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Wtb Unique Colored Kubrow Imprints! -Closed-


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Hello fellow Kubrow owners.


I am currently on my experimental phase of perfecting my cross-breeding.


Currently I am hunting for uniquely/rare colored Kubrows!


I have very tedious and specific traits I will only purchase:


- Must be normal weight

- Must be normal height or tall.


Imprints I will not accept:


- Kubrows with Stripes

- Kubrows with Spots

- Kubrows with Lotus


Current colors I seek that are of interest:













Colors I do not seek: 






Also please do take note I am a cross breeder, which means I only take TWO of the same imprints. I will sadly shun away offers of only one imprint, those are useless because I am in experimental phase and require TWO.





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Hi, was wondering if u might interested with my kubrow, he will be mature in 1 day, and dont know if its gonna be tall or not here is some SS : http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/546382044967427009/D72B9AD9871F90F4ACCAC00682461CCF45D0E340/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/546382044967520178/EDB062284E16BD82D9993D68763ADA1B57F4F59A/


I am interested in your kubrow. Although I'd like to see him mature, as that will let me know exactly his complete genetic layout.

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Please do not post anything off topic as to what the title of this thread is.

Off topic? You specifically state that you want either a normal or tall height only and I was trying to help you out by telling you that height plays no part in imprints. You can buy a small height and end up with tall height or vice versa.

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Hey! Feel free to visit the most recent auction of the ♥☺Kill's Kubrow House☺♥ full of new rare kubrows for sale!

There´s nothing to loose :) enter the auction and look for your dreamed kubrow <3 

♥☺Kill's Kubrow House☺♥ is constantly getting new rare kubrows for sale, so follow the thread! 

Your perfect kubrow is waiting for you! Don't make him wait for too long :)



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