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I made this post to see what you guys thought looked best in the game, from warframes to weapons, including all warframes, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and melee weapons.To vote, just copy this example format.

1. Excalibur Prime (warframe)

2. Furax (melee weapon)

3. Gorgon (rifle weapon)

4. Boar (shotgun weapon)

5. Lex. (pistol weapon)

Now remember, this has nothing to do with stats, it's just a vote for the best looking stuff. The voting will end on 1/15/2013 in P.S.T. and I will count up the votes to see which things won, and they shall be officially declared the best looking of their kind in the game. Start voting!

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mostly warframes for me..most weapons looks odd and meh to me..

1. Ash (just because it looks cool, don't really think it's unique design tho)

2. LEX

3. Execliber (forgive my spelling, lazy to check up..im at work lol..) [looks like it came out of EVA the anime or manga]

4. Ember looks cool too

5. BO (Just for loling around with a stick in a run and gun/sword game)

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1.(warframe) Volt (I'm terribly biased as it's my startinig Warframe, also zapping poeple is fun :3)

2. (melee) Bo staff (It makes enemies wish to fly come true)

3. (hand gun) astheticly I like the starting pistol (memory why don't you work? :|), but I found I like sicarius.

4. (shot gun) Don't have one, But I will say I like how trinity looks :P haven't had the chance to play with her though.

5. (rilfe) I've only used the Batron, but at some point I'm gong to give both the Latron and Gorgon a try.

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