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[Request] Hungarian Forum Section


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Greetings to all dear Tenno friends, DE Administrators, Moderators and others!


When I woke up this morning, an interesting idea just came into being. Yeees, I know... It's a bit silly. =)


Almost every nation has their own unique International Forum section, which is great, because they can communicate in their native language. They also have to opportunity to help others quickly and easily by answering various questions, but most importantly, it's a great assistance for those, who can not speak english fluenlty.

Considering the amount of hungarinans playing this game, my question is:


Is there any change to make a section in International Forums for fellow hungarian players?

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I wanted to volunteer as a translator, but they said that they don't want Hungarian to be supported by Warframe, and sadly only those languages get their own forum sections which IS available in-game.

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