewhat evergreen for player progression Vitus Essence Change: Peerless Vitus Essence Rewarded for defeating special enemies during Arbitrations, used to redeem Higher Tier rewards from the arbitration store. Arbitration Shop Additions: Normal tier rewards(require vitus essence): Armor Arcane slot: Allows arcanes to be imbued onto chosen armor. Can be applied to Shoulders, Chest and Leg armor pieces. Capped to one slot active at any time. Consumed upon use. Riven reagent: Allows for a specific roll to be locked upon rolling. Requires minimum of 10 rolls between uses. Consumed upon use. Arcane Catalysts: Grants a special effect unique to weapon/weapon type when applied. Signature weapons and quest/assassin weapons gain custom effect while other weapons gain weapon class-wide effects. Consumed upon use. Focus Shard: Gains x amount of focus per use, similar to synthetic eidolon shards. Arbitration Exclusive Arcanes Kuva bundles Higher Tier rewards(require peerless vitus essence): Arbitration Exclusive Syandana Arbitration Exclusive ephemera Arbitration Exclusive ship decorations Arbitration Exclusive weapon skins Arbitration Exclusive Armor Arbitration Exclusive Warframe alternate helmets Arbitration Exclusive Warframe skins (a cool idea would be to add variants to normal skins with battle damage and void energy leaking out) Arbitration Exclusive unique weaponry: One melee, One Secondary, One Primary, One Heavy (can be seasonal)* Railjack Ship designs Arbitration unique landing craft MIssion changes and rewards: Rotation rewards changed to consist of endo(ayatan sculptures, ayatan stars) kuva nightwave xp/creds vitus essence bundles. focus shards Each rotation awards one guaranteed vitus essence as is the case now. After a mission threshold such as twenty minutes into the mission, a mini-boss unique to the planet and mission will spawn. Defeating it will reward the players with a chance at additional loot. Examples: Defense: Survival: Rewards for defeating special enemies: Guaranteed: x3 Peerless Vitus Essence Random: Unique Arcanes, Sigils(one time), unique weapon parts, unique weapon blueprint, ephemera
  6. This is especially bad with the noble. There is a clear pause when the loop ends and restarts, and is really jarring to look at.
  7. GAUSS: I really like Gauss, he dropped very well tuned and I have just a few things to say: 0)Idle animations: Gauss noble especially plays like a bad loop, where there seems to be a pause when the animation cycle ends and restarts. 1) Mach rush: Feels great to use! Directional dashing would be cool. Sometimes I would want to dash right or left instead of forwards, and it felt somewhat restricting. This especially can pose a problem in tight spaces if you have a nullifier crowding you or you are using a self-damage weapon. I've sometimes run right into the aoe. A way to scale the damage it does would be welcome, such as storing the damage inflicted in kinetic plating and dealing it as slash. Lowering cost/drain would be helpful because of how much you use this! 2)Kinetic Plating: Powerful, but needs some tweaking, Energy given is not enough. Please buff the conversion rate. Energy upkeep with Gauss is quite difficult without arcanes/external sources like syndicate procs. 3)Thermal Sunder: Restrictive. Armor strip is not noticeable. Please buff to completely strip in 100% redline! Saryn can already do this mapwide, gauss doing it in 18-20 meters is quite alright. AoE effect should persist in its active area. It's already really short ranged and costs a lot, it would not at all break the game to give it this much in return. I haven't been able to figure out if it does, but if it doesn't then letting his 3 build also contribute to redline overcharge would be awesome. Fire effect needs to have something additional as right now it's not really worth using. It's kind of because fire is such a weak status element at the moment. Give it something like a health leech or damage bonus? Particle effects are overwhelming. They're pretty, but they completely blind you! Toning then down a bit would be excellent, or have them dissipate after casting. 3)Redline: YES YES YES YES Tweaking the charging mechanic to be slightly more forgiving would be great. RIght now you can reach 100% in half the duration in most tilesets. Please extend buff to teammates. This is a COOP game DE! Overall he feels great and is powerful at the same time, good job to the team! ACCELTRA It's a fun gun, why do you insist on giving it such a measly ammo count? It's not even crazy powerful! It's in a twin viper wraith kind of position where you two tap to go empty. Give it a rechargeable battery instead of ammo, that charges faster when sprinting and overcharges with more damaging rounds when sprinting faster than normal, such as with gauss' mach rush or volt speed. Much more thematic and sustainable! Can we gave a bit more status, like 10-5% please!
  8. You can't trade built parts, only blueprints. I'll bet my left pinkie that's what you've got going on there.
  9. From the handful of times I've interacted with support I've always found them to be polite, helpful and genuinely nice.
  10. Pretty much, yes. Let me link your findings in the main post.
  11. Tested in Adaro today with Sleep Equinox. Frontal finishers did not activate, but back finishers worked as intended.
  12. Hello, I originally thought it would be great to have the crystalline sheen reduced, but the update got rid of it completely. This more or less ruins the skin for me because it becomes really, really flat. To add to this, the 'hair' or crest on the helmet and the crystal parts on his back and tail had a lovely translucent effect to them and really popped with the energy running through the crevices. That's now completely gone. Edit: Additionally there are texture discrepancies afte the latest patch as shown here: Please reconsider completely nuking the uniqueness of the skin and at least consider rolling back the changes on the helmet and crystal parts. -Evan Note the previous sheen on the helmet. Now note how it's missing after the patch as of 16/08/19. w
  13. Stellar work on the wisp skin, definite buy along with the baruuk!
  14. I'd like a series of deluxe skins for this tbh.
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