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Selling Random Parts


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Leave a message here or pm me. I have the following items



arcane backdraft
arcane chlora
arcane chorus
arcane coil
arcane essence
arcane menticide
arcane meridian
arcane pendragon
arcane scorpion
arcane squall


akbronko prime bp x7
boar prime bp
boar prime receiver x3
boar prime stock x4
boltor prime receiver x6
braton prime barrel x5
braton prime stock x8
burston prime receiver x3
fang prime handle x9
glaive prime bp
glaive prime disc x6
latron prime barrel x5
latron prime bp x2
latron prime receiver x5
latron prime stock x8
orthos prime bpx5
paris prime bp x5
paris prime grip x2
paris prime lower limb x6
sicarus prime barrel
sicarus prime bp x6
sicarus prime receiver x4


ember prime bp x6
frost prime bp
frost prime chassis x8
frost prime helmet x3
frost prime systems x2
loki prime systems x1
mag prime bp x7
mag prime chassis x14
mag prime helmet x8
mag prime system x8


Bleeding Willow
cleaving whirlwind
constitution x3
energy channel x8
fired up x6
firestorm x4
fortitude x4
hammer shot
lethal torrent x2
magnum force
malignant force x2
master thief
metal auger x4
natural talent x4
pistol pestilence x3
quick thinking x3
seismic palm x2
shred x5
spoiled strike x2
stabilizer x8
stunning speed x4
thunderbolt x5
toxic barrage x8
undying will
virulent scourge x3

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sure, I'll trade you it for full wrym prime

Lol what? Oh yea please do put the prices next to your items its confusing when you don't put prices next to your items, if you do the no pirces thing people will jst give you a random prices no offense prick

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Well I didn't put any price tags because I don't really know the prices for them and so that I can see what offers I get. I don't know maybe I've been playing too many mmos because that's one of the basics for when you're selling things that you don't know what it's worth is or looking for how much you can sell it for. I rather be a prick than an &#!.

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