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Weapon Prototypes


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I was thinking of some weapons that would fit with Saryn's theme since I recently built her, but also came up with a few other weapons. The first three are connected to the fourth.

Chlorim or CLOR: A living gun or an organic gun that spews a toxin stored in the gun's belly, has a short range, has 50 more or less clips with one bullet each, and each bullet slowly drains of fuel. Being encircled in the gas obscured the sight of enemies but has a low duration, and would also obscure enemies.


BURN: A flamethrower.


CELL: A gun that shoots electricity similar to Captain Vor's ranged attack.


PER: A slow firing low damage gun that either freezes enemies solid for a time, or applies an extreme slow and vulnerability.


Morphis: A totally adaptable gun, turning into Warframe exclusive guns, or just specialized guns, based on what maxed mod you add, a poison version if a poison mod was added would be CLOR, exclusive to SARYN a fire version would be BURN exclusive to EMBER, an electric version would be CELL, exclusive to VOLT, an ice version would be PER exclusive to FROST. The elemental conversion idea is really sketchy but I think its worth discussing, this would add to Warframe individuality, adding unique guns for four Warframes.

RATH: A long ranged gun that shoots a living organism that explodes one or two seconds after it lands or hits a target, doing area damage, if it hits an enemy it does extra damage to the specific enemy. Or the device could have a second trigger allowing you to detonate the organism(s) launched.

ARC: A laser that drains energy from your Warframe/has its own energy storage that will take energy orbs before the Warframe does, drains energy fairly slowly. 

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