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Game Mode Suggestion: Pve Pvp


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what I was thinking of was basically something like the first rank test

you are in an area/room and have to kill all the enemies, the faster you kill them, the faster a new wave starts

you can play this with 1-4 players, when you play with 2-4 players, you play against them where each player has it's own "area"

the player to first hit a certain ammount of waves wins... or the last player standing

this seemed to me like a nice mixture between PvE and PvP

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I'd be down.


I also wouldn't mind seeing a Firefight-esque game mod/mission type.  It would essentially be Defense, but instead of a whole map to get lost in and an objective to defend, you're essentially in an enclosed are trying real hard not to die.  Waves still get progressively harder, but the game is divided into rounds and sets; three rounds to a set, five waves to a round.  The end of each round and set especially difficult with special enemies; think mini-bosses or crowds of heavy enemies.  Get a reward at the end of each round and a special reward at the end of a set.


Could have both competitive modes available in Conclaves and normal team-based nodes.


Get the top score after five sets and win a Primed Chamber!

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