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Still 1 Question About Forma.

(XBOX)Jack Rabbit 80


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Your warframe will have all mods unequiped but you will still own those mods and can use them when you reach a high enough level again.  The warframe will be reset to rank 0 which will drop your health, shields and maximum energy until you level up again.  You will not gain mastery for ranks regained, you only get that the first time round for reach item.  The advantage is that you will be able to include more high level mods in the long term due to an extra one being half price.

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I knew about the change as far as mods are concerned... I just wasn't sure if things like armor and base energy are reset to rank 0 stats. or if they continued to level up from 30, like new game + style.  I also knew it didnt affect mastery which is irritating but understandable.  Thanks for clearing up the issue, folks!

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