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  1. Warframe has Loot Boxs!!!!

    On the flip side the packs are so bad there's no benefit to buying them, hahaha.
  2. Please buff spawn rates

    So it wasn't just me! Seeing a big drop in spawn rates in survivals. For reference I frequently run Ani and ODS.
  3. Rubble mechanic as it stands now is frustrating and inconsistent because rubble decays too fast. Suggestions: First, rubble decays only if no new rubble has been collected in 10 seconds. Second, each chunk of rubble refreshes this duration. Third, armor is added even when healing from rubble pickup, and refreshes duration. Fourth, rubble pickup radius is greatly increased, and its physics is fixed so as to not float midair (de pls). HIs 1 feels great, as always. His 2 is niche and I do not find it useful. Tectonics should grant rubble from the boulder's explosion. His 3 feels much better! However Petrify costs too much for how often it is required to be cast. Reduce it's energy cost please. His 4 is alright, wish it could use his PvP augment and turn him into a Rumbler. Please increase the petrifying range when casting Rumblers, as it stands its too pitiful to be useful. Please give more rubble from exploding rumblers. Please reduce health decay when entering nullifier bubble. Fixing his rubble mechanic would go a long way in making him feel great. Given that it is addressed, I feel Atlas can come to fulfill his role as a brawler warframe!
  4. I don't think that's the case, but can you show some proof? Because when previous disposition changes happened people were mad because their rivens were changed.
  5. Um, the max parameters that a riven can roll is determined by its weapon's disposition. A disposition of 5 will result in a stronger riven than a disposition of 4, simply because its max negatives and positives are higher.
  6. Of course there will be butthurt. Even without riven, the Sicarus Prime shreds lvl 150 bombards. Personally I won't mind since it's strong wither way, but down the road it's bound to get a change.
  7. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Chroma HAS no passive, as far as I am concerned. Saying his elemental alignment is his passive is like saying Atlas' passive is that he punches things, Frost's passive is that his powers are themed around ice, etc. Note how Limbo, Inaros and Nidus all have additional passives in addition to unique gameplay mechanics. Nidus has health regen and undying in addition to his mutation stacks. Inaros has health leech on finishers in addition to his sarcophagus. Limbo regains energy on kills in additions to his roll taking him into the rift. So even if someone were to argue that Chroma does have a legit passive, he needs one or two more. Because other frames built around mechanics like him do.
  8. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Chroma: Spectral Scream: Even with it being buffed by Vex armor, it's range, damage and energy cost is still subpar. It needs to be removed in favour of a better ability or buffed in some way to be more in line with the better 1st abilities in the game. Vex armor: Because duration is so vital to chroma, almost everyone runs narrow minded. I am very very worried that even if his Vex armor buffs allies, the default range and warframe's mobile gameplay will cause the team synergy to not be worth sacrificing duration. Please give it a larger range, or tie it to affinity radius like Harrow's powers. Effigy: His effigy needs help, please DE. It's extremely costly to keep up and not worth it. It dies too easily, does not scale, and drains his energy pool while not providing consistent CC or damage. It also doesn't do anything for the team to make it worthwhile to bear the upkeep, especially with the armor penalty. It is THE ability all chroma players will agree that is in need of a rework. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something for effigy to make Chroma more fun and more dragon like and let him finally have a great ultimate. Quality of Life requests: 1)Combine his elemental ward and vex armor Justification: 1)There is no situation where it is desirable to cast one without the other 2)Both have the same duration 3)Both contribute to his survivability 4)This will allow Vex armor to take advantage of elemental ward's augment and buff his teamplay aspect. 5)Currently Chroma is one of the least active frames to play, opting for a cast and forget approach for all his powers. A new, more engaging power can be introduced in the empty power slot generated by this change. 2)Let elemental ward and vex armor be recast, wiping previous fury and scorn buffs Justification: Both need to kept up at all times to ensure Chroma's survivability. Not letting the buff be recastable creates a window of vulnerability that disrupts the flow of combat and feels clunky, and is inconsistent with recent warframes that are able to recast buff powers such as Harrow's penance and thurible. This does not remove the tactical part of keeping track of his duration and managing his energy pool. 3)Allow Elemental ward to be cast on the move like Vex armor Justification: Elemental ward looks really bad and feels disruptive to cast because whether you're in the middle of bullet jumping or strafing enemies it stops whatever you're doing and makes you do an aniimation unlike Vex armor, which let's you continue moving. 4)Let Chroma switch elemental alignments on the fly Y'all knew it was coming with Khora! This will greatly boost his usage of his other elemental combinations. An idea is to introduce the option to cycle elementals as his first power, merging vex and elemental into a single power and bumping down spectral scream to his third power slot, justifying a more substantive buff for itself. Make the switching give him and the team some short buff, such as health regen for heat, faster shield regen for electric, slowing aura for cold and faster sprint speed for toxin, etc.
  9. [DE]Aidan's Norg Appreciation Thread

    Too soon ;-;
  10. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Hopefully the clones contribute to your melee combo counter and benefit from it to scale.
  11. Devstream #105 Overview

  12. Warframe - Free 2 Play or not?

    An online game is a product. A product needs to sell for the company to make money. The company needs money to show investors, pay employees, and keep game servers running. Therefore, it is impossible to have an online game that does not charge the player. Therefore the idea that a game should be 'completely free to play' in every sense of the word is ignorant at best and entitled at worst. To be clear, I'm not talking about OP, just the topic itself which I find very annoying. For me, a true free to play is one where you are not forced to spend money. You, personally, are not required to spend money. A freemium game requires you to spend money after a certain point for progression. For warframe, this is far from true. I am a living example of that, having played since april of 2013 on this a/c without spending a dime. Now should other players purchase plat to reward the devs or not, I personally am never forced to spend money. I am able to enjoy the game for free and obtain everything through a time investment. I am also able to contribute to plat purchases in an obscure way by draining plat from the existing pool and hopefully inducing new purchases. It is a well oiled machine that benefits both the company, and the players. And that, my friends, is fine indeed.
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #105 Art Showcase!

    To clarify, does this mean we get to see other variations of existing assets or new showcases for upcoming ones? Question: Initially the deluxe skins seemed to focus on really presenting a different and transformative aesthetic to their respective warframes, but the recent skins such as Nekros' and Mesa's seem less transformative and more complimentary to the existing silhouette and design. On the other hand, the showcased Octavia skin seems to rekindle some of that wildness! So what is the direction going forward for skins? Secondly, are we going to see more weapon skins in the future, preferably of the deluxe kind? I need more ways to fashionframe my guns! Are Proto skins considered deluxe skins, or will Excalibur receive his own deluxe skin more in line with the others down the road? Also, do you guys plan to release multiple deluxe skins for each warframe in the future?