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Double Xp Weekends?


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With the addition to Xbox one Warframe players, I think it's time we get what every big multiplayer game does these days. Double XP Weekends. Before you jump down my back about the stinkin boosters, think for a minute okay? Prime Access allows for 90-day boosters yes this is true but what about those who simply refuse to pay for them or just don't have the money? "Get the cheap 3-day ones hurr" that also works but look at time it is. School is back in session, which means those boosters go to waste when you're piled with homework or have to study for big tests and simply don't have time to get on Warframe at all. Now I know what you will say next "Buy the boosters Friday after school or work and use them over the weekend" Could work for some people but as a recent high school graduate, I know that even Fridays are not safe when it comes to big class projects that require you to actually do work at home over the weekend. As for those who have jobs, I know that some of you work during the weekends so either way you look at it even buying the 3-day boosters on Fridays are gone to waste. I got this idea because I remembered how big Call of Duty was on its double XP weekends almost every single weekend that came, people went crazy leveling weapons, their ranks and even prestiging in a days worth of double XP. So why shoudn't Warframe do the same? Plus if you do have boosters active thats even more XP coming in from your everyday farming areas. Warframe is growing with new players and we all know it, so these double XP weekends would also be good for those just starting out.

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i wouldnt suggest this....its already easy enough to rank up.....boosters make it way too easy....

doubling xp + booster = would make the game way way too easy

also should not compare an fps game with a space ninja role playing third person shooter game.....both these games are nothing alike....prestige system is not the same as MR system in warframe

it makes sense for double xp weekend for CoD but not for warframe.....

warframe requires time to build weapons.....CoD you can get them instantly with the tokens

yes players would end up preparing a ton of weapons to rank up on the weekend....but at the same time there are players with no plat to buy slots for these potential weapons

another issue i see is the burn out potential.....when we received the affinity booster from the unofficial tactical alert....many players just constantly played ODD, sechura, and high xp missions over and over again....it created a huge amount of burn out for players which cause many ppl to take a long break from warframe til important events, alerts, or updates came about

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