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  1. 1)Well on PC at least you can still do block combos by holding down your block and meleeing. 2)If you're a purely melee-centric player and just equip melee, it will behave as it used to. My advice would be to provide constructive and polite criticism and try to adapt before throwing tantrums.
  2. Very fun gamemode, nice enemy variety and pressure. The demolyst mechanic made me kind of nostalgic for 2013 xini, where in the late waves it became a contest of keeping the toxi ancient from reaching the pod and blowing it up! My main two concerns are about the demolysts and rewards: >Demolysts are not adequately "made known"-they just show up. An assassination marker that shows up like objective markers would be nice, from farther away. Give us time to spot and start facing it instead of showing up near the console. >Rewards so far seem to be relics and hexenon. More interesting things please! Glad to see no ammo drums or magazine warps however. When you've got the primes that you want and built stuff using hexenon it will become worthless to run for you!
  3. I enjoyed the fight and felt that it came off as very satisfying, which I never thought I would say in warframe! The build up as you travel towards the boss, the visuals, the mechanics are all epic. There are a couple of wrinkles atm, such as being one shot while getting up from knockdowns, etc. But, given the build up and significance of the fight I would like to see a 2nd 'prestige' type fight, if you will. Give it >Rotating elemental weakness/buffed health pool >More aggressive >Full blown Eidolon shield mechanics >Hyper aggression in final phase >Parkour challenge phases with more intensive laser attacks and pressure Rewards wise, have it's own arcanes or share the eidolon arcane pool (because it is an eidolon!), focus rewards, etc-something to keep me coming back for more!
  4. Demolysts only spawn if you activate towers, otherwise towers are invincible. Something else happened here, like you staying around too long without doing objectives or something, bugging out, or not successfully defending the points. If you fail points you still get the rotation afaik, but failing all 4 fails the mission.
  5. >Do I have enough spare plat? >Do I want to play the frame RIGHT AWAY? >Do I want to support this update? ticking these boxes if generally how I decide whether i buy or not.
  6. For anyone that's played Devil May Cry 5, my inspirations are going to be obvious-yet I feel that Nightmare is what Atlas' Rumblers need to aspire to in order to feel like a proper ultimate! Interactions with Rubble stack: Higher Rubble count results in larger, more potent Rumblers. Interactions with Landslide, Tectonics and Petrify: Tectonics: Roots Rumblers in place, turning them into sentries. Enhances their armor. Landslide: Dislodges Rumblers, sending out a portion of their health as a damaging wave and knocking down enemies in an area. Petrify: Heals Rumblers, and reduces cooldown on CC skills. Rumblers: Instantly petrifies enemies in an area around them and terminates active rumblers. Behaviour: Rumblers will follow Atlas, and draw more aggro from enemies. When faced with multiple enemies they will use their CC powers, and depending on the number of enemies they will place more or less priority on what powers to use from their skillset. In terms of attacks, they will behave as they do now mostly but also use ground pounds that will behave like shockwave moa stomps. Melee attacks benefit from certain melee mods and are benefited by Atlas' current combo counter. Skills: Crippling gaze:: Sweeps terrain before them with a beam of light that petrifies all it touches. Petrified enemies are slowed once released and take more damage from landslide than normal petrification. Spontaneous. Flint Fall: Shoots rocks upwards that shatter and rain down in an area around them, inflicting slash on enemies and staggering them per hit. Spontaneous. Scatter Shot: Rumblers rotate their torsos and begin sending out waves of rubble that damage enemies in cones at the moment of casting. The skill ends when all three directions have been fired in. Enemies hit are also pushed back. Can be initiated by casting Landslide on rumblers. Richter Steps:; Rumblers begin generating shockwaves as they walk, slowing enemies and drawing them in towards them. Can be initiated by melee ground slams. Eruption: Rumblers spray enemies around them with lava, applying fire status and slowing enemies caught in the spawned lava pools. Spontaneous.
  7. Arbitrations are tedious. Here's why: rounds take too long to get at rewards enemies become immune to warframe powers (even though the mode offers to buff power strength to certain frames ???) and cannot be mopped up to speed up rounds revive restriction, broken enemy scaling result in a forced tank meta prevailing if you don't want to burden your team Instead of high adrenaline high difficulty rushes you are forced into a slog through treacle. These changes don't address the concerns expressed above, nor do they actually solve the problem of players and dying. Chances are if a player died, they were not properly prepared and will keep dying, burdening their team. Thus just leaving them seems to be a better option, since you are being forced into debuffing yourself to help them out in an already restrictive game mode! Arbitrations need a fundamental change with regards to how to work and reward. Right now it's not really an endgame mode but a soul-less slog for barebones chances at rewards.
  8. Kindly consider refunding materials used in crafting the arcanes if possible.
  9. Please make archgun cooldown a stat for archgun rivens!
  10. I would like to make a case for razorwing using companion vacuum mods rather than making it innate for people who prefer to micromanage when they pick up ammo, health and energy orbs.
  11. Can we expect to see some particle effects/extra 'oomph' added to the cosmetics? Would be quite welcome since they're so far in!
  12. 1000 days is like 3 years of logins. Why is 300 endo considered a suitable reward? ?????
  13. I hope there's new stuff with the relay rebuilding event and not just old event weapons!
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