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Block System And High Level Missions


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i dont really use block at low lvl cause well, basik shield is enough


But when the things turn bad at high lvl ,it would be nice to be able to block stuff with the awesome Block system


The Sp needed to block shouldnt scale with the damage cause it make it useless pretty fast in fact



After all that work put in melee 2.0 it's pretty sad to see that it have been forgoten unpolished


mele need love again


Charge atk want to come back and Block system need some steroids





i can use shield flux+stamina max  it will not even last a bit longer in t4

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I... agree.

I love the melee system in WarFrame, and it pains me to no end that the great majority of what makes it so fantastic is suddenly completely irrelevant just because my enemies do more damage in higher-level content.

And not even just higher level content! If you go anywhere that has those white-suit Corpus shotgun dudes, those guys can eat up your stamina in a microsecond.

I have a friend who's kind of an idiot. He insists that this is an irrelevant topic because WarFrame is about high-speed combat and you shouldn't be slowing down for any reason.

If that was the case we wouldn't even HAVE a guard/parry system. The whole point to guarding is slowing down. If DE wants everything to be more about running around like headless chickens they'd REMOVE guarding and be DONE with it.


I hope they don't, though, because Guarding makes for some incredibly badass scenarios, like holding up your defense as you approach a firing squad, and then start to parry-finisher them one by one like, oh... I dunno... SOME KIND OF NINJA?

This really needs more attention. This is WarFrame, after all. Not Call of Duty...

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